Asshole Moving to Town

Ben Shapiro in 2016

There's nothing clever to say here. Ben Shapiro is a proudly obtuse bigot who rose rapidly through the ranks of conservative media because he was a young person who appeared to have read a book or two and hated popular culture. Now he and his right-wing Facebook content generator The Daily Wire are moving here

Look, we try really hard just to ignore these people. For instance, we have never posted about Tami Lohren, the Fox News contributor who was obviously created in a Murdoch lab somewhere. We didn't even blog about the rumor that Tammy Lahren was dating former mediocre quarterback Jay Cutler. That was tempting! But our patience eventually runs out. 

You might not be familiar with Shapiro, which, if so, that sounds amazing for you. He sucks. And he will love to see us saying so, as he has oriented a large part of his persona around Triggering the Libs. But what sort of decent person isn't bothered by his deeply hateful and bigoted statements about Arabs or his transphobic fear mongering (in which he appears to envision a women's restroom with urinals?). Yes, we confess, it triggers something inside us to see a prominent conservative like Shapiro delighting in the death of Trayvon Martin and fantasizing about the possibility that he might have to use a gun to defend his children against LGBT indoctrination. Need more? Captain America doesn't like this guy.

Shapiro's stance as a brave public intellectual wouldn't be quite so annoying if he didn't crack under even the slightest pressure. Watch his whiny-voiced meltdown during this interview with conservative British host Andrew Neil. Shapiro assumes Neil is a leftist because he can't conceive of someone challenging his premises for any other reason. 

He's also a sexist square! Our guy had a full-blown come-apart over the Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion track "WAP."  

We can't stop people like Ben Shapiro and Tohmi Laren from moving to Nashville (although, come on, we assume La'hren lives in the Gulch and Shapiro has big Brentwood energy). Gov. Bill Lee seems excited, but we're not happy about it. 

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