Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spurgeon's General Warning: 10 Things I Learned From Pearl Jam Twenty

Posted By on Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 9:00 AM

I wouldn’t say I’m a Pearl Jam fan, but I am a fan of doing things for free. So when a friend offered to take me to The Belcourt on Monday night to see the documentary Pearl Jam Twenty, I said I would attend if I could also be promised a ride. And like a good friend who is in no way irritating, I warned him that I was not very familiar with the band beyond the album Ten, and tend to actively retreat from anything overtly fanboyish. But hey! Even though the film was directed by noted fanboy Cameron Crowe, it was pretty engaging overall, and I only found myself zoning out during the last 15 minutes or so, when they aired yet another extended piece of rehearsal footage. But yes, I liked it. In fact, I even learned a few things:

Eddie Vedder is really good at climbing
Look at this human monkey! I get vertigo just leaning over a second-story banister, so I find his talent to be both impressive and horrifying. Be careful, guy!

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Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Nick Lowe, Ten out of Tenn, The Lemonheads, SoundLand and More: Inside This Week’s Music Section

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A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Malkmus: Indie-rock architect Stephen Malkmus and his Jicks land exactly where you'd hope with the Beck-produced Mirror Traffic (Playing Tuesday, 4th at Mercy Lounge)

Highs and Lowes: Nick Lowe opens up to the Scene before opening up for Wilco (Opening for Wilco at The Ryman Saturday, 1st and Sunday, 2nd)

Takes Ten to Know Tenn: Nashville-based singer-songwriter troupe Ten out of Tenn soldiers on with polished pop (Playing Thursday, 29th at Live on the Green in Public Square Park)

For Shame: Never mind Nevermind — hear The Lemonheads perform It's a Shame About Ray in its entirety (Playing Monday, 3rd at Mercy Lounge)

In The Spin: SoundLand 2011

Plus Critics’ Picks on the IBMA Fan Fest, Gary Bennett & Chris Scruggs, Nikki Lane’s Record Release, The Autumn Defense, tUnE-yArDs, Vockah Redu and his Crew, The SoundCrawl, Wanda Jackson and Kenny Vaughan, Paper Diamond, k.d. lang, Mates of State, Buddy Miller Band with Patty Griffin, Guy Clark and Ray Wylie Hubbard, Yuck and more

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

JEFF the Brotherhood on 120 Minutes With Matt Pinfield [Fresh Vid]

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A minute ago, when I mentioned that JEFF the Brotherhood is going to be on Fallon next month, I probably should have reminded everybody that the Bogus Bros were on Matt Pinfield's newly revamped 120 Minutes last weekend. In addition to airing JEFF's video for "Hey Friend," Pinfield also grilled Jake and Jamin on starting Infinity Cat, their father's work in the music industry and being generally stinky. See the full episode via MTV2. Shout-out to Karl! And how 'bout that little Bob Orrall/Matt Pinfield/Jon Stewart memory at the end?

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Upcoming Grimey's In-Stores, The Worsties Jam With Yo Gabba Gabba's Muno, Those Darlins on Tonight's Episode of Revenge, JEFF on Fallon [Newsy Bits]

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Stephen Malkmus
* Grimey's has recently added some seriously solid in-store events to their calendar, and we didn't want to sleep on 'em. In addition to Ten out of Tenn's performance tomorrow, Sept. 29, Third Man's Lanie Lane performing on Sept. 30, Wanda Jackson's meet-and-greet on Oct. 1, Kenny Vaughan's performance on Oct. 4 and PUJOL celebrating their Nasty, Brutish, and Short EP release with a performance on Oct. 14, they've also announced that Stephen Malkmus will be doing a signing/meet-and-greet at 3 p.m. on Oct. 4 in advance of his show with The Jicks that night at Mercy Lounge. By the way, Malkmus and the Jicks' latest, Mirror Traffic, is excellent, and you can read my two cents on that in tomorrow's dead-tree edish. See Grimey's site for their full calendar.

* You know radio-ready Nashvillian alt-rockers The Worsties? They're the ones who opened for Bon Jovi that time. Well, apparently the folks at the kids' program Yo Gabba Gabba are fans, as they've asked The Worsties to be their "Super Music Friends" on a couple occasions during the Yo Gabs live tour. (Interesting that a band with a song called "Drop Your Panties and Roll" found its way into the children's music game.) Well, The Worsties recently played four shows as the Super Music Friends while they were in Chicago, and during one of their sets, Muno — that's the cylindrical, curiously studded character who kinda looks like a ... well ... you know — came out and jammed with them. See the video here or after the jump. Nice axe, Muno. What is that, a Fender Mustang?

* Have you heard of the ABC show Revenge? No? OK, me neither. Apparently it's brand-new, and it's an adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo set in The Hamptons. All right, sure! Well, local sometime country-punkers, sometime chill indie rockers Those Darlins' song "Let U Down" will be featured on tonight's episode, which airs at 10/9 p.m. Central. As the Darlins themselves put it, "Linwood singing on TV!" Dig it! Which reminds me, did we mention that JEFF the Brotherhood will be on Fallon Oct. 6? It's true! Exciting!

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Neutral Baltimore: Contributor Lee Stabert's Thoughts on Seeing Jeff Mangum in Charm City

Posted By on Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 12:13 PM

Editor's note: Former Cream/Scene staffer and occasional contributor Lee Stabert lives in Philadelphia. She journeyed to Baltimore to see noted Neutral Milk Hotel frontman/Elephant 6 Collective member/indie rock's answer to J.D. Salinger, Jeff Mangum, perform a rare solo set. No, it's not Music City-centric, but since Mangum has no dates planned for Nashville on his current tour, this may be the closest we get to a Spin. At least for now.

I drove two hours from Philadelphia to see Jeff Mangum play in Baltimore. I was excited. Then, unexpectedly, five seconds into "Oh Comely," I got kind of sad.

Over the course of the Neutral Milk Hotel frontman's set, that feeling did not go away. Something felt ... off. Maybe it was the fact that he was playing those songs (In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, On Avery Island) and only those songs — a time capsule of a performance. Yes, the reclusive genius was back from exile, but with what? It was hard not to see tragedy in those fallow years. His voice sounded great, but he used it in the service of simple acoustic versions of those classic tracks. He reached in all the same places, and warbled at all the same moments. It felt more like a recital than a performance.

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Municipal Auditorium May Be Renamed the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium

Posted By on Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 11:17 AM

So it isn't fresh news that the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum will be relocating to the Municipal Auditorium. The hall of fame was displaced 20 months ago when its building was demolished to make way for the forthcoming Music City Center, and after some negotiating, it was reported that Municipal would be the museum's new home. (Have a look at this report if you want to see the space on the first floor that the museum will soon inhabit.) Even since the move was first reported back in June, there was talk of renaming the auditorium. Well, according to our sister paper, The City Paper, the name change will see a vote next week. Joey Garrison reports:

Part of Metro’s Municipal Auditorium Commission’s July agreement to lease space inside the 1960s-era auditorium to the hall of fame —— displaced 20 months ago via eminent domain to make way for Nashville’s new Music City Center —— is a “co-branding” of the facility, which includes a name change.

That name modification, allowing the facility to be known as Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium, is subject to Metro Council approval. A bill sponsored by Councilwoman Erica Gilmore, who represents downtown, is up for the first of three votes at the council’s Oct. 4. meeting.

The Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium, eh? It's, um ... it's catchy. "What are you doing tonight?" "Me? Oh, I'm going to see QOTSA at the MHOFAMATNMA." Or, more likely, Municipal will continue to be known colloquially as "Municipal."

Anyhow, Garrison also reports that "with the name change would come a new exterior sign replacing the existing red one." See an artist's rendering above.

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Caption Contest: tUnE-yArDs Ticket Giveaway! [Updated]

Posted By on Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 8:00 AM

<i>Glee</i> must be canceled.
  • Glee must be canceled.

Remember in July when we told you that "Merill Garbus' loopy, intricately sloppy, ukulele-and-floor-tom project" (and winner for Most Frustrating Band Name Stylization) tUnE-yArDs would be playing Exit/In on Sept. 30? Well, it doesn't really matter if you remember or not, honestly, because it's happening either way. Promoter Ryan Bruce tells us that tickets are selling most rapidly, and that he anticipates a sell-out. Wanna beat the system? Read on to find out how.

We're going to be giving away two pairs of tickets to this one — one pair via this here caption contest, and one pair later on via Twitter. Rules for the caption contest are same as always. Drum up the most side-splitting caption you can muster in regard to the above image, and post it in our comments section. Remember to include your email address in the appropriate field — we won't publish it, but we'll need it in order to contact our winner. We'll call this one Friday at 11 a.m., so stay up on your email around noon. We'll holler at our winner then. OK, go!

Update: We have our winner! Thanks for playing.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SoundLand 2011 MVP Award: Larissa Maestro

Posted By on Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 2:32 PM

Way back in 2008, when SoundLand was called Next Big Nashville (remember that?!), we nodded to local drummer Tyler Coppage as the fest's MVP in our Spin coverage. He played with Caitlin Rose, We Were the States and some band of fools called Shoot the Mountain — and he did it all in one evening. Pretty impressive stuff.

But it looks as though a different local player topped Coppage's record at this year's SoundLand. Cellist, guitarist, singer and bandurria player Larissa Maestro played four sets this weekend. Four! She provided vocals and/or instrumentation for Jasmin Kaset, Uncle Skeleton, Caitlin Rose and My So-Called Band (How could you have "Something in the Way" without cello?) and for that, we commend her. I also hear that she's recently had some vocals featured in a seasonal Old Navy commercial or two. Hey Maestro! Take a break every once in a while. What are you, trying to live up to your surname or something? When reached for comment, Maestro responded with, "Whew. What day is it?"

If you know of someone who contributed to as many or more sets than Maestro, tell us, and we'll share the glory/prizes with him or her as well. And to see more photos from this year's SoundLand performances, visit this link.

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Elvis Costello and the Imposters at The Ryman, 9/25/11

Posted By on Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 10:52 AM

Following this week’s four-day foray into the Land of Sound — where the beer flows like the falls of Niagara and the streets are paved with discarded after-party fliers — The Spin spent most of Sunday lugubriously laying in bed, heavily dry-heaving, letting out sad little weak moans of pain and nursing a cumulatively oppressive, third-day-in-a-row hangover from hell. In other words, we were more than ready — mentally, physically and emotionally — for church. The church of holy rock ’n’ roll, that is.

Sure, we felt like Pvt. Pyle after the soap-sock beating in Full Metal Jacket, but that wasn’t gonna stop us from trekking out to The Mother Church to catch Elvis Costello and the Imposters and their spinning songbook. What do you think we are, fucking stupid?

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Ousted WRVU DJ Pete Wilson Speaks Out Against 'Micromanaging and Censoring' by VSC

Posted By on Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 10:11 AM

A Nashville Jumps staple
  • A Nashville Jumps staple
In a letter that appeared yesterday on InsideVandy, Pete Wilson — host of the excellent jump-blues show Nashville Jumps and also the last DJ to broadcast on WRVU at 91.1 FM — describes how he was removed from the station. In the letter (which we believe also appeared in print in the Hustler, but we've yet to confirm via hard copy), Wilson says that the station's format — now limited to online streaming or HD radio — isn't the only new thing about what CMJ once called "one of the nation's top college stations." Also new, Wilson says, "is the extent to which VSC is micromanaging and censoring WRVU." To wit:

Along with those of two long-standing “community” (non-Vanderbilt-affiliated) DJs, my application to do a show this fall was rejected by Student Media Adviser Chris Carroll (acting alone). When I discussed this with him, I was told he thought I’d be “toxic” at WRVU because I had often stated publicly that an online-only WRVU would be a poor substitute for an FM station and thus the sale was a bad idea. He claimed I would badmouth the station and poison student morale. (I’m an alumnus and a VU staff member. Before turning in show applications, we’d been told that VU-affiliated non-students’ applications would merely be “reviewed” by VSC and did not need “approval.”)

Further along, Wilson says, "It was also clear that Carroll was retaliating against me for opposing VSC."

When WRVU capped the number of community "non-affiliated" DJs two years ago — keep in mind here that Wilson is a VU alum and staffer — a commenter by the name of "Intern Lance" wondered "if WRFN will wind up as the winner of this situation." In this case, maybe they have: Nashville Jumps now appears on the Radio Free Nashville schedule on Saturday nights from 9-11 p.m. And hey, it's still one of the best radio shows around — no matter where it's beaming from.

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