Best Comeback From a Car Wreck

Venerable songwriter Tommy Womack is lucky to be alive after his car was broadsided by a semitruck in 2015. Namaste, the album he released this year after friends and family helped him get back on his feet through a crowdfunding campaign and a series of benefit concerts, is a potent reminder that we’re lucky to have him. Whether he’s singing about developments in real estate and music, hot flashes and comb-overs, the way Jesus’ biography has taken on a life of its own, or the 2007 drug overdose that resulted in his other near-death experience, he does it with brutal honesty wrapped in dry, self-effacing humor that makes a mighty argument for his “fuzzy Buddhist Methodist” worldview without heavy-handed proselytizing. And it’s all expertly rendered in inescapable melodies that navigate through ’60s-vintage pop, hard-boogeying rockabilly and “jazz on The Steve Allen Show circa 1954” without missing a beat. STEPHEN TRAGESER

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