The menu at Panca, the new Peruvian restaurant occupying the corner spot at the Plaza Mariachi shopping center, is full of Latin American standards — burritos, carne asada and more. But Panca’s speciality, Peruvian roasted chicken, is what caught my eye on a recent visit. It’s a moderately large restaurant that would make for a good group-lunch spot, and as you enter you’ll see rows of chickens sizzling to perfection on rotisseries in the kitchen behind the counter. This chicken is juicy, and it’s perfectly seasoned throughout. It’s flavorful, but — and this is rare for Nashville — not spicy in the slightest. (Throw some green sauce on for significant heat, or drench your chicken in the mild, creamy yellow sauce like I did. Seriously, that stuff is good.) For $9.45, you get a large portion of chicken and two sides. Skip the bland steak fries and go for the black beans and the plump fried plantains — the plantains alone are worth the trip. And if you’re looking for a good, cheap meal for the family, Panca’s family specials, which feed four to six people, start at $21.95.

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