Best New Taproom

Photo: Daniel Meigs

Yes, I know, no one wants to venture into 12South unless they absolutely must. But Mill Creek will make your arduous journey dodging mural lines and grown men on scooters worth the effort. Located in the former home of Sloco, the taproom stands apart from many other breweries largely because, in addition to great beer, the team serves up fantastic food. Bracken Ihrig helms the kitchen, and you won’t find microwaved pizza or generic dips here. Instead the menu boasts one of the best new burgers in town, alongside tasty dishes like roasted cauliflower, stellar smoked wings and Cajun fried pig ears. The white-washed walls and rustic tables create a homey vibe, and outdoor seating allows for drunken people-watching. It’s pretty much all we could ever ask for. NANCY FLOYD

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