Cheap Eats: D’Andrews Bakery & Cafe — Tennessee Prosciutto & Ricotta Twist — $4.50

David Andrews is a dual-threat chef with experience in both the savory side of the kitchen and the world of pastry. He combines both skill sets with an item that can work as a grab-and-go walking lunch or a savory breakfast treat, available at his D’Andrews Bakery & Cafe downtown on Church Street. Croissants are great and all, but if you’re not sitting down with something to catch all the shattered detritus that flies off of a properly flaky one, you’re liable to have a mess on your hands. (And your shirt.)

Andrews cuts his croissant dough into strips and braids them around a filling of prosciutto and ricotta to create a portable delicacy that still maintains the fragile, discrete layers of the pastry. It’s the ingredients that raise this quirky little morsel to the level of extraordinary. The prosciutto is actually the deeply flavorful “Tennshootoe,” which is 18-month-aged ham from The Hamery in Murfreesboro. Bob Woods has created a product to rival the iconic jamón Ibérico and prosciutto di Parma of Europe. Andrews makes his own ricotta using JD Country Whole Milk from Kentucky along with buttermilk to initiate the separation of the whey and ricotta. Then he flavors it with salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and housemade hot sauce to complete the treat.

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