Cheap Eats: Bare Naked Bagel — Bagel With Cream Cheese and Side of Skillet Potatoes — $6.75

Literally every single item on the menu at Bare Naked Bagel’s new Hillsboro shop costs less than 10 bucks. The California bagel sandwich, loaded with turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato, greens and chipotle mayo? It’s $8.50. The Reuben, with corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing? That one’s $9.25. The only thing that’ll cost you more than a $10 bill is a bag of a dozen bagels, which comes in at $12 — and a buck a bagel is still a pretty great deal.

But for your money, the best bargain at Bare Naked is your choice of bagel (options include sesame seed, rosemary-salt, everything and cinnamon-raisin, among others) with your choice of spread (cream cheese in a variety of flavors, peanut butter or jam) and a side of their awesome skillet potatoes. The bagel is everything you want it to be — dense and chewy — and it’s loaded with spread. I mean, like, a fistful of spread. The Bare Naked folks do not skimp — they clearly want the spreads to shine. The freshly griddled potatoes are served hot, just the right amount of greasy, and they’re heavily seasoned with smoky deliciousness. Eat ’em as-is or get them topped with one of the cafe’s in-house sauces, including a zesty green goddess dressing. Throw in an iced coffee for $3 and you’re looking at $10 and change after tax. Carbs, starch and coffee — it’s the perfect breakfast for a crisp fall morning.

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