After several years of honing their craft around town, emotionally nuanced indie rockers Mountains Like Wax, aka the duo of Mitchell Taylor and Samuel Katz, are preparing for 2022 release of their debut album. Their recent single “Are You Changing?” is a strong representative sample of what the pair does best. Over a bed of driving and chiming post-shoegaze guitars and melodic accents from a string ensemble, singer Taylor investigates a relationship that doesn’t feel the way it used to: “Are you changing? / Or am I? / Are you changing? /Or are you changing your mind?”

Today, we’re very pleased to premiere the music video for the song, directed and shot by Hannah Gray Hall on location just outside Johnson City, Tenn. In the piece, Hall’s camera follows the pair through beautiful if somewhat solemn-looking open spaces. As they explain in a collective note to the Cream, the dramatic vistas help reinforce the message in the song.

“We knew we wanted to be in a place that evoked openness and inspiration solely in the landscape,” say Taylor and Katz. “Roan Mountain in East Tennessee is one of the most picturesque versions of that we could imagine. So we packed up a car, a tent and some video equipment, camped at the base of the mountain, and got up there just at sunrise. And the visuals were far more gratifying than we could have hoped for. There’s something about sunrise that sparks inspiration in such a powerful and serene way: What I’ve done in the past is behind me. This is now. And I’m going to live in this — right now — in a baptism of light and hope, gripping towards what’s ahead.

“But at the same time, there’s something so raw and intimate about the song, so we wanted it to feel as a moment of self reflection, but also in a light that directly addresses the viewer and listener. Like: ‘I know your story. We’ve been there. We can hurt and heal together.’ ”

Check out the video above and keep an eye on Mountains Like Wax’s website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates on their album Before There Was Plenty, due Feb. 11. You’ve got a chance coming up to catch them in person, as well: They headline Mercy Lounge on Oct. 2 with support from Carver Commodore and Creature Comfort. Advance tix are $15.

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