In August, Jordan Victoria — the singer-songwriter at the core of the literary, rock-adjacent project Heaven Honey — did something she didn’t expect she’d ever do. She released a cover. The song in question is Lucinda Williams’ “Something About What Happens When We Talk,” an intimate tune that conveys the multifaceted experience of wanting someone you can’t have with a subtle, stunning power.

In a note to the Scene, Victoria explains that she immediately identified with the song when she heard it. The Indiana transplant performed it often at The Blockhouse, a bar run by friends back home in Bloomington, and it seemed to immediately click with the crowd as well. In the depths of COVID quarantine, Victoria’s producer Ben Lumsdaine suggested recording a version just for fun, and their take on it — sonically, much more like The Cure than Williams’ Band-esque original — was so striking that she decided to release it.

Today, we’re very pleased to premiere a music video for the piece. Director-editor Adam Alonzo and editor Alex Grove treat the passage of time like a rubber band. They speed up and slow down analog film footage of Victoria riding a horse in Mt. Juliet, taking a night swim in Percy Priest Lake, strolling around Love Circle and meandering through a crowd on Lower Broadway.

“It dawned on me that all of these locations represent distinct aspects of my personality as well as contrasting faces of Nashville,” Victoria writes. “There are tender moments in the womblike safety of my house, and then there’s more obfuscated footage of me shuffling through the brute chaos of the city. All of these settings are tied together by my solitary and almost spectral presence.”

Ultimately, song and video capture something important about how Victoria navigated her move to Nashville. She’s very quickly become integrated into the greater music community, and has also had to adapt along with it.

“My reasons for relocating to the South were always rooted in a sense of longing. A longing for opportunity, new relationships, self-improvement, a different worldview. Then and now, the sentiment of 'Something About What Happens' resonates for me with a sense of naive, romantic determination. I came to Nashville 22 and starry-eyed. My worldview has inevitably evolved, just as the city has drastically shifted physically and culturally.

“I’m very grateful to have an accompanying visual for this song that represents the disillusionment and cynicism that’s deeply affected me in such a short amount of time. There’s certainly a darkness to it, but in that way it feels very honest and beautiful.”

Check out the video above and visit Heaven Honey’s Bandcamp profile for this and other releases. You’ll also find her version of Eddie Noack’s “Psycho” on the aptly titled To-Go Records Halloween Comp. Proceeds of sales of the much-loved local indie label's digital release will support the local outpost of the youth-oriented Sunrise Movement for climate change activism. And you’ve got two upcoming chances to see Heaven Honey in person as well. Saturday, the group will join Justin and the Cosmics and others to raise money for the Fran’s East Side relocation fund, and they’ve got a little tour with Detroit rock band Zilched that will bring them to all-ages space Drkmttr next Saturday, Nov. 6.

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