Watch The Shindellas Shine in ‘Money’

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Performed by The Shindellas

A Louis York Production

Presented by Weirdo Workshop

Directed by Aaron Greene

Director of Photography: John Carrington III

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Sequined ensembles, stellar visuals and most of all, powerful vocals — The Shindellas’ new music video for “Money” captures the Nashville-based girl group’s powerful presence and undeniable talent. Each member’s unique musical background fuses with the others and creates a distinctive sound, reminiscent of iconic girl groups such as The Supremes but with a modern twist. 

In “Money,” which was released as a single in January, singers Kasi Jones and Tamara Chauniece and singer-guitarist Stacy Johnson sing about the pervasive greed that surrounds us and the relief that comes from finding one person who we can rely on and trust. “Talking sweet when I know they doubt me,” sings the trio in unison. “Trying to get close in hopes of stealing my shine / Soon as I turned my back / Then out comes the knife.” But then they find someone trustworthy in their corner: “Then came you / Pulled me away from the sharks / Rescued me out of the dark / You lit the fire in my heart.”

The members of the group were introduced to each other by prestigious songwriters and producers Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony. Kelly and Harmony write and perform as Louis York, and their artist collective is called Weirdo Workshop.

“Claude is really good at pulling different cool parts of your voice out,” said Johnson in an interview with NPR. “He writes a lot for women, so he knew how to express from a women's perspective. He knows how to pull that out of us really well. ... When you hear what Chuck is working on in his headphones, it makes you want to go even harder.”

In the video, director Aaron Greene follows the three Shindellas, decked out in glimmering rainbow costumes, as they dance through an empty warehouse brimming with possibility. Check that out above, and keep up with The Shindellas on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more news about their forthcoming debut album Hits That Stick Like Grits, set for release on a date TBA this summer.

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