No shame in the campaign! Here are some marketing tips from the Scene to help you spread the word about #BON22 and get votes! 


  1. Ask for them: We’ve created “VOTE FOR US” campaign materials that you can download and use on your website. Fill out the form below to receive access to those assets! Be sure to use the ads on your website and social media platforms in a prominent position so your customers see it, and then link back to so they can easily access the ballot. 

  1. Send remindersPost regularly on your social media accounts, asking your followers to vote for your business, and provide this link: 

  1. Repeat: Send emails to your customer database. Recommended dates: 

    • August 4Voting is open! 

    • Aug. 20: Friendly reminder — just over two weeks left. 

    • Sept. 3: Last call — voting ends Sept. 6. 

  1. Speak up: Tell your customers which categories you want to be nominated in. Download our “VOTE FOR US” materials to print and display around your shop/store/business and make it a priority to ask your customers to vote for you. 

Note: The Nashville Scene owns all copyright, including Best of Nashville images and other intellectual property rights in materials that are created by the Nashville Scene for our advertisers. Reproduction of those materials without our expressed consent is a violation of copyright law. All Best of Nashville images must include the “Vote for Us” verbiage; use of the blank contest logo is prohibited. If you have any questions about artwork use, please contact our marketing and editorial team via email at 

BEST OF luck to you! 



Copy and paste these URLs to help your customers jump to your group of categories on the ballot: 

Let us help you! Fill out the form below to get access to our formatted and ready-to-use “VOTE FOR ME” toolkit graphics.

The toolkit includes official #BON22 branded social media, online, emails, QR Codes and printable materials. The toolkit graphics are labeled for their intended use and some have blank spaces so you can write in/fill in the categories you’re campaigning for!