Friday, July 31, 2009

Fred Thompson Dons the Clown Shoes as Radio Host

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Fred Thompson is using his radio show to sell the preposterous idea that the president and Democrats are promoting euthanasia of old people. He calls it "the dirty little secret" of the health care reform debate. "Can you imagine the response of the American people when they find this out?" he said during an interview July 16 with Betsy McCaughey, the former New York lieutenant governor and so-called conservative health expert who's behind this scare tactic. Citing page 425 of the House bill, McCaughey claimed that "the Congress would make it mandatory ... that every five years, people in Medicare have a required counseling session that will tell them how to end their life sooner, how to decline nutrition, how to decline being hydrated, how to go into hospice care ... all to do what's in society's best interest ... and cut your life short." Thompson chuckled at this and said, "I've seen bits and parts of [the bill], Betsy, but I didn't know that." As notes:
He hasn't seen that bit, of course, because it doesn't exist. McCaughey misrepresents the content of page 425 of the bill. ... In fact, it requires Medicare to cover counseling sessions for seniors who want to consider their end-of-life choices - including whether they want to refuse or, conversely, require certain types of care. The claim that the bill would "push suicide" is a falsehood.
Also see: AARP Responds to Health Reform Scare Tactics Thompson should be proud of himself. He's come a long way since 1996, when he received more votes than any previous candidate for any office in Tennessee history. Now for money and radio ratings, he plays to the far-right crank crowd and helps spread lies to scare old people.

Lamar Drives a Sissy Car and Votes for Sotomayor: What's Wrong with Our Senator?

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Lamar is actually driving this go-cart.
  • Lamar is actually driving this go-cart.
What's the matter with Lamar Alexander? First, he fights to stop the coal industry from blowing up our mountains. Then he takes up for Sen. Barbara Boxer on the Senate floor and insists Republicans really do want a bipartisan solution to the health care mess. And now for his denouement, he breaks with Republican leaders, tells the NRA to go to hell and announces he'll vote for Sonia Sotomayor.

He's driving a Prius hybrid, for Chrissakes, and he converted it to a plug-in electric car! Is he feeling OK?

Can someone fly in some Honduran soldiers to load Lamar Alexander (R-TN) up on a plane and fly in to Costa Rica? Get him out of the country. Come on -- if this is the future leadership of the Republican Party, we need a coup.

The hard right is outraged, which ought to make Alexander happy. Maybe he is the correct guy to show the GOP the way back to respectability. Nah.

Single People, Stay Away from Nashville

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You can't find people in Boston like this, now can you?
  • You can't find people in Boston like this, now can you?
If you're young and single, you'd be advised to stay away from Nashville. According to the exacting science of Forbes, we're not even as cool as -- gasp! -- Memphis. In its Best Cities for Singles report this week, Nashville didn't even crack the Top 40. And seeing as how there's only about 40 real cities in America, this isn't very good.

New York, Boston and Chicago were the top three in a study that factored in "coolness, cost of living, culture, online dating and nightlife."

But Pith might have a few questions about the business magazine's methodology. For example, "coolness" was measured by a Harris poll in which people across the U.S. were asked, "Among the following U.S. cities, which one do you think is the coolest?" But seeing as how cool people usually don't respond to telephone polls -- because they're way too busy doing cool things -- we suspect Forbes' science may be a little off here.

That's demonstrated by the actual rankings. Memphis finished 38th, higher than Jacksonville and Salt Lake City -- where it takes three lawyers and a Sherpa guide just to buy a beer. And the giant hazardous waste sites known as Baltimore (21), Buffalo (18), Cleveland (14) and Milwaukee (9) all finished ahead of Miami, which came in 29th.

Then again, if you work at Forbes, you're idea of a killer date is going Dutch on a six-pack of O'Doul's and staying home to watch Jim Cramer scream at you from the TV.

Red State Update Goes to Nerd World

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A visit to the 2009 San Diego International Comic-Con...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Change We Can Believe In: Take Back the Goddamn Beep

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Health care schmealth care. It's time to get involved -- to speak up and be heard -- on one of the truly pressing issues of the day: those mandatory voicemail instructions that cellphone carriers force us to endure en route to the beep as a way to jack up the billable minutes we use. New York Times tech writer David Pogue has gone on the warpath with a campaign to get the major carriers to stop this insulting and abusive business practice:
We're going to descend, en masse, on our carriers. Send them a complaint, politely but firmly. Together, we'll send them a LOT of complaints. If enough of us make our unhappiness known, I'll bet they'll change. I've told each of the four major carriers that they'll be hearing from us. They've told us where to send the messages:

Verizon: Post a complaint here:

AT&T: Send e-mail to Mark Siegel, executive director of media relations:

Sprint: Post a complaint here:

T-Mobile: Post a complaint here:
Until the carriers relent to withering consumer pressure, here are some handy tips on getting to the beep faster. You might think that war, climate change, the economy, race, and abortion are big issues, but is there really anything bigger than beepgate?

Sen. Paul Stanley's Ultimate Score: His Story on Perez Hilton's Site

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Perez Hilton, Paul Stanley's new BFF
  • Perez Hilton, Paul Stanley's new BFF
For his affair with an intern, former state Sen. Paul Stanley lost his seat, damaged his marriage, and made himself the target of ridicule across the state. But in Stanley's hard-conservative mind, the most embarrassing moment may be this: He's now been immortalized in Perez Hilton's gossip site.

There you'll find a picture of Stanley, surrounded by a background of Pepto Bismol pink, being dogged by the self-described "Queen of all Media." And as we all know, appearing on a gay guy's website automatically makes you gay.

In related news, organizers of the Germantown Gay Pride Parade have tapped Stanley to be next year's grand marshal.

Unemployment Jumped Again Last Month

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The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics are in, and unemployment rates continued to rise last month. The Nashville-Davidson County-Murfreesboro-Franklin area unemployment rate jumped by nearly 5 percent from June of last year -- that's 7,000 more jobless folks struggling in our midst for a grand total of some 80,000 unemployed last month. There were 5,000 more unemployed in June than there were in May.

If there's a silver lining to any of this -- which there isn't -- it is probably no comfort to know that, when compared to Memphis we are doing slightly better. Very, very slightly.

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What Time Is It? Beer Thirty.

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Respect the clock.
  • Respect the clock.
Today is the day, the Day of the Beer. President Obama will meet with Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and the officer who arrested him, Sgt. James Crowley, for a boozy bro-down. Will it erase racism? No, don't be silly, this is a photo op. Even more tragically, they are all likely to imbibe responsibly so a Falstaffian revelry will probably not occur. One of the more interesting (read: irrelevant) facts of the day would be the beers each of the gentlemen have selected. Gates chose Red Stripe, a nice Jamaican lager favored by hipsters who can afford something better than PBR. Officer Crowley selected Blue Moon, a Belgian-style white beer. Will orange slices be available? It's racist if they're not. Obama, belatedly attempting to earn some populist cred, has bizarrely chosen Bud Light. I thought this man ate arugula! Drew Mischke, general manager/beer slinger at the Mercy Lounge, had his own opinion. "Politically, they all made wise choices." That aside, he would have selected Chimay for all three: Crowley gets blue "to protect the shield," Gates should order white to "prove he's not racist," and Obama would have to go with red because it "reaches across the aisle." Wise words, sir! Hypothetical afterthought - If I do something vaguely anti-Semitic, does that mean I'll get to share a candlelight glass of Chardonnay with Rahm Emanuel?

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In Which I Wonder What Paul Stanley Can Teach Me (Not that Way, You Perverts)

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I know it's a common belief down here in the South that feminists hatch from eggs laid by
Local Savior Prays for Strength When Asked to Comment About Paul Stanley
  • Local Savior Prays for Strength When Asked to Comment About Paul Stanley
Satan as he frolics across the countryside looking for unsuspecting fiddlers and bluesmen whose souls need stealing.

But I have a mom.

She's a wonderful person who spends much of her time going "Oh, Betsy" or "Your father will flip his lid if he sees four people in your bed. Send them home before he gets out of the bathroom." (Kidding, Mom.)

Anyway, I bring my mom up because she is a good Christian woman and she will often do this ridiculous thing where she'll be telling you some story of the most vile, depraved human being you've ever heard existing in real life, like (and obviously, I'm making this next part up) "Well, one of the men in our church? He was dressing up like a clown on weekends, going to the park, and beating puppies to death with a chainsaw in front of children!"

And then she'll pause and say, "Well, you know, I smacked your brother on the butt once with a wooden spoon when he was putting boogers in the cookies, so you know, we're all sinners, we all fall short."

As if the two acts are somehow comparable and anyone who's done any kind of minor sinning--like smacking a bratty kid with a spoon once--needs to have some compassion and understanding for the major habitual chainsaw-wielding, puppy-killing sinners.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw Jeff Woods reporting something similar out of Paul Stanley's mouth.

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Robin Smith Throws Tomatoes at Voters

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