Here it is, our weekly roundup of things on the internet that Scene staffers read and found enjoyable or interesting or otherwise engaging. Most of us spend too much time online and we might as well share.

From Gawker: Why Is Jeffrey Toobin Still Using His New Yorker Cartoon on Twitter?

From Vulture: The Roys Summer in Italy: On location with the cast of Succession, the most interestingly terrible billionaires on TV.

From Vice: TikToker Makes Script to Flood Texas Abortion ‘Whistleblower’ Site With Fake Info

From Variety: ABBA Returns — After Nearly 40 Years — With ‘Voyage,’ New Album and Concert

From The New York Times: We Work at the A.C.L.U. Here’s What We Think About Vaccine Mandates.

From The Wall Street Journal: McDonald’s McFlurry Machine Is Broken (Again). Now the FTC Is On It.

From The New Yorker: Picturing the Humanity and Dread of the Infinite Scroll

From The Cut: The Girlboss Is Dead. Long Live the Girlboss.

From Bloomberg: Free Parking Is Killing Cities

From Jordan P. Moss: Willy Wonka’s hidden Nazi joke

From Deadspin: What we know about Bishop Sycamore, the fake football team on ESPN

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