Move over, Johann Strauss II — Travollta’s here to party!

If you don’t recognize Strauss' name offhand, he wrote “The Blue Danube Waltz,” whose "ya-da-da-duuum" melody we’ve all heard in 2001: A Space OdysseyLooney Tunes cartoons and probably elsewhere. More to the point, Strauss composed the comic opera Die Fledermaus, which has a big number called “The Champagne Chorus,” in which the whole ensemble sings about crowning “the king of effervescence.”

Bah, I say to you! I love a glass of sparkling wine from whatever region is producing it. But I don’t know if I’ve had any bubbly that was quite as, er, bubbly as a bottle of that much-loved sparkling mineral water Topo Chico. Based on their new single, aptly titled “Topo Chico,” it would seem the local dance-pop duo Travollta (yes, that’s with two Ls) is inclined to agree.

The pair consists of one Coolio Heart and his co-conspirator Radical Dex Rowdyhouse, who were, per a release, “discovered” performing in a car wash by Atticus Swartwood and Andy Heath. (The two of them you’ll know from local outfits like Tayls, Molly Rocket and Chalaxy.) They’ve recorded a breezy, catchy tune about “misty hydration” and “crisp carbonation” and worked with director Houston Mathews to make a delightfully silly music video for it. Loosely organized around the theme of friendship, the piece includes some sweet choreography by McCall Donoho, a charming disco montage and what appears to be a baptism in refreshing beverages.

Check it out above, and find the single on your favorite streaming service via this handy link. You’ll have a chance to check out the group in person on Friday, July 9, at The East Room. Fellow electronically enhanced pop outfits Soft Bodies and Athena will also play; DJ Ken Sable will spin between sets, and Terror Pigeon will handle the lights. The show starts at 8 p.m. and the cover is 10 of your American dollars. Follow the group on Facebook and Instagram, and watch the Facebook event page for updates.

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