2019 in Review: Nashville on the Internet

It was a banner year for the local internet and for those of us who spend too much time on it.

The soon-to-conclude year saw wild animals, live-streamed bathroom sessions and bachelorettes ignite Nashville social media and, in some cases, break out into the wider world.

The apex of the year in internet came in April, when hundreds of thousands of NFL fans descended on the city for the annual draft. The impact of the event was wide: Restaurants lost business, boat tour companies were forced to shut down, and … bachelorettes were pissed. The best local TV news story of the year, about bachelorettes who accidentally visited the same weekend as the NFL draft, grew into full-fledged meme material due to the indelible image of two angry women. 

Another unforgettable image, this one perfectly composed by an anonymous police officer-cum-photographer, was the source of the second-most-important internet moment of the year. The Convention Center Coyote joined the pantheon of alliterative Nashville animals (Bellevue Beaver, Brentwood Bobcat) when he or she wandered into the Music City Center in January. An enterprising local artist even turned the mirrored coyote into a t-shirt

Other moments drew less national attention but similarly thrilled local ne'er-do-wells. There was the time John Cooper’s campaign included a clip of the now-mayor marveling, “Look these are one of these internet cameras,” while campaigning. Scene editor-in-chief D. Patrick Rodgers blessed us with the addictively looping clip:

Another short clip, of Glen Casada fleeing a pregnant TV reporter, became the capstone of the speaker of the House’s tortuous, monthslong downfall.

Nashvillian Jason Isbell nearly started a nationwide internet riot when one of his followers asked how he should handle “30-50 feral hogs” under a hypothetical assault weapons ban. The jokes were good and then bad. 

We applaud Friend of the Scene Jasmin Kaset for her Steven Tyler bit. 

A giant metaphor almost burned Nissan Stadium to the ground when an equipment cart went up in flames before a Titans game. 

A Buffalo Bills fan visiting town made bachelorette shenanigans look tame when he nearly died faceplanting into Nashville soil. 

Tim McGraw shared a collage of his many characters as different Nashville neighborhoods. 

Metro Councilmember Steve Glover squeezed in just under the wire when he recently live-streamed himself on the toilet. “Hell are ya in the bathroom??” one of his friends asked, speaking for all of us. 

It was a year worth remembering. May you enter 2020 with the spirit of that guy who rode down the interstate on top of a car. 

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