Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Phil Valentine's An Inconsistent Truth No. 1 Movie in America by Per-Screen Average

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Congratulations to Nashville talk-radio host Phil Valentine, whose new doc An Inconsistent Truth — a riposte to An Inconvenient Truth that takes a few pages from the Michael Moore playbook in setting up Al Gore as an elusive foil — actually topped the nation's per-screen box office chart last weekend.

In its first week of release, on one screen at the Regal Hollywood 27, the documentary grossed a whopping $20,733 — more than twice as much as the next closest film, the Bollywood action drama Agneepath. That's also more than three times as much as the weekend's No. 1 movie in total box office, the Liam Neeson thriller The Grey, made on average at each of its 3,185 screens.

In a comment earlier on a separate Country Life post, my friend and co-worker Christy described the scene this weekend at the Hollywood 27:

I was half expecting to walk into a sleepy theatre with a few curious liberals and a handful of cranky conservatives. Instead the room was filled with the most vivacious and interactive movie-watching crowd I’ve experienced. Throughout the 90 minute film there was plenty of laughter and more than a handful of condescending comments thrown toward various clips of Al Gore’s responses and declarations about Global Warming pulled from both his testimony before the Senate and his film. ... Between the combination of amens, laughter and synchronized nods, it reminded me of sitting in a charismatic church service.

Above: a deleted scene for Valentine completists. Below: a glimpse of Valentine in his first film role. Watch for Poison's Bret Michaels and "a special appearance by Charlie Sheen."

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Sen. Stacey Campfield Poised to Lead Newt to Victory in Tennessee

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Likely to be trounced in today’s Florida primary, Newt Gingrich is looking for a miracle in the Republican presidential campaign. Just in the nick of time, riding to the rescue is the co-chairman of Newt’s Tennessee campaign—drum roll please—Stacey Campfield! If this state’s Republican voters hate gay people—and there’s abundant evidence for this in the actions of their heroes in the legislature—then Gingrich should campaign all over Tennessee with Campfield and roll to a reinvigorating victory on Super Tuesday.

And if Campfield’s homophobia isn’t enough to put Newt over the top, Gingrich could bring along the co-leader of his Tennessee campaign, our very own Prophet of Doom, Rep. Tony Shipley. In his disgust for gay people, Shipley takes a backseat to no one. You might recall that a couple of years ago, he warned God will punish Tennessee in some hideous way for letting same-sex couples adopt unwanted orphans.

Let's Go Bistro! Kicking Out Stacey Campfield Is Good for Business

Posted By on Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 12:38 PM

Martha Boggs is a new American hero! Her Bistro at the Bijou, on Knoxville’s downtown Gay Street of all places, is bustling since she called state Sen. Stacey Campfield a sonuvabitch and tossed him out for making ignorant comments about AIDS on a radio show. Her sidewalk menu touts chicken livers and "No Stacey." Who could resist?

"He's gone from being stupid to dangerous," Boggs says. "It's just my way of standing up to a bully."

Knoxville News Sentinel columnist Sam Venable is promising to make the Bijou his new downtown Knoxville HQ. “Any joint that won't serve Stacey Campfield is my kind of place,” he writes.

Meanwhile over at Facebook, a brand-new Recall Campfield page boasts 1,142 "likes" and counting. Sadly, there's no recall provision in state law.

Occupy Nashville Threatens to Occupy Pilot Restrooms

Posted By on Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 9:21 AM

Occupy Nashville seems to have dropped its earlier conciliatory attitude toward the Powers That Be. In a threat-a-sentence letter to the governor, the legislature and the highway patrol, the protesters make it clear they will go ballistic if a law is enacted to evict them from Legislative Plaza. Even Pilot restrooms aren't safe from the occupiers! That's fine but if they occupy the Slushy machine, things will get ugly. That's where we draw the line.

We stand in solidarity with our un-housed neighbors and other occupiers across the world who have been jailed, pepper-sprayed, tear-gassed, shot with rubber bullets, and beaten by police batons. We have proven that when you pass unjust regulations and use force, not only do we grow, but we get stronger. If you pass this bill to evict Occupy Nashville and criminalize our un-housed friends, then you have chosen to escalate the conversation. If you pass this bill, we will prevail in the courts and on the streets. If you pass this bill, you may expect actions like this:

1) We will occupy the State Capitol,
2) We will occupy public property (abandoned and in-use),
3) We will take back foreclosed homes, and
4) We will occupy the restrooms of all Pilot Travel Centers.

We will take these actions not in a spirit of hatred or hostility but in a spirit of love for our fellow citizens and un-housed friends. We hope you will choose to respect Occupy Nashville’s First Amendment rights on Legislative Plaza, the rights of Tennessee’s un-housed citizens, and the use of public property for public good. We stand in solidarity with all occupations from New York to Nigeria, Murfreesboro to Memphis, Oakland to D.C. We stand beside our un-housed sisters and brothers. We stand for the rights of the people. We stand for democracy. Which side are you on?

Some Thoughts on Tolerance

Posted By on Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 6:43 AM

Some people seem confused about what, exactly, tolerance is. Stacey Campfield, for instance, says "I just figured this is just another example of the open-minded tolerant left. They claim tolerances for divergent points of view. ... Until someone actually has one. Then they don't know how to handle it."

But Stacey Campfield doesn't just have a point of view. This isn't like your Republican uncle (or hell, mine) who has a big heart and a signed photograph of George and Laura Bush in the hall. I tolerate that my Republican uncle thinks Obama is the worst president ever, and he tolerates that I'm "probably a communist." He'd still give his left arm for me and I'd give my right for him.

Stacey Campfield has been repeatedly acting on his point of view to the detriment of a lot of Tennesseans. As Sean Braisted says:

Stacey Campfield, who I've met, talked to, and actually kind of like as a human being, is a person of power in this state who has used said power to promote discrimination, misinformation and outright hatred towards his constituents and other Tennesseans. Knoxvillians who wish to eat out have a whole host of different options from which to choose. But Tennesseans who want equal representation and rights have only one legislature to look to. While there are many representatives, theirs, Stacey Campfield, has made it a mission in his life to make life harder for those who don't fit his own personal view of 'normal.'

And Braisted also directly addresses this notion that this whole restaurant issue was somehow a result of intolerance for Campfield's ideas:

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Campfield Responds to Controversy Via Blog

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In the annals of cognitive dissonance, few would be better apt to claim a prize for Best Doublethink than Tennessee Sen. Stacey Campfield, who has responded to criticism over his so-quaint-they're-dangerous remarks on AIDS via his blog by accusing others of the very thing he is guilty of himself.

Here's a lengthy excerpt from a blog post (playfully titled "More fun than a barrel of monkeys") in which Campfield again bends space-time seemingly in his favor, detailing his getting kicked out of a Knoxville restaurant for being a discriminatory blowhard:

As you may have read I was asked to leave a restaurant in Knoxville because my beliefs did not support the owners beliefs on homosexuality. I had not said anything. I was just standing there waiting for a table when the owner came up and started yelling at me calling me names and telling me they were not going to serve me because of my alleged beliefs saying I hate gays. I said in as calm a way as I could that I don't hate gays and the things I have said were backed up by the CDC. I offered to send her the links.

I have been quite open and clear on my beliefs and have backed them up with facts from the CDC and others. Unfortunately some people do not let facts get in the way of their prejudice.

She looked confused on what to do for a second then she started to yell and call me names again so I figured it was better to just leave. As Jesus said, "If you are not welcomed in a town shake the dust off your feet and move on". My friends and I went to latitude 35 and had a good breakfast.

The cries of "Ha ha. we showed him!" fall flat to me. It is not I who lost out. My friends and I still had a good meal. We just gave our money to a more gracious host.

What was showed was a lack of professionalism. In my legislative role I have always had an open door to any of my constituency. Gay rights groups have been in my office several times and I would like to think that even though we may disagree on some issues I have always treated them graciously.

Professionalism. Right.

The above emphasis is Pith's, meant to highlight Campfield's amazing capacity for chiding others for letting ideology get in the way of facts while being guilty of the same.

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A Rabbit Herding Sheep. WTF?!

Posted By on Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 4:33 AM

This video has nothing to do with Nashville. Nothing to do with politics. But you, dear Pith reader, need to see this. Is it a hoax? Are sheep that stupid? Are rabbits secretly ferocious? My god, is Monty Python and the Holy Grail actually a documentary? How is this possible? Is this not the greatest thing you've ever seen?

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Stacey Campfield Denied Service at Knoxville Restaurant

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Factually challenged Tennessee state Sen. Stacey Campfield had plenty to think about (and on an empty stomach, too) when he was denied service at downtown Knoxville's Bistro at the Bijou restaurant yesterday.

According to the Gay Street establishment's Facebook page, Bistro owner Martha Boggs served Campfield a taste of his own provincial medicine by turning him away like some kind of freak unfit to dine with normal society.

From the Knoxville Metro Pulse:

"I didn't want his hate in my restaurant," Boggs said in a interview this morning. "I told him he wasn't welcome here. ... I feel like he's gone from being stupid to being dangerous, and I wanted to stand up to him."

The status went viral last night, exploding all over Facebook and Twitter. As of 9:30 a.m., it had almost 400 likes. There are also several dozen posts congratulating Boggs on her actions. We asked Boggs what she thought about all the support, but she said she hadn't even looked at Facebook.

"I'm busy making soup. I've got to run," Boggs said.

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Endorsing Newt Gingrich?

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Sevier Park: A Review

Posted By on Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 5:15 AM

Location: 12 South
Size of Park: Large
Crowds: Heavy
Approximate Age of Patrons: All ages
Topics of Conversation: "Down, Chester! Down!"
Stray Dogs Seen: Impossible to tell which dogs were running loose stray and which dogs were just running loose.
Types of Vehicles in Parking Lots: All kinds.
Perceived Safety: Medium high
Number of Gunshots Heard: None
Dog Friendliness: Perhaps too friendly
Number of pitbulls sighted: None
Accessibility: There are some challenges. A lot of the park is accessible, but parts are not.
Incorporation of Local History: Considering that we don't have an official, designated battlefield, it'd be nice if there were more.
Recommended Patrons: Children, people who want their children to be eaten by dogs

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