On Tuesday Filip Forsberg scored four goals in one game, bringing his career point total to 400. He also shattered a franchise record, recording those 400 points in fewer games than any other Preds player. He did it in just 510 games! Before him, Martin Erat held the record, having reached 400 points in 614 games. 

But as hosts Michael Gallagher, J.R. Lind and Megan Seling discuss in this week’s episode, Forsberg isn’t the only Preds player making history. On Tuesday Mikael Granlund also broke a record as the first Preds player to play two four-assist games. What’s behind Granlund’s success? 

Also discussed: John Hynes deserves more credit and Eeli Tolvanen has only scored one goal so far this season, but that might not be a bad thing.

Plus: Did you know Dustin Byfuglien has a very cute dog named Walter? 

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