<i>It's All Your Fault</i>: Have Preds Fans Given Up?

Earlier this week Michael Gallagher asked, sincerely, "What keeps you watching Preds games?" The answers were interesting. Some folks said they were ride-or-die fans, in it until the bitter end. Others said they tuned in to see what the younger talent can do. This week, Gallagher and his IAYF co-hosts Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling talk about the importance of the team's youth movement. Not only are these rookies holding the team together in the face of a staggering amount of injuries in a disastrous season, but they're also what's keeping the fan base interested. Trust the youth, John Hynes and David Poile!

Also discussed: Some positive news about the team's power play, more trade rumors and Calle Jarnkrok's greatness.

Plus: What would a Gritty-inspired romance novel look like? Ooh la la.

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