Year in Music 2019

In our annual Year in Music Issue, we take a look back at a year packed with examples of how music, musicians and the music business make Nashville a fascinating community to be a part of. We catch up with The Highwomen to talk about how they’re helping turn the battleship that is the country music industry in the right direction, and we talk with world-class improvising musician JayVe Montgomery about the state of that scene in Music City. As has been the trend, country music was at the center of some major stories this year. Meanwhile, ignore at your peril Nashville’s pop; jazz, blues, R&B and soul; and underground rock scenes. We remember some of the people the music community lost this year, keep up with many, many changes in the live-music scene, and track notable events on our timeline. Also, see what our critics picked in this year’s Top Local Albums Critics’ Poll , and what stood out around town according to some local performers, promoters, indie label staffers and more in our annual Rock ’n’ Roll Poll. STEPHEN TRAGESER

On a High Note

Catching up with The Highwomen about an extraordinary year of advocating for equality and making damn fine songs

By Brittney McKenna

String-Tie Theory

A look at some developments in Nashville’s underground rock in 2019

By Edd Hurt

The Year in Jazz, Blues, R&B and Soul

The array of talent that appeared here in 2019 bodes well for the future

By Ron Wynn

Top Local Albums Critics’ Poll 

From Purple Mountains and Petty to The Highwomen and Adia Victoria, here are our favorite local LPs of the year

The Year in Country Music

Tanya Tucker, Luke Combs and more mounted vital challenges to the ‘status bro’ in 2019

By Marissa R. Moss

The Year in Pop 

From familiar faces like R.LUM.R and Daniella Mason to newer names like Freak Daddy, Nashville pop took meaningful risks this year

By Lance Conzett

Into the Out Stuff 

Talking with improvising musician JayVe Montgomery about jazz history, Nashville and Sun Ra

By Edd Hurt

The Year in Ven-News

Tracking developments in the live music scene in 2019

By Stephen Trageser

Those We Lost 

Looking back at the lives of David Berman, Jackie Shane, Scott Ballew and others who made Nashville richer

By Stephen Trageser

Year in Music 2019
Year in Music 2019
Year in Music 2019

Year in Music 2019

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