Eight dollars for a bagel? That’s “Cheap Eats”?! In the case of the veggie bagel at Dose on Murphy Road — the coffee shop also has an East Side location — yes. This isn’t your average veggie bagel with a schmear of cream cheese, a floppy leaf of lettuce and a dopey little slice of grainy tomato. This is a whopper of a veggie sandwich on one of the best bagels you’ll find in Nashville, a Bare Naked Bagel. (Bare Naked was founded by New Yorkers, who know good bagels.)

Your choice of bagel (plain, everything or cinnamon-raisin if you want to get weird) is stacked with a whole salad’s worth of produce — cucumber, tomato, arugula and sprouts — and spread with both smashed avocado and a thick, creamy tzatziki spread. It’s the perfect summer lunch. Dose has bubbly Topo Chico water for $2. You can add a side of blue corn chips for an extra buck, but honestly I’ve never seen the need. (Especially because skipping the chips means you’ll have room for one of Dose’s big salted chocolate chip cookies, $2.) You’re basically eating a healthy, vitamin-packed salad! It just happens to be wrapped in a plump, chewy and filling ring of carbs, as all salads should be.

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