Here it is, our weekly roundup of things on the internet that Scene staffers read and found enjoyable or interesting or otherwise engaging. Most of us spend too much time online and we might as well share.

From the Associated Press: Mike Cochran, Veteran Texas Reporter, Is Dead at 85 

From The New York TimesSometimes, Life Stinks. So He Invented the Nasal Ranger.

From BuzzFeed News: Tara Reid Deserves an Apology. But She Doesn’t Want One.

From The New York Times MagazineThe Joys (and Challenges) of Sex After 70

From UC Riverside News: Joan Didion's 'lost' commencement address, revealed

From The Bitter SouthernerMy Cousin Bill

From Harper's BAZAARAnna Marie Tendler Turns the Lens on Herself 

From Reuters: Workers at nearly 80 Kroger's King Soopers go on strike as talks stall

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