“What would it take for fans to boo Filip Forsberg?” That’s what Michael Gallagher, Megan Seling and special guest Teresa Walker discuss this week. 

David Poile has said he’d like to re-sign Forsberg. Forsberg’s agent has confirmed contract discussions are still happening. It’s looking likely Forsberg will stay in Smashville. But this situation is very similar to what happened with Ryan Suter in 2012. Remember that?

Suter was due to be a free agent at the end of the season, everyone speculated that Suter and Poile would eventually find common ground and then BOOM! Suter went to the Minnesota Wild. And even though he’s since been traded to Dallas, he’s still booed every time he touches Nashville ice. 

Also discussed: #JosiForNorris.

Plus: #JeannotForCaulder.

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