AmericanaFest 2019: Batter Up!

As AmericanaFest spreads across Music City, you’ll see lineups populated by artists with names (or nicknames) like Early James or King Corduroy. As it happens, the Americana world shares this tendency for folksy nomenclature with the universe of professional baseball. Below, find a list of 30 names: 15 of them belong to artists performing at this year’s AmericanaFest, and the other 15 belong to pro ball players (some living, some not). Can you tell the sluggers from the songsmiths without Googling? Mark your answers and check yourself with the answer key. Good luck! 

Special thanks as always to local record store staffer and baseball aficionado Tyler Glaser for his help rounding up the primo player names.

Americana Artist or Baseball Player?

  1. Garrison Starr
  2. Grayson Capps
  3. Old Hoss Radbourn
  4. Shawn Colvin
  5. Socrates Brito
  6. Tuffy Rhodes
  7. Lula Wiles
  8. Sawyer Fredericks
  9. Pie Traynor
  10. Touki Toussaint
  11. Doug Seegers
  12. Jess Jocoy
  13. Cruz Contreras
  14. Christian Turnipseed
  15. Darrin Bradbury
  16. Farmer Vaughn
  17. Amund Maarud
  18. Kiki Cuyler
  19. Carly Burruss
  20. Stone Garrett
  21. Joe Pug
  22. Ranger Suárez
  23. Montana DuRapau
  24. Waylon Payne
  25. Butts Wagner
  26. Pud Galvin
  27. Jason Hawk Harris
  28. Foy Vance
  29. Tuffy Rhodes
  30. Bobo Newsom

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