Tuesday, December 27, 2011

No Kings Records Showcase at Richland Ballroom, 12/26/11

Posted By on Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 10:34 AM

Hanging out in a living room full of strangers watching videos of running water: That's how The Spin closed out our 2011 calendar year. After 12 months that found us at every arena-pop show from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry, at every festival for 100 miles, and sampling sounds from classic country to progressive hip-hop — basically all of the spectacle that pop music had to offer this year — it seemed only fitting that we'd end up at one of the most subdued and low-key events of the year to close out 2K11. Monday night's No Kings Records showcase at the house venue Richland Ballroom was just that: low fuckin' key. And that's exactly what we needed after a particularly chaotic holiday weekend.

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EGGS: 'I'm With Spooky'

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Dear Gawd,

How much time can pass in a dream?

And how much time can pass if the dreamer awakens as himself?

For recently,

I consulted an acquaintance of mine
Who five times had awakened again
As Himself within a line awaiting His

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Lake Fever Presents The Chris Crofton Show, Episode 80

Posted By on Fri, Dec 23, 2011 at 8:00 AM

This one's a doozy! Not only is the Crofton Show gang around for Episode 80 — from Cream contributor Sean L. Maloney to Greg to the big cheese himself — but also some auxiliary Croftons. Mom and Dad Crofton never fail to make my day. It's a family affair, with a dramatic reading from A Christmas Carol and everything. It's Episode 80, and you can hear it via iTunes or after the jump.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays! Here Are Some Tunes and Shows

Posted By on Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 5:53 PM

Shove this little chestnut down your stocking.

Well, Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, and that means a lot of us will be taking a nice, roomy, four-day weekend. There will be a special holiday episode of The Chris Crofton Show bright and early tomorrow morning — and it's a good one ... boy, is it a good one — but past that, it's probably going to be pretty light around these parts for a few days. At least, that is, until the buzz of holiday libations and the pangs of anxiety inspired by time with family wear off.

But if you need a taste of rock while we're away, we have this much for you: I posted some holiday tunes from the likes of Tristen, Glossary, Evan P. Donohue & Natalie Prass and plenty more right here and right here, Vinyl Thief has an upbeat pop-rock number about Santa Claus right here, The Ettes have a particularly stirring and sweet little sleigh bell-adorned tune you can hear right here, and By Lightning! is offering two new new Lips-y, bouncy psych-pop tunes as a holiday gift right here. If you're in town for the weekend and looking for some fun times, see our feature on Johnny Warren and Charlie Cushman and our Critics' Picks on Kidsmeal, The Boom Bap, Mashville, Summer Zombie, The Long Players doing All Things Must Pass, the Christmas Eve Choral Concert at St. George's and more. Got any free tunes or hot shows we overlooked? Please, share them with us in the comments section. Happy holidays, and we'll see you all soon.

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Artist Growth, a New App for Musicians, Launches Jan. 17

Posted By on Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 5:07 PM

"The new model of the music industry is empowering artists to participate in the business side of music without being too distracted from their creativity," says Matt Urmy, co-founder and CEO of Artist Growth, a new app designed to empower artists to participate in the ... well, you know, to give musicians control over career-type stuff from the convenience of their pockets.

Artist Growth launches Jan. 17 for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, and former Sony chairman Joe Galante, who's an investor in the company, calls it "the record business in a box."

According to this here video, Artist Growth will allow musicians to keep track of tour schedules, recording, equipment, finances, equipment inventory and industry contacts, all on the same device you use to play Angry Birds and take faux-Leica pictures of your food. You may recognize Urmy, his co-founder Jonathan Sexton and marketing director Jacob Jones as musicians-about-Nashville gone tech startup. And they're making a pretty good run at this — the mayor will give a key note speech, and Vince Gill and Cowboy Jack Clement will perform at an invite-only launch party early next year.

But the real question for the musical working stiff is: Would you use it?

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CoverGirl Yanks Photoshopped Taylor Swift Ad

Posted By on Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 2:30 PM

This image may have been enhanced in post production.
  • This image may have been enhanced in post production.
All right, I don’t care what you’re doing right now — playing Words With Friends, making your lunch, organizing your inbox, performing open-heart surgery, it doesn’t matter — because important, and I mean critically important news is breaking: CoverGirl is pulling an ad featuring Taylor Swift!

Can it be? Do we really live in a world in which something even remotely unfortunate can befall Sweet Baby Tay-Tay? And if that’s really the case, then do we really wanna live in such a world? Is this worse than an out-of-line interruption from Kanye West? Just remember to stay Fearless, pony boys and girls. It’s gonna be all right … maybe.

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Cass McCombs Explains His Preference for Women Interviewers

Posted By on Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 1:52 PM

You may recall last week's Cream post regarding Cass McCombs and his preference for speaking with female journalists. McCombs issued a holiday greeting via Pitch Perfect PR that sheds some light on his preference:

Season’s Greetings to All,

As the year comes to pass, I would like to send my love and gratitude to those who’ve made it such a beautiful ride. Pardon the clichés, my feelings are genuine: Bless You. From you, my friends and loved ones, I gather all my strength and peace. Which is why when a loved one is attacked, we retaliate. How else to honor love? Recently, I became aware of an article that portrayed a friend of mine in a not-so wonderful light. To hell with that, it was lowdown and untruthful. Although, in tabloid-style, exaggerating my friend’s behavior, clothing, drinking and drug use, the article failed to mention that she, my friend, was an artist in her own right. What’s more, the article failed to mention that my friend also sang on my record. The writer was male, my friend female, I draw my own conclusions. Since this, I have decided, for a while, to only communicate with journalists that are women. You may say my logic is flawed. Logic generally is, I speak from the heart. There are many corruptions in music, and music is a microcosm for our world. I believe we need more women in music on all sides. To male journalists, I hope you see this is not a personal slight against you, but a symbolic gesture to even the playing field. Anyway, I am just one artist, pretty small-time at that. This shouldn’t ruffle any feathers. I heard that a male magazine editor in Nashville, TN implied that this symbolism was “reverse sexism”. This gives you an idea of the corruption we’re up against.

With love, fun and music,


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Tough Times Got You Down? Tell SafetySuit [Oh, the Humility]

Posted By on Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 8:40 AM

lol Asylum.
  • lol Asylum.
Here’s a joke: Who remembers SafetySuit? (Badumcha!) I’m talking about the Nashville-by-way-of-Oklahoma quartet of aspiring arena rockers who, back in 2008, hoped to reach the heights of superstardom by looking and sounding like Banana Republic personified. (Badumcha!) Well, these musical suits (I call them EnsembleAsylum) are at it again — poising themselves to take a sophomore swing for the top 40 fences with their, ahem, topically titled second LP, These Times.

The album is set for release on UMG's Republic Records — the label fittingly and formerly known as Cheese Factory Records (Badumcha!) — and it drops Jan. 10. Just in time for Christmas. Not! (Badumcha!) Mark your calendars for Jan. 7, local SafetySuit fans. That's when the band is holding a pre-release-date record-release show and giveaway at 12th & Porter. (Badumcha!)

OK, that last bit wasn’t actually a joke, per se, but what is funny is how SafetySuit finds itself fit to voice the concerns of a generation looking for light in the darkness of tough economic times. The band wants to be that light. They also want you to make a video of yourself sheepishly holding up poster boards advertising your problems for the benefit of pushing their next single. But more about that in a moment.

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DJ Wick-It, Johnny Warren and Charlie Cushman, The Year in Jazz, Carlo Martini and More: Inside This Week’s Music Section

Posted By on Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 7:45 AM

Quent-Essential Wick-It: On his Grindhouse Basterds, local DJ Wick-It remixes Quentin Tarantino's catalog with guts and panache (DJ Wick-It's Grindhouse Basterds is available for free via Wick-It's website)

Paul in the Family: Despite its somber timing, Johnny Warren and Charlie Cushman's tribute is elevating and true (Playing Friday, 23rd at The Station Inn)

Sweet and Highbrow: Marking some of 2011's milestones in Nashville jazz and classical

Buona Fortuna, Buckaroo: Italian country singer Carlo Martini chases that neon rainbow con brio

In The Spin: G-Side, Future, Openmic and Chancellor Warhol at The End, Natural Child, Ranch Ghost and Electric Dollhouse Groovebuggy at Mt. Swag

Plus Critics’ Picks on Ted Drozdowski, Aqua Velvet’s Christmas Show, Kidsmeal Revue’s mash-up with Mashville, The Boom Bap, Mashville, Summer Zombie, The Long Players doing All Things Must Pass and more

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vice's Marshall Headphones: On the Road With Tim Harrington Does Nashville

Posted By on Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 4:15 PM

Man, this one has been in the works for a hot minute! Back in May, the late lamented Glenn Danzig's House hosted a show featuring Natural Child, Big Surr and Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders. I mentioned the day of that some outsiders (and not just the Way Outsiders) would be in attendance, and those out-of-towners happened to be Les Savvy Fav's Tim Harrington and his Vice camera crew. Harrington & Co. shot the above installment of Marshall Headphones: On the Road, which features clips from the aforementioned show — at which Harrington shoved an empty beer box onto my dome ... good one, I guess — not to mention a lengthy interview with legendary Nashvillian, road dog and Gram Parsons-burner Phil "Mangler" Kaufman, and a tour of Third Man Records courtesy of TMR honcho and brand-new Cream advice columnist Ben Swank.

Aside from the Kaufman interview being absolutely fantastic — talk of Charles Manson, the Stones, Gram and more — the video also features these priceless gems (spoiler alert!): Useless Eaters' Seth Sutton pissing in a mailbox, Natural Child's Seth Murray pissing on the ground (yes, the urine trail continued to run, clearing its own path through the crowd), Swank vomiting something that is roughly the color of ill-prepared Salisbury steak, some old-fashioned Danzig's crowd-surfing, views from within TMR's mysterious crow's nest and Harrington explaining a practice known as "whale watching." I am proud of Nashville. Enjoy!

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