Here it is, our weekly roundup of things on the internet that Scene staffers read and found enjoyable or interesting or otherwise engaging. Most of us spend too much time online and we might as well share.

From Bloomberg: Disney+ Could Lose 20 Million Subscribers by Ceding Cricket

From The Intercept: Elephant in the Zoom: Meltdowns Have Brought Progressive Advocacy Groups to a Standstill at a Critical Moment in World History

From National GeographicLegendary Spanish galleon shipwreck discovered on Oregon coast

From The Atlantic: Under the Banner of Hulu

From The Athletic: The disappearance of Wee Willie McLean: Solving America’s oldest soccer mystery

From the Pew Research Center: Journalists Sense Turmoil in Their Industry Amid Continued Passion for Their Work

From The New Yorker: Yoko Ono's Art of Defiance

From Boston Review: Labor's Militant Minority

From The New York Times: They Conflated 'The Wire' With Reality

From The New StatesmanA vomiting cat and a reader, of sorts, in the village shop. Country life isn’t dull

From SmithsonianBlue Holes Show Hurricane Activity in the Bahamas Is at a Centuries-Long Low

From The New York Times: How Houston Moved 25,000 People From the Streets Into Homes of Their Own

From Los Angeles: San Fernando Valley’s First Homeless Shelter Honors the Late Alex Trebek

From The Complicated Journey from Holy Studies to Hospitality

From Bon Appetit: The Quiet Resistance of Instagram’s Trendy Colorful Tortillas

From National Geographic: Armadillos are expanding further into the U.S.—and why is still a mystery

From The New Yorker: How Did Guns Get So Powerful?

From Garden & Gun: The Southern Story of Tomatoes

From The Wall Street Journal: The Age of Emotional Overstatement

From The New Statesman: What the “men don’t read novels” debate gets wrong about fiction

From The Washington Post: George Washington University to stop using ‘Colonials’ name by 2023-24

From The GuardianParts of John Hughes’ novel The Dogs copied from The Great Gatsby and Anna Karenina

From The New Yorker: The Cracked Wisdom of Dril

From The New York Times: ‘Want to Play Some Chess?’ The Sounds of Late Night Chess Around New York City

From The Washington Post: During Watergate, John Mitchell Left His Wife. She Called Bob Woodward.



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