Contact editor-in-chief D. Patrick Rodgers ( and associate editor Alejandro Ramirez ( While our full-time staff reporters handle most of our news and politics coverage, we do occasionally consider freelance pitches for our City Limits section, for cover stories, and for our news and politics blog Pith in the Wind.

Every week, our City Limits section runs between one and four news stories. Some are about hard news or breaking political items, but some are newsy features about various trends or communities in Nashville — those are the kinds of pieces we often assign to freelancers, and you can see some good examples here, here and here.

Pith in the Wind is much more free-form and is largely for breaking-news and political coverage, though we do run analysis and opinion there. We expect much quicker turnarounds for items on Pith in the Wind, as that coverage is often about evolving stories that need to be reported right away.

We run a very wide array of cover stories on all kinds of local topics — from food and music to news and investigative reporting. Those are longer pieces that require much more time and research. Send any cover story pitches to D. Patrick Rodgers well in advance (i.e., five weeks or more) of ideal publication date.

All news-related pitches should be no longer than 200 words and include details on sources and any relevant research that might be used in the story.

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