Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let's Hope Philip Van Cleave Doesn't Decide to Move to Tennessee

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Stoli up with a twist, please.
  • "Stoli up with a twist, please."

Efforts to change state law to allow gun permit holders to bring weapons into places where alcohol is served, which may or may not succeed this year, have at least incorporated one small bit of sanity: a provision that an individual carrying a weapon can't consume any hooch whilst packing. But if we do get a compromise bill that passes legal muster, will Pistol Nation be satisfied with sipping Diet Coke? Or is the right to be armed in a bar just the first step?

Over in Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell just signed a bill into law allowing concealed weapons in restaurants serving alcohol, and their bill, like those proposed here, says the gun-toter can't imbibe. But Virginia's gun nuts aren't stopping there. Philip Van Cleave, who heads the Virginia Citizens Defense League, is irked that police officers and prosecutors are allowed to drink alcohol while carrying a concealed weapon. Says Van Cleave, "We're not allowed to drink, but they can. That's two classes of citizens." He's encouraging pro-gun lawmakers in Virginia's state house to introduce a bill that would let anyone carry a gun and drink "as long as they are not drunk."

The VCDL is quite the aggressive gun-happy interest group: it regards being armed as "a fundamental human right," favors concealed carry on K-12 school property, and maintains a Gun Dealer Legal Defense Fund. Next up: drinking while packing. Are Tennessee's Second Amendment crusaders similarly inclined?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

AV Club Does Music City: Noel Murray on Nashville Film Festival

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Come and play with us forever and ever: Dogtooth
  • Come and play with us forever and ever: Dogtooth
Make sure you check out longtime Scene contributor Noel Murray's excellent round-up of last week's Nashville Film Festival in his regular gig at The Onion's AV Club. For my money — what am I saying, it's free — the AV Club is the most exciting thing going in pop-culture coverage at the moment: a kaleidoscopic jamboree where lengthy book and film coverage flourishes, good writers are encouraged to follow their passions, and the tone and content are an invigorating mix of wit and substance. It doesn't have the know-it-all tone of an EW or the above-it-all tone of a Pitchfork, and its best writers (including Noel) reclaim earnestness from being a pejorative.

Anyway, Noel offers his take on nearly a dozen festival standouts while providing a sketch of the festival's history and its significance to the area. If you missed Catherine Breillat's Bluebeard, the chilling "bogeyman" documentary Cropsey, or Dogtooth — whose climactic dance sequence was the great WTF moment of the festival, according to the dumbfounded people I spoke to afterward — you'll be kicking yourself.

He also raises an interesting point about regional festivals being an alternative distribution circuit for otherwise sure-to-vanish films. This is undoubtedly true — but when are distributors going to recognize the value of regional fests as a marketing tool for films that have nationwide distribution, however limited?

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Is Sarah Palin Perjuring Herself In Knoxville?

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According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, jurors are deliberating for the second day on the case of David Kernell, the former University of Tennessee student who is accused of breaking into the private Yahoo! email account of former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

It's been widely reported that Palin often used her private email account to conduct state business. This is troubling because, unlike her state account, which is archived for public record, her private account is completely off the record. It's also troubling because sensitive information was being passed through an unencrypted Yahoo! account. Plain stupid, really.

Because of Kernell's "hacking" — it looks like he used some good guesswork to obtain passwords — some of these emails saw the light of day. And now, because of his trial, some are saying Palin is perjuring herself on the witness stand in East Tennessee.

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Tennessee: Bumbling Fools of Evil

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The Senate version of the English-only driver's license test bill now is no longer English-only. If you are here legally, under the Senate bill, you can take the driver's license test in any number of languages. Since people here illegally can't get a driver's license, the Senate version of the bill succeeds in keeping things exactly as they are, only with a frowny new punitive face.

Yes, folks, we have reached a new low (or high, I guess, depending on whether you follow politics for seriousness or for fun): we can't even discriminate against people properly. I mean, it's one thing to look like an ignorant bigot, unwelcoming of foreign investors and their money — but to look like ignorant bigot dumbasses?

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Morning Roundup: Sigourney Woods Cheek, 1945-2010

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Sigourney Woods Cheek, philanthropist, author, antiques dealer, co-founder of the Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville and leader of numerous non-profit groups during her 42 years in Nashville, died Monday night after a long bout with leukemia. She was 64. ... In an astonishing turn of events, the same House committee that voted thumbs down last week on medical marijuana reversed course and authorized a study on the program. The news evidently caught every news organization in the state by surprise. ... Hillwood High School goes on lockdown for an hour and a half this morning until school officials confiscate a loaded semi-automatic weapon in a student's purse. ... Some 50 Fisk students brave the rain to protest the closing of the Wesley Foundation, an on-campus Methodist ministry. ...

After a delay two weeks ago, the Metro Council votes unanimously to hand embattled Cameron Middle School over to charter-school organization LEAD Academy. ... An early morning Lebanon police chase ends in gunfire and death. ... The proposed downtown "med mart" reportedly gets its first anchor tenant. ... The Clarksville dentist arrested at Nashville International Airport with prescription drugs was en route to a missionary clinic in Haiti, her attorney tells reporters. ... Has the time come for Metro schools to ponder corporate naming? And is it too late to enroll in the Hustler Hollywood Sex Education Seminar? ...

David Boclair asks: Where were the Preds' forwards when we needed them? ... Two Sumner County road workers are hospitalized after receiving an electric shock. ... Are school bus drivers running red lights in Mt. Juliet? ... Metro isn't happy with the $1.5 million award given to a worker who charged a school administrator with sexual harassment, then got canned for it. ... J.R. Lind speaks Welsh? ...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Morning Roundup: New Orleans to Serpas: Show Us Your Badge!

Posted By on Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 6:38 AM

Will Chief Ronal Serpas be heading back to New Orleans as the Big Easy's top cop? ... Smell smoke? Nope, it's just state Republicans readying some stiff budget cuts — or so Jeff Woods hears. ... Meanwhile, unkind buds in the state legislature blow off a gathering citizen uprising over medical marijuana. ... 1100 Broadway profiles the conservative, politically active Hall family, of whom four are running for office and the remaining three have formed their own PAC committee. ... Are Metro schools' budget woes a golden opportunity for custodial contractors? Joey Garrison checks out the complaints. ... If you want to know where the city's money is going, look at this roster of recent lawsuit settlements. ... A domestic disturbance call turns up a surprise: a child-rape suspect wanted in Virginia. ... Police find five neglected, illiterate children in East Tennessee living in filth and suffering from rat bites and other maladies. ...

Alas, the Preds go down in Game Six, with a bizarre fluke goal adding insult to injury. ... The Franklin man arrested in Japan trying to seize his kids from his ex-wife fires back at a judge and a divorce attorney with lawsuits. ... Molly Secours writes about the surreal Nashville Film Festival screening of the locally made documentary Southern Belle, in which the elephant in the room (and the post-film auditorium) is race. ... Wal-Mart's smiley face may turn upside down as a billion-dollar class-action suit brews over gender discrimination. ... This movie made a ton of money over the weekend in Nashville. ...

Mystery State Park: A Review

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In short:

On a day when the waters lower, it looks like that path might go somewhere.
  • On a day when the water's lower, it looks like that path might go somewhere.

Location: Out 100 before the Loveless, under the bridge that crosses the Harpeth
Crowds: light
Approximate Age of Patrons: Undetermined
Topics of Conversation: n/a
Stray Dogs Seen: None
Types of Vehicles in Parking Lots: truck, two small cars
Perceived Safety: Middling
Number of Gunshots Heard: None
Dog Friendliness: undetermined
Number of pitbulls sighted: Mine
Accessibility: Low
Incorporation of Local History: None
Recommended Patrons: People who like to fish, admirers of bridges, people fishing their canoeing friends out of the river

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Red State Update: The Jihad Against 'South Park'

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In which Jackie Broyles and Dunlap contend with Islamic fundamentalism, the uproar over representations of Mohammad — and by the way, what's the deal with Snoopy's brother Spike?

Apparently the State Still Has Money for Foolishness

Posted By on Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 10:30 AM

I hear this is the new unofficial State of Tennessee Motto
  • I hear this is the new unofficial State of Tennessee Motto
State employees have gone years without even a cost-of-living pay increase. They've seen their responsibilities increase as their colleagues were let go. And this year, politicians are considering cutting their pay by 5 percent. In the face of all that, in exchange for cheaper health care, they're learning about an exciting opportunity the state is giving them to let a bureaucrat inform on them if they are not trying hard enough.

It sounds like something out of a dystopian satire of Cold War Russia when you put it that way, so let me explain.

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Morning Roundup: Emily Evans, Sniper or Target?

Posted By on Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 8:11 AM

In the CP, Stephen George has the piece everyone'll be talking about today: a consideration of whether Metro Council member Emily Evans is still working to undermine the convention-center project, long after the vote, or she's just being honest in her media-appointed role as the council's acknowledged expert on financial matters. ... Also in the CP, James Nix eyes the numerous allegations of bouncer-delivered beatings at clubs in the Lower Broad/Second Avenue tourist district. Naturally, commenters say this proves we need guns in bars. ... Jury selection begins today in the murder trial of Kelley Cannon, accused of killing her husband, attorney James Cannon, at their Green Hills home in 2008. ... Want to proclaim your salvation with a "Jesus is Lord" license plate? Rex sez: not in godless Tennessee, you won't. ... Victims of Saturday's hellacious storms seek shelter, answers, help. ...

To everyone's great surprise, compromise looks iffy as the guns-in-bars bill heads toward a Republican rubber-stamping. ... Police capture the Clarksville man suspected of beating his father-in-law to death with a hammer last week and critically injuring his mother-in-law. ... Accused double shooter Pee-Wee Hunter is expected to face the bench this morning. ... Will Bruce Mendenhall, the alleged "Truck Stop Killer," get a new trial after his conviction on three counts of soliciting first-degree murder? ... An IKEA at desolate Bellevue Mall? J.R. Lind considers the possibility. ...

Preds, you're killin' us! Chicago's up by one in the playoffs going into a pivotal Game Six. ... Meanwhile, the Titans do some fancy wheeling and dealing as the NFL draft comes to a close. David Boclair reports. ... Was a Palm waiter canned for tipping off higher-ups to his boss' bad behavior, or did the aftermath of a sexual harassment claim send him packing? E. Thomas Wood has details on the pending suit. ... In case you missed this Friday afternoon in the Post, Nashville-based publisher Athlon is launching a nationwide sports magazine delivered in daily newspapers, something like the Parade magazine of athletics. ...

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