Daffy and Donald had best steer clear of West Nashville on Monday, Oct. 18, because Miel is planning an entire wine pairing dinner planned around duck. Owner Seema Prasad and executive chef Jason Lalacona have created a four-course menu of different cuts of Muscovy ducks raised by Giving Thanks Farm near the Tennessee-Kentucky border. The family-owned farm offers non-GMO birds raised on pastures without the use of chemicals, so it should be a delicious occasion featuring some magnificent plates.

Prasad has come up with Italian and French wines of different weights to demonstrate how each can pair with various cuts of duck, and the chef has worked to develop dishes that will pair well with each wine. The dinner will begin at 5:30 p.m., and the $185 tickets are available at the event website.

If the tariff seems a little steep to you, check out the extent of the menu and the lovely wine pairings and consider treating yourself:


Duck skin mousse, stone fruit, crostini 

Confit salad, fennel, puffed wheat berries, sherry glace Prosciutto, preserve canary melon 

NV Lancelot-Pienne Accord Majeur, Champagne 

First Course 

Drumstick, candy roaster squash, toasted seed aioli 

2017 Domaine Pascal Janvier, Cuvée du Rosier, Coteaux de Loir, FR 

Second Course 

Three-day broth of umami mushrooms, light smoke 

2019 Domaine de la Bêche, Régnié, Beaujolais, FR 

Third Course 

Seared breast, steamed leafy greens, stacked potato, quick pickle cherries 2017 Ronchi, Barbaresco, Piemonte, IT 

Fourth Course 

Ballotine, foie gras, natural jus 

2007 Gravner, Ribolla Gialla, Venezia, IT  


Citrus granita, pistachio, meringue dust


You'd better get quacking and make your reservations now!

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