Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Goodbye June's 'Out of Your Mind' Features 'Haunted' Backstory [Fresh Vid]

Posted By on Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 4:11 PM

Well, last time Nashville outfit Goodbye June shared a new music video with us, it featured the heretofore-unseen acting talents of former Titans coach Jeff Fisher. No such cameo this time, but GJ does claim there's something spooky afoot. The above video for "Out of Your Mind" — not to be confused with The Magnetic Fields' "You Must Be out of Your Mind" or Fastball's "Out of My Head" — was filmed in the attic of Goodbye June’s record label, CVR. According to the Junesters, "In the 1950s, the building was the office of country recording artist and songwriting legend Marty Robbins." Robbins is indeed a Nashville legend, so that's cool enough. But Goodbye June claims there was some spookery going on when they shot the Yeah Yeah Creative-directed video. I am neither a child nor a fool, so I don't believe in ghost stories. But it's Halloween, so I'll allow it. From GJ themselves:

In the early 80’s Robbins required cardiac surgery, but tragically, due to complications, died shortly following the procedure. There have been multiple reports of odd noises coming from the attic since Robbins death, and it is believed by many that it is the ghost of Marty Robbins.

The year 2012 marks the 30th anniversary of Robbins’ passing, and the “Out of Your Mind” video shoot was all but normal. At one point during the filming, an unprovoked electrical pipe fell from the ceiling, narrowly missing multiple people. The wire inside became exposed and caused a spectacular electrical explosion which shot flames in all directions, burning a rug and filling the attic with a heavy smoke. The lights throughout the building shut off momentarily.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the bizarre series of events, but it certainly adds an additional element of spookiness to an already eerie music video.

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Milktooth's David Condos Lands Song in Kmart Spot, Goes Viral; Frenchkiss Label Group Adds Jeffery Drag Records; Taylor Swift Sets Sales Records [Newsy Bits]

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Congrats to David Condos! The Milktooth frontman scored big this week, landing his solo track “Like Wolves” in a Kmart Halloween ad — a rather artsy spot that features the shape-shifting styles of America’s Got Talent contestant Monternez “Monty” Rezell, who recently attempted to set a Guinness World Record for most costume changes in an eight-hour period.

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Umbrella Tree Calls It Quits, Posts Video of Their Entire Album Release Show as Farewell

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Just five months ago, proggy local folk-pop outfit Umbrella Tree released their To the Memory of a Once Great Man. It's a record inspired by the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, but according to contributor Jewly Hight's review, it "is by no means a straightforward retelling of a ruler’s bio." But despite a thoughtful and ambitious new record, a newly minted fourth member and their ongoing penchant for constructing what Hight refers to as "postmodern pop," Umbrella Tree appears to be calling it a day.

In an email sent to friends and supporters, the members of Umbrella Tree announced that — after seven years together as a band — they have decided to amicably part ways. As a farewell, UT has posted an HD, multi-camera video of the band's performance at their May 19 album release show at Exit/In. You can watch that above, or download the audio only at this link. Have a look at the Tree's farewell message — which begins with a lyric from one of their songs — below.

This is what happens when you run out of gas.

On August 23rd, we celebrated the 7-year anniversary of our first show as Umbrella Tree. We now announce, with introspection and cautious optimism, that Umbrella Tree is no more. So it goes. We part ways with a great surplus of love and mutual well-wishing.

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EGGS: 'Pumpkinhead'

Posted By on Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 9:42 AM

Half a brain
Was all like
"What's the point
Of a holiday that
Subsidizes some
Candy industry
Or whatever?"
That half was like this
About most things.
And that's OK.

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Halloween Round-Up: Spooky Shows Tonight at Cannery Ballroom, The Stone Fox, The High Watt, Noa Noa and More

Posted By on Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 7:45 AM

For those about to trick-or-treat, we salute you. If you picked up this week's dead-tree edition of the Scene (double meaning!), you may have seen bossman Jim Ridley's round-up of citywide Halloweeny haps. That's riddled (Ridley'd?) with details on local haunted houses and more. But if you like a little bit of rock 'n' roll in your jack-o'-lantern, follow me below for a round-up of tonight's most horrifying shows.

* A Gala of Goblins and Ghouls at Cannery Ballroom feat. The Features, Heypenny, Tristen and The GoldRoom. Needless to say, this bill is packed with Cream faves. Contributor Stephen "Goose" Trageser has a Critic's Pick on it. Kicks off at 8 p.m., costs $15.

* Paul Metzger, Tim Kaiser & Robbie Lynn Hunsinger at Noa Noa. How about a bevvy of experimental music to kick off your H-ween? Tony Youngblood has the details over at Theatre Intangible, but I'll just nutshell it for you: modified string instruments, Frankensteined acoustic and electric instruments (how appropriate!), sound art and more. Costs $10 and starts at 7 p.m., so you'll still have some time to egg the principal's house after the show and before your curfew. [FB event page]

* Halloween at The Stone Fox. Now this one looks intriguing. The Stone Fox will provide back-lined gear all evening, and bands will cover Weezer, The Smiths, The Stooges, Michael Jackson, The Clash, Lifeboy (!!!), Nirvana, The Kinks and more. Seriously, who wants to join me in an impromptu Built To Spill cover band? ELO (in which case, they'll need more DIs)? There will also be prizes for best costume and best band. Also rad? Only costs $1. Starts at 8 p.m. [FB event page]

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Band Alert: Members of Alabama Shakes, Fly Golden Eagle and Clear Plastic Masks Team up for Thunderbitch [Fresh Tracks]

Posted By on Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 4:30 PM

If you read my recent interview with EDM superstars Skrillex and Pretty Lights, then you know that Skrills himself (aka Sonny Moore) is a fan of local psych-soul rock 'n' rollers Fly Golden Eagle and their collective, Black Tooth Records. The Skrilly one referred to Blacktooth as one of Nashville's many "hidden gems," praising them for the "real cool shit" they're prone to doing. Cool shit like, for instance, FGE's collab with public-access star TV John Langworthy. Or now, this new collaboration from Alabama Shakes' Brittany Howard and members of Fly Golden Eagle and Brooklyn's Clear Plastic Masks.

As noted by Cream contributor Sean L. Maloney, Clear Plastic Masks recently performed at The Basement, and they're in town for three months making a record at The Bomb Shelter with Andrija Tokic. Seems as though they've got a little bit of time on their hands, as they popped over to Fly Golden Eagle's BIV Town to record a couple of tunes with Howard and the FGE gang. Under the moniker Thunderbitch, Howard & Co. sloppily tracked a couple of raw rock 'n' roll numbers: "My Baby Is My Guitar" and "I Don't Care." Blacktooth posted the tunes, and we've shared them again below. "Guitar" is a sprawling, five-minute, blues-rocking, impassioned ode to (what else?) Ms. Howard's guitar, and you might detect some sexual undertones there. The far briefer "I Don't Care" is more of an anthem about, well, not giving a shit and the powers of rock 'n' roll.

Listen to "My Baby Is My Guitar" and "I Don't Care" below or over at Thunderbitch's Soundcloud page. If you like the 'Bitch, go ahead and like 'em on Facebook.

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Real-Time on Raitt: Bonnie Raitt at the Ryman, 10/28/12

Posted By on Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 2:01 PM

Sunday was Bonnie Raitt’s third and final Ryman stop of the year. Her headlining Nashville dates book-ended an eight-month tour behind Slipstream, her latest album, and the first one she’s released since closing the book on the major label period of her career. Between the two shows, she also put in an appearance at the Americana Music Awards.

The first time around, Raitt and her top-flight, longtime band were just getting back into playing together, and still shaking some of the dust off. By the final night of their tour, they had energy to burn and navigated the set list with perfect, locked-in fluency. Follow along below for my review, in considerablly less fluid, real-time fashion.

7:41 p.m. Opener Maia Sharp explained her unorthodox, all-woman rhythm-and-lead-guitar-plus-cello power trio this way: “We’re setting out to prove you don’t need a drummer, a bassist or even a guy to rock.”

7:46 p.m. “I just realized my set is riddled with Nashville writers.” The first of many such shout-outs throughout the night.

7:55 p.m. Sharp traded guitar for keyboard. Turns out there isn’t much of a place for cello in confessional funk-pop songs.

8:00 p.m. Should’ve seen Sharp’s soprano sax solo coming on a song with those sophisticated jazz chords. She’s got a lot more in her musical bag of tricks than your average singer-songwriter.

8:08 p.m. Summoned to the stage for a guest appearance — on a song Sharp wrote and she recorded — Bonnie Raitt sounded happy about the prospect of helping to right the gender imbalance: “It’s about time there were two women lead guitar players in the same state.”

8:40 p.m. “Double-dipping”: the term Raitt used for her return to the Ryman.

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My So-Called Band To Perform Both Good Weezer Albums at The Stone Fox Nov. 10

Posted By on Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 1:33 PM

Tempting as it may be to rehash my harsh sentiments toward and livid disappointment in creatively bereft, post-Y2K Weezer (mainly that Rivers Cuomo is the George Lucas of alternative rock), I’ll spare you the rant. Instead, let’s let local wrecking-crew-harbingers of ’90s nostalgia My So-Called Band bring us back to the days when Cuomo & Co. were not only worth a musical shit, but worth a bounty of musical shits, turning in a once Teflon, nugget-replete catalog of revved-up, seminal power pop.

On Saturday, Nov. 10, MSCB will perform both Weezer’s self-titled debut, colloquially known as "The Blue Album,” and their sophomore-slumper-turned-sleeper-hit classic Pinkerton — the Clinton Era’s answer to Big Star’s Third/Sister Lovers — in their entireties. Having had the misfortune of seeing Weezer in its current form, I guarantee you My So-Called Band is as close as you’re gonna get to seeing the real-deal version of Weezer now.

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The xx To Play the Ryman Jan. 31

Posted By on Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 12:09 PM

Who here likes limey, brooding, verby, electro-poppy indie rock? And the crowd goes ... pale! Good news for cool kids who were uncool kids in high school: English trio The xx is currently touring in support of this year's Coexist *, and on Thursday, Jan. 31, they'll play the Mother Church. Tickets go on sale right here this Friday, Nov. 2, at 10 a.m.

I've seen The xx before. I found them hopelessly boring and referred to them as "the sort of music you want to put on when you realize you've just run out of cocaine." But you know what? That's precisely the sort of chilled-out, shoegaze- and trip-hop-informed grooving plenty of folks cherish. Have at it!

* That album title make anyone else think of those silly bumper stickers?

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Henry Rollins Brings Capitalism to Grimey's [Fresh Vid]

Posted By on Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 10:58 AM

You may know that Henry Rollins came to The Belcourt a few weeks back in order to "yank capitalism's crank," as they say. You may also know that he dropped by beloved local record shop Grimey's, where he bought a bunch of stuff. But, I ask, did you know that he filmed a segment for his TakePart TV series, Henry Rollins' Capitalism?

The general theme of the segment — which you can watch above — is "Favorite Protest Songs." But as Mr. Rollins is wont to do, he drifts on and off topic, talking about Black Flag (naturally), Bikini Kill, The Clash, Thomas Jefferson, Jimi Hendrix, Public Enemy, fascism and the importance of record stores. It's all woven together, and the whole point is that record stores are cool because they carry records, which are cool because they allow artists to enlighten you, which is cool because that keeps fascism at bay, which is cool because who likes fascism besides fascists? "One of your last lines of defense against fascism — and just a completely awful day," says Rollins, "is the record store." Hear hear.

A hat-tip goes to occasional Scene contributor Marissa R. Moss, who hipped us to the clip via her Lockeland Springsteen bloggage.

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