Rudy's Jazz Room flooding from GoFundMe

For the past several years, Rudy’s Jazz Room has filled an important role in the greater Music City music community as the only commercial club in town devoted specifically to jazz. Jazz artists of all stripes play an array of other venues around town, and the Nashville Jazz Workshop plays a vital community role. But any scene needs at least one space (and really, more) for aspiring artists and contemporary touring pros to do well commercially — or not — on a consistent basis. Since 2017, Rudy’s has been it for jazz musicians in Music City.

On Sunday, the stormwater from summer showers rushed down Gleaves Street — on the edge of the Gulch near Eighth Avenue South — where Rudy’s is located. According to a Facebook post from the club, more than two feet of water poured in, causing extensive damage to the venue. Thankfully, the water receded quickly, but a great deal of equipment and furnishings were waterlogged.

Chris Cobb, co-owner of Exit/In and president of the trade association Music Venue Alliance Nashville, launched a GoFundMe campaign. A few hundred dollars of the $10,000 goal have been raised already; you can contribute here.

“There has been an ongoing issue of drainage of storm water on Gleaves Street and it seems to keep getting worse over time,” reads the venue’s post. “There has been more and more new construction all around us, which we believe is contributing to this drainage issue. There is also climate change, which has as we understand it been increasing the severity of storms, and will likely continue to do so.

“It is possible the city is unprepared for this compound issue particularly affecting our street and not keeping pace with the new construction and climate change combination. … As soon as we finish our cleanup and fix the damage, we will reach out to the city to let them know this is an issue that has been worsening over time, with the hopes that they take some steps in addressing it in order to better handle the runoff, support all the new development, and help keep Rudy's from flooding in the future.”

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