The 2020 Rock ’n’ Roll Poll

For our annual Rock ’n’ Roll Poll, we once again surveyed a select group of Nashville’s finest rockers, rollers, bookers, bloggers and more, and got their take on local music in 2020. For this most unusual year, we’ve changed up a few of the questions from years past.

What local artist/band ruled Nashville in 2020?

Everyone fucks with Becca Mancari now, and she deserves it all. She’s a real one, and she has focused on being her most authentic and visible self with this last release. —Alanna Royale

Becca Mancari —Samantha Zaruba, Michael Combs, Tiffany Minton, Kate Meehan, Taylor Cole

Kyshona Armstrong —Lilly Hiatt, Jessica Breanne, Sarah Bandy, Larissa Maestro

Lilly Hiatt —Tiffany Minton, Michael Combs, Jessica Breanne

Devon Gilfillian —Jerry Pentecost, Doug Hall, Todd Sherwood, Ellen Angelico

Bully —Michael Combs, Jesse Boo, Taylor Cole

Brittany Howard —Tiffany Minton, Ariel Bui

Heaven Honey —Megan Loveless, Michael Eades

Keeps —Jordan Gomes-Kuehner

Brian Brown —Quez Cantrell, Rashad tha Poet

FU Stan —Quez Cantrell, Virghost, Michael Eades

Namir Blade —SeddyMac, Michael Eades

Ron Obasi —Quez Cantrell, Michael Eades

Daisha McBride —Caroline Bowman, Michael Eades

Eve Maret —Rodrigo Avendano, Michael Eades

Belly Full of Stars —Eve Maret

Luke Schneider —Kyle Hamlett, Michael Eades, Rodrigo Avendano

Anyone who’s keeping their shit together and creating music. —Luke Schneider

A.B. Eastwood —Rashad tha Poet

Tim Gent, Bryant Taylorr —SeddyMac

Trapperman Dale —Quez Cantrell

John Tucker, TriplePlay Squeek, BeHoward, L Roy da Boy, Morgan Boseman —Virghost

Betcha —Chris Martignago

Black City, Funky Tenn collective —D’Llisha Davis

Quiet Entertainer —Nathan Conrad

Quichenight —Patrick Orr

Chaz Cardigan —Jared Corder

B|_ank —R. Stevie Moore

Emma Swift —Paul Burch

Creature Comfort, Joy Oladokun —Samantha Zaruba

Snooper —Jacob T. Corenflos

Hayley Williams —Liz Meade

Brainweight —Tyler Walker

Margo Price, Becky Warren —Tiffany Minton

Kings of the Fucking Sea —Kari Leigh Ames

Megan Palmer, Aaron Lee Tasjan —Tim Easton

The Love-In —Dillon Watson

Nick Woods —Joe Kenkel

Todd Snider’s Sunday morning livestreams are a force of nature. —Jeff Meltesen

Daniel Tashian. If you make an ambient album, a kids’ album and a masterpiece with Burt Bacharach in one year, you are “ruling.” —Brian Siskind

The resilience, the passion and the grit shown by our community this year has been extraordinary. If you’re still here, and you’re making music and you’re reading this, you rule! —Emma Swift

What local artist/band is going to rule in 2021?

Heaven Honey —Megan Loveless, Deezy Violet, Cam Sarrett

Kyshona Armstrong —Jessica Breanne, Larissa Maestro

All of Nashville hip-hop —Rashad tha Poet, Quez Cantrell, Michael Eades

Katie Pruitt —Lilly Hiatt, Liza Saturday

Thelma and the Sleaze —Lilly Hiatt

Adia Victoria —Lilly Hiatt, Jessica Breanne

Snooper —Jesse Boo, Ghastly Mike Hackenslash

Ej, The Maker —SeddyMac

The Shindellas —D’Llisha Davis

Volunteer Department —Jordan Gomes-Kuehner

TheyNeedWeez, Ratchet2x —Virghost

The Love-In, Jessica Breanne, Abby Johnson —Tiffany Minton

Ttotals —Ryan Sweeney

Sean Thompson —Jessica Breanne, Asher Horton

Yautja, Thirdface —Chappy Hull

Jung Youth —Tyler Walker

Sun Seeker, The Robe, Kyle Hamlett —Rodrigo Avendano

Dream Chambers —Eve Maret, Rodrigo Avendano

Billy Strings —Brittan Allison

Robyn Harris —Alanna Royale

Alanna Royale —Kate Meehan

Jaime Wyatt, Allison Russell —Ellen Angelico

*repeat repeat, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Eve Maret, Alanna Royale, Julien Baker, Not Your Nails, anything on YK Records. —Michael Combs

Teddy at Night, Kate Lynn —Liz Meade

Heaven Honey, Nü Mangos, The Minks, Harpooner, Katy Kirby, Bantug, Tayls —Caroline Bowman

kidDEAD —Nathan Conrad

Charlotte Sands —Chris Martignago

Sinai Vessel —Rachel Scarbrough

Every band on To-Go Records. —Ale Delgado

Rich Ruth —Luke Schneider

Crave On —Joe Kenkel

Tristen —Emma Swift, Dillon Watson

Zoe Sky Jordan. I don’t listen to a lot of music with words, but her songs are music, if that makes sense. —Brian Siskind

What’s your favorite discovery this year?

Artist Rights Alliance. Erin McNally and Chelsea Crowell do a fantastic job of advocating for and educating musicians. —Emma Swift

Enzo from EngineIX’s solo project Scumcorpse. —Jacob T. Corenflos

TheyNeedWeez —Virghost

Virghost’s Ghost Tape —Joe Kenkel

Local: Abby Johnson; non-local: Advertisement, Peel Dream Magazine. —Megan Loveless

Donors. Getting their cassette feels like pulling a 7-inch out of the bin on a whim, and BAM! — new favorite band. —Mike Shepherd

Seck! Local videographer who is a true visionary. —D’Llisha Davis

Primary Sound —Ryan Sweeney, Caroline Bowman

More drugs/medicines, beard masks —R. Stevie Moore

@parkerallen YouTube playlists, @teens.4.equality and @bebetterbelmont on Instagram —Cam Sarrett

Lydia Luce —Kate Meehan

Abby Johnson —Jordan Gomes-Kuehner, Dillon Watson, Luke Schneider

Morgan Conners. Magic folk songs coming from her Omnichord. —Ryan Donoho

AC Noel, AyyWillé, B. Stokes —Quez Cantrell

Bandcamp. I always used it before, but now it feels like a more direct way to support locals. —Jesse Boo

I hired Alicia Enstrom for a session and we only got to spend a couple hours together. But then I came across her record A Monster Roars, and it is so cool. —Alanna Royale

Devil’s Tower Records, Country Music Allies on Instagram —Michael Combs

Lord Goldie —Lilly Hiatt

Meditation actually works. —Larissa Maestro

Peter McCarville is an expert writer, musician and recordist. Paradise Midi is designing some of the coolest tools for music making. —Rodrigo Avendano

With very little prodding, our community comes together to support one another. —Michael Eades

What’s helped you the most in coping with the pandemic?

Anything and everything Dolly Parton has done. —Michael Combs

Every time I was overwhelmed or depressed, I just started walking. It’s never a wrong decision. —Alanna Royale

Unplugging from social media. —D’Llisha Davis

The Hartland Hootenanny —Jerry Pentecost

The unemployment office —Luke Schneider

Watching Metro Council meetings. —Ellen Angelico

Working on music. My project Ghost Tape specifically, because the pandemic forced me to go outside my comfort zone. —Virghost

Stopped caring about trying to make money from music. —Alex Mojaverian

Bandcamp Fridays, paired with an increased appetite for purchasing music. —Joe Kenkel

Being able to create music, but not being rushed to release it. —Quez Cantrell

Family. Music. Hope. —Rashad tha Poet

Playing music too loud. —Ale Delgado

WXNA —Kari Leigh Ames

Among other things, my resilient, thoughtful, challenging, loving friends. —Sarah Bandy

Blacklock Fridays on IG —SeddyMac

Does crying in the bath count? —Emma Swift

Upping my antidepressants by 100 percent and getting back into video games. —Deezy Violet

Picking up Duke’s sandwiches curbside to enjoy at a family picnic in a state park.  —Ryan Sweeney

Making book-inspired playlists and watching Soul Train reruns. —Caroline Bowman

Fiona Apple’s Fetch the Bolt Cutters, nature walks, Zoom —Ariel Bui

Converting The 5 Spot into a video production studio. —Todd Sherwood

Getting some fishing gear and learning how to use it. —Tiffany Minton

Oh, just the nearly maniacal audit of every aspect of my existence. Neurosis needs time to breathe, so it’s been good. Learned the Octatrack for beatmaking. —Brian Siskind

Making sure to safely keep in contact. I can physically feel a difference in my body when I’ve gone too long without the people I love. —Larissa Maestro

One thing you hope doesn’t come back once the pandemic ends?

The pandemic. —Chappy Hull, Kari Leigh Ames, Ariel Bui, Josh Billue

I have realized that my tolerance for BS was much higher, and I am not allowing that to come back. —Larissa Maestro

Big egos, nepotism —Michael Combs

Donald Trump —Virghost, Emma Swift, Tyler Walker

Complacency with our government, even though Trump is leaving office. —Liz Meade

Symptoms are symptoms. Stop guilting people into working when they’re sick and risking their co-workers’ health so you’re not inconvenienced. —Alanna Royale

I hope that this terrifying year has taught us that we are all equally fragile. Instead of passing judgment for something as trivial as style, we can band together and make a wonderful community for everyone. —Jacob T. Corenflos

Hipster snark should be a thing of the past. Also, please stop auto-crossposting to Twitter from your Instagram. —Michael Eades

To-go liquor drink restrictions. —Kasey Ray

Hold my beer. —R. Stevie Moore

Unnecessary Zoom conferencing. I’m still totally down for drag queens performing from their living rooms, though. —Tiffany Minton

Watching my face while singing into a computer screen. —Lilly Hiatt

Unwanted hugs from strange men. —Jessica Breanne

$5 shows. — Deezy Violet, Alex Mojaverian, Samantha Zaruba, Luke Schneider

That stupid gap between the audience and the stage. —Taylor Cole

Bitter and jaded musicians. —Jordan Gomes-Kuehner

Late rap shows. —Rashad tha Poet

Five-band bills. —Megan Loveless

Making excuses for not going. —Kate Meehan

People not really listening at shows. —Doug Hall

Terry the Horror Clown —Ghastly Mike Hackenslash, Jesse Boo

I’m pretty good with not wearing jeans ever again. —Quez Cantrell

Who deserves more coverage than they got in 2020?

Rock ’n’ roll designer/singer-songwriter Cybelle Elena. —Samantha Zaruba

Delta Rae. They completely reinvented themselves, creating a beautiful online portal for fans. And they’re writing a musical. —Ellen Angelico

The Den Podcast —D’Llisha Davis

Immigrant artists and immigrant-owned businesses and restaurants. —Ariel Bui

Savoy Motel —Jordan Gomes-Kuehner

The Lees of Memory —Chris Cobb

Diatom Deli —Eve Maret

Luther Dickinson, Fats Kaplin, Tommy Womack, Jon Langford, Megan McCormick, Leyla McCalla —Paul Burch

Nick Woods, Altered Statesman —Kyle Hamlett

Ron Obasi —Rashad tha Poet

Teddy at Night, Robyn Harris, Vacay Nick —Liz Meade

BeHoward, TheyNeedWeez —Virghost

The real Lady A: Anita White. The Nashville trio should choose another name. —Doug Hall

Ahmad, It’s Like That Records —SeddyMac

All of our local queer musicians. —Michael Combs

Lauren Gilbert’s podcast Queen of Shit Mountain. Her interviews with women musicians are insightful and hilarious. —Tiffany Minton

Joy Oladokun —Chris Martignago

Jason Goforth. Great musician, artist and hilarious IG follow. —Brian Siskind

ElonMusk —Kari Leigh Ames

FU Stan, BeHoward, Que Parks, Teddy Rose —Quez Cantrell

The young bands! EngineIX, Medusa’s Hairdresser, xBETAx and Ophelia, just to name a few. —Chappy Hull

Nathan Kalish —Lilly Hiatt

The Minks, My Wall —Todd Sherwood

Dillon Warnek —Caroline Bowman, Luke Schneider

Video creators, indie labels (Real Sword, West Riff), metal and weirdo electronic music. Launch a concept album column for artists in our scene like Fable Cry and Negro Justice! —Michael Eades

The missing bass tracks from this year’s Boo Dudes album. >:-{ —Jesse Boo

What’s the best music story of the year?

Drkmttr’s transformation into a community center. —Ellen Angelico, Tyler Walker, Eve Maret, Sarah Bandy, Deezy Violet, Caroline Bowman, Rodrigo Avendano, Jesse Boo, Ryan Sweeney 

Somehow Drkmttr took the worst-case scenario and made it into something hugely beneficial for people way outside the music scene. —Michael Eades

That I was a match and able to give my husband one of my kidneys, after a year-and-a-half of him being on dialysis. —Michael Combs

Taylor Swift donating to Grimey’s; Dolly Parton donating to the development of a vaccine. —Jerry Pentecost

The formation of the National Independent Venue Alliance, which now has more than 3,000 members and legislation with bipartisan sponsorship in Congress. —Chris Cobb

The city of Nashville helping out independent music venues with Music City Bandwidth. —Todd Sherwood

Nashville venues forming an alliance to fight together through the pandemic. —Alanna Royale

Where our government has failed us in relief efforts, MusiCares has done their best to help pick up the slack, changing the stories of thousands of musicians. —Larissa Maestro

Fanny’s rising from the tornado rubble to begin building Fanny’s School of Music. —Rodrigo Avendano

Metro making home studios legal. —Jared Corder

“Nashville Hip Hop is Making Its Own Way,” by Jewly Hight for NPR —D’Llisha Davis, Nathan Conrad

Almost everything nobigdyl. dropped went over 1 million streams. —Rashad tha Poet

Ron Gallo called out Amazon for not paying artists while he was performing on their platform, and then they started paying. —Gary Branigan

Margo Price driving down Broadway yelling at people to put their masks on. —Kasey Ray

The To Nashville, With Love benefit concert. —Liza Saturday

Avenue Beat’s “F2020” starting on TikTok and going on to earn 30 million streams on Spotify. —Liz Meade

The outpouring of love and sadness for John Prine after his death from COVID. —Luke Schneider 

Bob Dylan getting his first Billboard No. 1, a mere 58 years into his career. —Emma Swift

Taking musicians into a cave for Harmony on the Horizon, aspiring for deep listening and to create a more inclusive, wholesome world. —Kate Meehan

New albums from the old guard — Mac Gayden, Buzz Cason, Marshall Chapman and Dan Penn. —Dillon Watson

Bandcamp Friday —Megan Loveless, Cam Sarrett

Adia Victoria guest-editing an issue of the Scene. —Ariel Bui

What’s your favorite local record of 2020?

Luke Schneider, Altar of Harmony —Kari Leigh Ames, Sarah Bandy, Samantha Zaruba, Cam Sarrett, Eve Maret

Becca Mancari, The Greatest Part —Michael Combs, Tiffany Minton, Emma Swift, Todd Sherwood

Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection —Caroline Bowman, Luke Schneider, Asher Horton

Kyshona, Listen — Sarah Bandy, Jessica Breanne, Larissa Maestro

Donors, Donors —Megan Loveless, Rachel Scarbrough, Michael Eades

FU Stan, Lockdown —Virghost, Quez Cantrell, Michael Eades

Lilly Hiatt, Walking Proof —Jessica Breanne, Michael Combs

Eve Maret, Stars Aligned —Michael Eades, Ryan Donoho

Bully, Sugaregg —Jared Corder, Lilly Hiatt

Lou Turner, Songs for John Venn —Patrick Orr, Kyle Hamlett

Music Band, Celebration —Jesse Boo, Caroline Bowman

Katie Pruitt, Expectations —Tim Easton, Liza Saturday

Josh Halper, Alrightnik —Jacob T. Corenflos, Caroline Bowman

Julian Powell’s unreleased record —Rodrigo Avendano

Joy Oladokun, In Defense of My Own Happiness, Vol. 1 —Ellen Angelico

Mark Fredson, Going to the Movies —Jordan Gomes-Kuehner

Soccer Mommy, Color Theory —Tyler Walker

Ratchet2x, Ready; TheyNeedWeez, Nah Fr Tho —Virghost

Sweet Time’s Sweet Time comp —Ghastly Mike Hackenslash

Schizos, Schizos —Ryan Sweeney

Nicole Atkins, Italian Ice —Michael Combs

All Them Witches, Nothing as the Ideal —Chris Cobb

Chaz Cardigan, Holograma —Chris Martignago

Matt Lovell, Nobody Cries Today; Amanda Broadway Band, The Ache —Alanna Royale

Fever Blush, Fever Blush —Ale Delgado

Brian Brown, Journey —Rashad tha Poet

Rashad Sylvester, Let It Play —SeddyMac

Jeremy Ivey, Waiting Out the Storm —Ariel Bui

Namir Blade, Aphelion’s Traveling Circus —Nathan Conrad

Joe Pisapia, Imbolc; Zoe Sky Jordan, Scenes From Infinity —Brian Siskind

Sturgill Simpson, Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 1 —Brittan Allison

What’s your favorite local song of 2020?

Peachy, “Waiting” —Ariel Bui, Caroline Bowman, Jesse Boo, Ghastly Mike Hackenslash

Becca Mancari, “Lonely Boy” —Samantha Zaruba, Taylor Cole

The War and Treaty, “Five More Minutes” —Jerry Pentecost

Brian Brown feat. Reaux Marquez, “Runnin’ ” —D’Llisha Davis

Nick Woods, “The River That I Knew” —Kyle Hamlett

Lou Turner, “Flickering Protagonist” —Kyle Hamlett, Eve Maret

Bully, “Add It On” —Chappy Hull, Rachel Scarbrough

John Prine, “I Remember Everything” —Jeff Meltesen, Paul Burch

Jillette Johnson, “I Shouldn’t Go Anywhere” —Ellen Angelico

Teddy at Night, “Blueberry Water” —Liz Meade

TheyNeedWeez, “Dolo Thuggin”; BeHoward, “D.U.M.B.”; PM, “No More” —Virghost

Aaron Lee Tasjan, “Up All Night” —Doug Hall 

William Tyler, “She Swims in Hidden Water” —Emma Swift

Diatom Deli, “Tranquilo”; Rainsticks, “Ancient Sundown”; Snooper, “Running”; Abby Johnson, “I Can’t Wait” —Cam Sarrett

Juan Solorzano, “Pinpoint”; Rodeo Glow, “Hollywood” —Caroline Bowman

Nicole Atkins, “Mind Eraser” —Lilly Hiatt

Hot Car, “Hot Car” —Ryan Sweeney

Josie Dunne, “Lost” —Chris Martignago

Caroline Culver “Honest” —Samantha Zaruba

Adia Victoria, “South Gotta Change” —Taylor Cole

Brittany Howard, “Goat Head — Earthgang Remix” —Tiffany Minton

Caroline Spence, “The Choir” —Jessica Breanne

Rig B, “Simple Samba” —Joe Kenkel

Soccer Mommy, “Circle the Drain” —Nathan Conrad

Namir Blade, “Space Ghost” —Paul Burch

FU Stan, “Keep My Head” and “Numb” —Quez Cantrell

Emily Nenni, “Long Game” —Dillon Watson

Savoy Motel, “Love Your Face” —Jordan Gomes-Kuehner

Oginalii, “Veils” —Kari Leigh Ames

Best streaming performance you saw this year?

L Roy da Boy’s Break the Cycle Virtual Show —D’Llisha Davis, Quez Cantrell

The Change Up at Acme Feed & Seed —Quez Cantrell, SeddyMac

Spirit of Drkmttr —Chappy Hull, Alex Mojaverian, Sarah Bandy, Michael Eades

Fable Cry’s Festival of Ghouls —Taylor Cole, Michael Eades

Far Out Free Fest —Luke Schneider, Michael Eades

Devon Gilfillian’s There’s an Election Going On —Jerry Pentecost

Jaime Wyatt at 3rd and Lindsley. The best escape, though, was Kylie Minogue’s Infinite Disco. —Michael Combs

Tim Gent at Exit/In —Rashad tha Poet

Belcourt’s 12 Hours of Terror —Ghastly Mike Hackenslash

Spice J threw a party via the Marathon Music Works stream; my wife and I danced, and just for a little while forgot how miserable this all was. —Josh Billue

Sessy’s Live From the Void —Alanna Royale

Brendan Benson’s 420 shows —Emma Swift

Abstract Black/JayVe Montgomery’s set for Imaginary Network Topologies —Eve Maret

Brittany Howard at the Ryman for #SOSFest —Chris Cobb

Fountains of Wayne performing “Hackensack” with Sharon Van Etten replacing the recently deceased Adam Schlesinger made me tear up. —Asher Horton

Hilary Bell’s Mirror House reading/performance series transitioned to the Zoom stage with grace. —Joe Kenkel

Diarrhea Planet’s farewell, filmed at Exit/In in 2018. —Ale Delgado

The Musicians for Marquita Telethon from Third Man Records felt surprisingly innovative for a concept that’s so nostalgic. —Tiffany Minton

Saturday night Twitch sets by dj_jimmy: a regular ’80s dance party straight from the Canvas dancefloor. —Michael Eades


Brittan Allison: marketing manager, Marathon Music Works

Ellen Angelico: musician at-large; whippersnapper at Fanny’s House of Music

Kari Leigh Ames: DJ Karl Castle on WXNA; co-founder, Far Out Nashville

Rodrigo Avendano: musician; human

Sarah Bandy: cheese enthusiast; YEAH! pusher; harp looper

Josh Billue: owner, Marathon Music Works

Jesse Boo: bassmummy, Boo Dudes

Caroline Bowman: co-founder/owner, Cold Lunch Recordings; graphic designer; your No. 1 fan

Gary Branigan: spew enthusiast, Cold Lunch Recordings

Jessica Breanne: musician; Belcourt staffer

Ariel Bui: musician; activist; music educator and owner, Melodia Studio

Paul Burch: musician; songwriter; engineer; filmmaker; radio host

Quez Cantrell: artist; songwriter; web designer; dope-ass human

Chris Cobb: owner, Exit/In

Taylor Cole: musician, Tayls and Creature Comfort; talent buyer, The East Room

Michael Combs: public relations coordinator and co-owner, The Groove Records

Nathan Conrad: rapper, Spoken Nerd; foodie; film reviewer at Ghettoblaster Magazine

Jared Corder: songwriter and producer, *repeat repeat; nice dude

Jacob T. Corenflos: co-founder, Nashville Show-To-Go Menu and To-Go Records

D’Llisha Davis: matriarch of Nashville; owner, 2 L’s on a Cloud; protector of the culture

Ale Delgado: bass, Dim Salon (good band)

Ryan “Domo” Donoho: producer, arranger and entertainer, Ornament and Savoy Motel

Michael Eades: gear grinder, YK Records and We Own This Town

Tim Easton: musician

Jordan Gomes-Kuehner: musician, Heaven Honey

Ghastly Mike Hackenslash: guitar/teeth/claws, Boo Dudes

Doug Hall: music PR consultant, Big Feat PR

Kyle Hamlett: musician; songwriter

Lilly Hiatt: musician

Asher Horton: musician, Rainsticks and Sun Seeker; co-host, Hot Fudge Tuesdays on WXNA

Chappy Hull: guitarist, Shell of a Shell, Gnarwhal, Pile; booking and co-owner, Drkmttr

Joe Kenkel: songwriter; Styrofoam Wino

Megan Loveless: co-founder, To-Go Records; riot grrrl, Third Man Records

Larissa Maestro: musician; composer; maybe she played cello on your record

Eve Maret: musician; producer; performer

Chris Martignago: A&R, creative manager, student forever at Atlantic Records and LikeVines MGMT

Liz Meade: music publicist; mom at Threebrand Media; your pal at Nashville Pøpsquad

Kate Meehan: community organizer, BriteHeart; farm hand; native plants landscape practice

Jeff Meltesen: marketing, The Caverns; country star every Friday the 13th, D. Striker

Tiffany Minton: musician; writer; sociologist; future public historian

Alex Mojaverian: one-half of Sad Baxter; all of Trash Man

R. Stevie Moore: bassist, Author Unknowns; Self Do; Jason Falkner Walk; anti-Americana activist; Old White Man Yells at Cloud

Patrick Orr: singer-songperson, Crave On

Jerry Pentecost: drummer, Old Crow Medicine Show and Brent Cobb; your favorite DJ!

Rashad tha Poet: artist; actor; author; speaker

Kasey Ray: production manager, Marathon Music Works

Alanna Royale: performer; songwriter; leopard-print enthusiast

Cam Sarrett: distribution, Third Man Records; drums, Safety Net

Liza Saturday: venue manager, Marathon Music Works

Rachel Scarbrough: booking and venue manager, Drkmttr

Luke Schneider: pedal-steel guitarist; Third Man Records artist; Forestdale Incense founder

SeddyMac: rapper

Mike Shepherd: bassist, Tower Defense and The Prudish Few; sole proprietor, Pets Musical Park Records; cat dad

Todd Sherwood: co-owner, The 5 Spot; father; skateboarding enthusiast

Brian Siskind: beatmaker; composer; filmmaker; co-host, Art Fight Podcast

Ryan Sweeney: most of the things at Sweet Time; pizza man; drummer, The Shitdels and The Rip Taylors

Emma Swift: singer-songwriter

Deezy Violet: musician, Sad Baxter

Virghost: founder, Villematic Hip-Hop Showcase; co-founder, Capitol Minds Entertainment; rapper; poet; songwriter

Tyler Walker: performer; producer; DJ and vibe coordinator, Sessy (fka Meth Dad)

Dillon Watson: songwriter; lonesome guitar strangler, Savoy Motel

Samantha Zaruba: painter of nudes, SirenMoonZone; music marketer, LunaSea Media

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