Advice King: Should My Family Have a Confidentiality Agreement?

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Dear Advice King,

Mary Trump's new tell-all book has apparently violated a Trump family "confidentiality agreement." This never occurred to me! Should I implement a confidentiality agreement with my own family? I'd appreciate your input!

—Robert in Washington, D.C.

I really have no idea what kind of oil is best for a 1997 Yamaha snowmobile. Also, I understand you are frustrated, but in the future please don’t swear so much in the question.

I tried to answer the question without reading it again. I thought you asked me what “fucking oil” you should put in your “fucking snowmobile.”

Wow. The real question is a crazy question.

The answer is no. Certainly not. 

Well ...

Now that I  think about it, I wish I had a confidentiality agreement about my 1975 tee-ball season.

I didn’t get a single hit. OFF A TEE. At the end of the season our lunatic coach handed us — a bunch of 6-year-olds — our batting averages on little pieces of paper. Mine said “000.” A grown man actually wrote “000” down on a piece of paper and handed it to me, age 6. Yeah, it would be nice if no one knew about that. 

Or that time I found a folded-up piece of paper on the street when I was 10. I opened it, and it was a picture of a naked woman! I took it to my room and hid it under the carpet. Then the problems started. I could not stop looking at it — to the point that I was beginning to have trouble living my life. All I wanted to do was LOOK AT IT. I started making stuff up — “I have to iron my hat!” — so I could go back up to my room and LOOK AT IT. 

I decided to tell my father. I took the picture out from under the carpet, handed it to him, and said, “Dad, I am worried. I can’t stop looking at this picture.” He said, “Why?” (Nice job, Dad.) I said, “Because it gives me energy.”

Nobody needs to know about that either.

Hey! I just realized that both of these stories revolve around “pieces of paper.”


Robert, any family that is so fucked-up that it needs a confidentiality agreement is not a family — it’s a biker gang. Also, after reading this column, I realize that I should sign a nondisclosure agreement with myself.

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