<i>It's All Your Fault</i>: Shit-Talking Kevin Fiala

When Kevin Fiala was drafted by Nashville in 2014, he was just 17 years old and considered one of the top European prospects. But, while he did have a few impressive streaks, once he got on the ice with the Preds for the 2016-17 season, he struggled to fully live up to expectations. He was traded to the Minnesota Wild for Mikael Granlund in February 2019.

Fiala is thriving in Minnesota. He's scored 11 points in the past five games and he has a career-high 51 points so far this season, outproducing everyone on the Preds save for Norris-worthy Roman Josi. 

This week, hosts Michael Gallagher, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling discuss how team and coaching changes can positively impact a player. Was Fiala being stifled by Nashville's system? Or was it just timing that he hit his stride and found his confidence?

Also discussed: The very kind and generous Chicago Blackhawks (not a typo!), whether or not the Preds are healthy enough for the playoffs (probably not!) and Pekka Rinne's future with the franchise (it's questionable!).

Also: If you're looking to do something nice for Nashville's first responders, the folks who were on the front lines after Monday's deadly tornadoes, consider donating your Preds tickets to 7Element, the organization that passes donated tickets along to the city's vets and first responders.

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