The Green Issue

Inspired by Earth Day, we at the Scene have dedicated this week’s cover package to environmental issues. We’ve got a round-up of eco-friendly shops, services and nonprofits, as well as a look at responsible recycling. We also dive into disaster mitigation as it relates to climate change, look at an initiative designed to educate Nashvillians about environmental racism, and explore some of Middle Tennessee’s land trusts.


So You Want to Recycle Responsibly

As much as 46 percent of what Nashvillians put in recycling bins is unusable. How can we all do better?

By Abby Lee Hood

Easy Being Green

Nine eco-friendly shops, services and nonprofits in Nashville

By D. Patrick Rodgers

Lab Partners

The Environmental Justice Initiative seeks to educate Nashvillians about environmental racism 

By Erica Ciccarone

The Next Disaster

How Nashville is preparing for increasingly common severe rain events

By Stephen Elliott

Trust Issues

Conservation land trusts in the Midstate are preserving largely untouched wilderness

By J.R. Lind

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