A good slice of pizza is hard to find, especially in Brentwood. I mean that literally, because without a CIA-quality GPS system or the directions of a local, it was always a crapshoot as to whether or not diners could luck upon the Ward Circle location of

Joey's House of Pizza

. I remember circling for what seemed like most of an hour in that hotbed of suburban rest that is the Maryland Farms megaplex until I finally found the parking lot that concealed Joey's.

Now, the good news is that Joey's should be a little easier to find. The bad news for Brentwooders is that Joey's is moving about twelve miles away to 897 Elm Hill Pike, where Elvy's Deli was previously located, on the hillock overlooking downtown right near the I-40 Fessler's Lane exit. That building has remained vacant for years, so I'm sure that the neighborhood will be happy to have another dining option, especially one as beloved as Joey Macca's restaurant which serves some of the best pizza, calzones and subs in Middle Tennessee. The new outpost should be open some time in the next couple of months, and I promise to keep you posted.

But as the good lord taketh away, he also giveth in the form of another pie option for the Brentwood/Franklin area as Porta Via plans to open a new location at 3301 Aspen Grove Drive at the corner of Cool Springs Boulevard West some time in mid-September. The new restaurant will occupy the space that was previously occupied by Tossed, and in a thoughtful effort to replace the lost opportunity for fast salad options, Porta Via has committed to expand their salad offerings.

From their official announcement:

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