Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kurt Wagner's Upcoming Gallery Show, and Eight Other Musicians Who Make Art

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Adrian M. Killebrew Jr., Kurt Wagner
  • "Adrian M. Killebrew Jr.," Kurt Wagner

Kurt Wagner is well-known around Nashville for his musical talents, both in KORT and Lambchop. But before he was known for being a musician, he was an artist. He rarely shows his work, so the exhibit of recent paintings opening at Zeitgeist next month is especially exciting. (The show will also feature work by Wagner's longtime friend Wayne White, whose work was used for Lambchop's Nixon cover art.)

While anticipating that show, we got curious about other musicians who moonlight as visual artists, and we've come up with a collection of a few of our favorites. Images from artists Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and more, after the jump.

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Third Man Releases Lanie Lane Single, Gibson Guitars Raided (Again), 'Americana' Added to M-W Dictionary, You Tell Concerts Does Katy Perry [Newsy Bits]

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* The guys and gals of Third Man Records are keeping busy over there on Seventh Ave. Today marks the release of their Lanie Lane Blue Series 7-inch, "Ain't Hungry" b/w "My Man," which was — as with all of the Blue Series singles — produced by Jack White. White also plays bass on "Ain't Hungry," which you can hear for a limited time over at TMR's Soundcloud page. It's a fuzzed-out blues-rock number swinging with a sassy self-assurance that reminds me a little bit of a certain local female-fronted rock outfit. (Makes sense, considering Ettes drummer Poni Silver played drums on this one.) Buy "Ain't Hungry" via TMR or iTunes.

* Remember when Gibson got raided by federal agents about two years ago for importing endangered species of rosewood from Madagascar? Done done it again. Gibson's Nashville and Memphis facilities were raided again yesterday by US Fish and Wildlife, though the official reason hasn't been released yet. They're holding a press conference in about a half-hour, and Scene reporter Jonathan Meador will be there. We'll let you know what he turns up.

* Personally, I'm going to have to file this one under "What Took Them So Long?" Merriam-Webster recently announced the addition of roughly 100 new words to their official lexicon, among them "bromance," "tweet" (or at least an additional definition for that one), "m-commerce," "fist bump" and, most notably for our purposes, "Americana." The official definition reads, "a genre of American music having roots in early folk and country music." "I'm thrilled," says said Jed Hilly, Executive Director of the Americana Music Association. "It’s affirmation of what we have been saying for over a decade." The Americana fest will take place here in Nashville Oct. 12-15. See more about the words you were already using but are now officially allowed to refer to as "words" at the Washington Post.

* We love us some You Tell Concerts. While The Spin likes to provide mildly cynical but typically (hopefully) relatively informed reviews of concerts — like The Spin did with Katy Perry's concert last week at Bridgestone — You Tell goes straight to the fans. Fans who, nine times out of 10, characterize the show in question as "fucking awesome." Have a look after the jump or at the YTC site for You Tell Chrystal's coverage of the show, in which the word "tits" is tossed around pretty liberally.

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Missed Connections: Three Quick Hits

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We are all going to die. But because humans are burdened with the miracle of consciousness, we try as best we can to deny this fact. The three best methods of denial span millennia and civilizations — communal gatherings, consumption of alcohol, and finding hot people to get hot with. Which brings us to Missed Connections! We go from good to bad to worst in this edition, so make note of the Dos and Don’ts if you want to have plenty of sexy memories as you slip away into oblivion on your inevitable deathbed.

Maroon 5 / Train:

You and your friend asked me to take a photo of you two together. Then you asked to have a photo taken with me. Would love to see the fotos. Forgot to give you my email address. If you see this, email me and tell me about the situation, where we were and what I looked like so I know it is you. Thanks.

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Spurgeon's General Warning: Daddy Issues

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Wasn’t last week fun, when we were talking about music on TV? There are many examples of the form, from the sublime to the hilarious, but I want to give particular thanks to the commenters who reminded me about Anthrax on Married with Children and Motörhead on The Young Ones. True story: When Scott Ian was a VH1 talking head for the assorted I Love Decades, my mom said he would be really cute if he just shaved his beard. And she’s right! I did a little research and found out there’s only an age difference of a year between the two, so what I’m trying to say is I really want Scott Ian to be my new dad.

My mother has made no aesthetic judgment of Lemmy, to my knowledge. Check out their respective televised gigs down below:

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Diamond D, Alison Krauss, Angel Snow, Jonny Corndawg, Ronnie Milsap, John Hiatt, Music Industry 2.0 and More: Inside This Week’s Music Section (and on the Cover)

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Diamond in the Rough: How Diamond D helped define an era for hip-hop (The Boom Bap feat. Diamond D, Saturday, 27th at The 5 Spot)

No Rules, Just Write: In Alison Krauss, Angel Snow found the break she didn't know she needed (Playing Friday, 26th and Saturday, 27th at The Ryman)

Close Shave: Former Nashvillian Jonny Corndawg explores the white-trash fringe with Down on the Bikini Line

The Ballad of Ronnie and John: Ronnie Milsap and John Hiatt had more in common than they ever guessed a quarter-century ago (Ronnie Milsap playing Saturday, 27th at the Music City BBQ Fest at Riverfront Park; John Hiatt playing Sept. 10 at The Ryman)

On the cover, Play to Pay: The music industry is dead. Long live the Music Industry 2.0.

In The Spin: Katy Perry w/Skeet Skeet and Janelle Monae at Bridgestone Arena, Nashville Cream Fifth Anniversary Party at Third Man Records

Plus Critics’ Picks on NRBQ, By Lightning! and Ponychase, Leagues, The Features’ album release party, Canon Blue, Savoy, The Appleseed Cast, Call It Anything, Balkans and more

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

John Rich: 'Won't You Be My Neighbor?'

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By now, any real-estate-market-abreast Nashvillian knows that John Rich likes to look for love in all the wrong circles. Given Rich’s strained relationship with his Nashville neighbors up on Love Circle, it comes as little surprise to learn that the myself-proclaimed Kenny Powers of MOR country and local Trump in Training is fishing his ratings-rocketing pool of fans in search of a buyer for his Nashville former home.

I’m not talking about his concrete middle-finger salute to humility, Mt. Richmore — an irony tower that overlooks greater Music City — but a nameless, neighboring abode that once housed the singer and his inflatable ego. Located at 3403 Love Circle, the 2,712-square-foot, four-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath, single-family Hillsboro home is currently on the market for $579,975. It was built in 2005.

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The Ettes' Tom Scharpling-Directed Video for 'Excuse' Features Patton Oswalt, Is Hilarious [Fresh Vid] [Updated]

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So The Ettes recently released their fifth studio LP, Wicked Will, and I reviewed it a couple weeks back, saying it had "depth" and "distinctiveness." Today, The Ettes debuted their video for "Excuse" via Spin. It was directed by WFMU's Best Show host Tom Scharpling — at least one member of The Ettes has alleged to me that she is a "card-carrying FOT (Friend of Tom)" — and it features lovable intellectual curmudgeon Patton Oswalt as Scharpling, admitting that he is a "bad guy with a lot of deep vices," and that he blew the video's $81 million budget on some "personal items" and "services."

The video "suffers" as a result, with the Nashvillian Ettes fighting unseen, fantastical CGI characters who were never CGI'd in, frontwoman Coco Hames engaging in a would-be cyber-speeder race while seated atop a chartreuse prop box, bassist Jem Cohen looking dapper in one of those ping-pong-ball-on-Spandex motion-capture suits and more. It all culminates in ... well, I don't want to spoil the surprise ending for you. Just know that this thing flies by at about 95 lulz per minute. Since it's a Spin exclusive, we no can embed it here. Drift on over to Spin and have a look.

Update: The "Excuse" video is now on YouTube, so have a look after the jump.

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Music Industry Veteran Frank Dileo Dead at 63

Posted By on Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 12:30 PM

Longtime music industry veteran Frank Dileo, who managed Michael Jackson for much of his ’80s heyday and again during the last months of Jackson's life, died at his home in eastern Ohio at age 63, after a long illness. We just heard the news from a family friend, who said she thinks Dileo passed this morning, though the exact time hasn't been verified.

Dileo was the subject of a November 2007 Scene cover piece outlining his storied career. And we mean storied. He worked his way up from the bottom of the music industry to become one of the most powerful men in the biz. During his tenure at Epic Records, he was instrumental in signing or developing the careers of Culture Club, Cyndi Lauper, REO Speedwagon, Quiet Riot, The Clash and of course Jackson. Dileo lived in Nashville briefly in the ’70s and then moved here in January 2007 to start a management business, though he spent much of the last three years in Los Angeles after returning as Jackson's manager, and then handling issues with the late pop singer's estate.

His larger-than-life persona landed him a couple of movie roles, most famously as Tuddy Cicero in Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas. Not only did he play the brother to Mafia boss Paulie Cicero, but he was responsible for one of the most legendary mob hits in cinema history, putting a bullet in the back of Joe Pesci's head in the film's climactic scene.

An excerpt from the Scene story, about Dileo's ever-present cigar:

There’s speculation that when he emerged from the womb, 60 years ago last month, Frank Dileo already had a cigar in his mouth. Look at the pictures on his office walls and in his photo albums, and more often than not he’s either holding or chomping on a fat, unlit stogie.

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Image of the Week: Olive and Sinclair's Features-Themed Chocolate Bar

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Surely everyone here is familiar with Nashville-based artisanal chocolate makers Olive & Sinclair, yes? O&S is run by Scott Witherow, and his chocolate has been called "exquisite" by Gwyneth Paltrow and "off the charts" by us.

Well, according to a Facebook post from The Features, "Olive & Sinclair has made a special chocolate bar in celebration of the new Wilderness album. It's almond with a hint of oak." Almond with a hint of oak? WHAT?! More like awesome with a hint of dope. ("Dope" the adjective, that is. I'm not implying that they put weed in their chocolate.) The special-edition chocolate bars (only 300 were made) will be available at The Features' album-release celebration this Saturday, Aug. 27, at Mercy Lounge, as well as at other "select spots" (Grimey's among them). Also, Calf Killer Beer of Sparta, Tenn., (which is owned by former Features guitarist Don Sergio and his brother Dave) has made a special Wilderness-edition beer that will be available on draft at the show. In case you need to be reminded, The Features killed it at our anniversary party last weekend, and odds are good that they'll do it again come Saturday. Fantastic tunes. Delicious chocolate. These guys only hit home runs.

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Six Organs of Admittance w/William Tyler and The Cherry Blossoms Tonight at Exit/In

Posted By on Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 9:39 AM

Who wants to get engulfed in some beautiful, hypnotic, acoustic sounds? Six Organs of Admittance is the project of guitarist and Drag City artist Ben Chasny, and he'll be joined tonight at Exit/In by The Cherry Blossoms and fellow virtuosic new-folk guitarist William Tyler. (There was talk of Tyler dropping off the bill at one point, but it appears as though he's back on.) Matt Sullivan — a dude who knows his way around a six-string himself — wrote a pick for us:

As the primary outlet for guitarist Ben Chasny — who’s also a member of Comets on Fire — Six Organs of Admittance has been a driving force in the recent resurgence of the acoustic guitar instrumentalist. While the specter of John Fahey looms large over the scene, guitarists like Nashvillian William Tyler as well as Bill Orcutt, Cian Nugent and Steve Gunn have managed to step out of that shadow. Six Organs has been at the forefront of that emergence for over a decade. Not that the records are limited to acoustic guitar — often Chasny weaves trippy, psyched-out drones with blasts of electric guitar freakouts, and he even sings on occasion. But his latest, Asleep on the Floodplain, puts greater emphasis on scarcity, and his Saturday show at Exit/In is part of solo acoustic tour in which Chasny’s 10 fingers are definitely the stars of the show. —MATT SULLIVAN

By the by, this is roughly what Tyler's performance will likely look and sound like. Cover is $10 at the door, show starts at 9.

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