Tim Dillon Will Bring His Scabrous Stand-Up to Zanies

It was on Netflix’s The Comedy Lineup last summer that the unsuspecting world at large got their first look at Tim Dillon, who will perform at Zanies Tuesday, Aug. 6. Comedy heads, nationwide audiences and edgelord podcasters had been talking him up for years, and then his Comedy Central half-hour dropped last October and scorched the earth. A tour-bus driver, a queer voice of the most unexpected sort and, perhaps in another timeline, the nation’s most beloved ice cream blogger, Dillon is a whole bunch of incongruous elements brought together to make audiences lose their shit via the physical response of laughter, and he’s very, very good at it.

He is a gloriously brash New Yorker — from Long Island, to be precise — who has hewn his crowd-management style among heaps of tourists from everywhere you can imagine. Because of this, you can put him in front of just about any audience and he finds his footing and knocks everyone on their ass. He’s got a podcast, Tim Dillon Is Going To Hell, that will let you know in a way that is both gingerly and brusque whether or not it’s for you, and he’s a voice that is transcending a lot of the stratification in contemporary society.

To put it another way: It is a testament to how good Tim Dillon is that I don’t let those aforementioned edgelord podcasters serve as a warning beacon. Dillon is no one’s token homosexual, and he is more than capable of articulating his opinions and perspectives. I have respect for anyone willing to call out conservative culture for its lack of compassion, and Dillon’s stand-up, scabrous and relentless as it can be, never lacks compassion. And he is so good on stage that I can’t help but recommend that anyone who cares about comedy check out his show at Zanies Tuesday. 

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