Before the pandemic threw the entire live-entertainment world into an uneasy limbo, multi-faceted singer-songwriter Jasmin Kaset had been building up a creative head of steam. In 2018, she and Quichenight’s Brett Rosenberg released their outstanding collaborative LP Tuxedo. At the time, Kaset told the Scene that one of the driving forces behind the album, her third full-length, was to get recordings of songs out into the world while the emotional impact of writing them was still fresh. And to that point, she already had a new batch of songs in development, and you might have heard some of them if you caught one of the shows she played in the months before and after Tuxedo came out.

COVID-19, of course, derailed any momentum Kaset & Co. built up. But now she’s back with two of those aforementioned post-Tuxedo tunes, released today as a digital single via Michael Eades’ YK Records. Being digital, “A-side” and “B-side” are effectively interchangeable, but one of the tunes is “I Will Never Let You Go From Me,” a Prince-inspired ballad that’s partly about trying to keep your momentum in spite of the circumstances. Kaset fans who saw the band live will remember them playing this song at the end of the set, cranking the fog machine and portable fan to 11 for exaggerated theatrical effect.

The other song, “Have You Met Me Yet?,” is about the best companion piece you could ask for. As the band drives a poppy, krautrock-esque arrangement forward, Kaset reflects on the sheer exhaustion of trying to keep a creative career going. As she sings: “I’m not crazy I’m just tired / From searching constant for the keys / To somebody else’s heaven.”

Today, we’re very pleased to premiere the music video for “Have You Met Me Yet?” In the piece, director Trent Lanham puts Kaset and some friends in an eerie low-budget horror flick interspersed with performance footage. Above, watch Kaset die while giving birth to herself and then come back to life as someone — well, let’s just say not quite the same as before.

The tracks will be available exclusively on Kaset’s Bandcamp page until Oct. 22, when they’ll head to other streaming services. Keep an eye on her website for updates.

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