Best of Nashville 2020: The Results

Let’s face it: 2020 has, by and large, sucked.

We don’t need to tell you that. The fallout from this infernal ongoing pandemic has impacted Americans — and indeed, Nashvillians — from all walks of life. Businesses have closed, many of them permanently. People have lost friends, family members and neighbors. The world lost John Prine. It’s been an incredibly difficult year.

But through all the hardship and loss, we’ve seen Nashvillians rise to the occasion and meet our challenges head-on. In the wake of the March 3 tornado, our citizens pulled together to help one another out. Restaurants adapted to meet the needs of diners while observing new safety protocols. Businesses pivoted to create PPE and hand sanitizer for those who needed it. Our health care workers and frontline employees bravely took on risks to make sure life could continue under these strange new circumstances.

As it turns out, in 2020 there’s a lot to be grateful for. In our annual Best of Nashville issue, we celebrate the many accomplishments of Nashville’s artists, businesses, restaurants and more with our writers’ choices. We’re also sharing the results of our yearly readers’ poll. Want to know who you, our fellow Nashvillians, selected as the city’s Best Restaurant? Best Photographer? Best Streaming Event, Band or Doughnut? It’s all here. Want to know who our writers think is Nashville’s Best Chef? Best Comedy Up-and-Comers? Best Rock Album, Virtual Bookstore or Librarian? That’s here too.

Nashville has seen its share of thunderstorms in 2020. But we’ve also seen plenty of silver linings. Read on for this year’s Best of Nashville.

Best of Nashville 2020: The Results

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