While this infernal pandemic has had a huge negative impact on just about everything in and around the music business, it hasn’t slowed down musicians’ creative output. Jack Silverman — a former longtime Scene staffer and current contributing editor as well as a pretty damn great guitarist — definitely kept busy. While his gig with Grateful Dead tribute group The Stolen Faces was on hold, Silverman put the finishing touches on Now What, an EP via much-loved local indie YK Records containing three evocative original instrumentals in a style he’s dubbed “crime jazz.”

At the end of April, he assembled a collection of co-conspirators for a livestream from The 5 Spot: Chris West on wind instruments, Jano Rix on keys, Brook Sutton on upright and electric bass and Robert Crawford on drums. Playing intuitively off of each other and jumping off from various points in the three compositions, Silverman & Co. turned about 20 minutes’ worth of recorded material into a fascinating and fluid performance that ran close to an hour.

If you missed out on that when it happened, we’ve got two forms of good news for you. First, the video stream was recorded, and we’re very pleased to share that for you to see above. Second, another outstanding local indie label, namely Mike Mannix’s Centripetal Force, is releasing the audio from the performance digitally and on cassette today as Live at The Five Spot. Click on through the Bandcamp embed below to get a copy for yourself, and keep an eye on Silverman’s website for updates.

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