The Nashville Farmers’ Market has long been among the Scene’s favorite lunch locales. Got a group of friends or co-workers who can never agree on the same restaurant? The market offers Mexican, Greek, barbecue, pizza, Jamaican and more, with a central dining area where you can all meet up after your meals have been procured. El Burrito Mexicano is among the slew of options, and quite possibly offers the best wallop for your dollar of any of them.

The El Burrito Mexicano folks advertise their burritos as being “as big as your head,” but unless you’re, say, a medium-sized dog, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Even so, they’re very big — plenty big enough to make a full meal out of, no matter the size of your cranium. All of the usual suspects are on El Burrito’s menu — chimichangas, taco salads, nachos, et al. — but the restaurant’s $6.99 namesake dish is what puts butts in the seats. The burritos are made to order, packed with your choice of meat and stuffings, served either “wet” (salsa or cheese on top) or “dry” (no salsa or cheese on top). You can add a side and a drink and still keep your total south of $10 (before tax), but I’ve found that’s hardly necessary with these big ol’ savory bad boys. Just grab a couple of jalapeños and a container of salsa at the register to kick up the spice factor.

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