Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Armed Forces Discover Scientology; Also, Help Rename Brandon Jazz for $500

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If you spend a lot of time -- and I know you do -- slumming it in the ghetto of the Cream comment threads, then you're likely more than familiar with local lightning rod, self-proclaimed "hometown hero," Armed Forces frontman and Mercy Lounge bitch boy Brandon Jazz. Love or hate the ambitious rabble-rouser, there's little doubt his shenanigans have gotten your attention at some point, and if they haven't yet, then they will now.

In a press release sent to the Scene, Jazz and his forces announce that they will celebrate today's digital release of their new single "Radical Luv" by performing the "feel-good number" at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center's Open Mic Night, tonight at 7 pm. The band intends to film the performance. RSVP on Facebook.

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Caption Contest: Midlake Ticket Giveaway! [Updated]

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Taking a break on the set of I Like it Raw, an adult film aimed at the growing vegan market.
  • Taking a break on the set of I Like it Raw, an adult film aimed at the growing vegan market.

No April Foolsies here. Texas-based wintry folk outfit Midlake are, indeed, playing a show tomorrow night at Mercy Lounge with John Grant, and we are, in fact, giving away a pair of tickets. We'll be running a feature on the 'Lake in this week's coming glossy, but until then, you can read actor Jason Lee's thoughts about the 2006 Midlake release The Trials of Van Occupanther at Mercy Lounge's site. A sampling:

The Trials of Van Occupanther is now one of the most important modern records I own. In an age of overly-used irony and disconnected nonchalance, this record actually means something, and Midlake should be forever hailed for their unique and genuine approach to music.

Forever hailed! It's certainly a wonderful record. Glad to see My Name Is Earl agrees. Anyhow, you guys know the drill. Come up with a funny caption for that wacky photo above, and include your email address so we can reach you. Don't worry -- we won't publish your personal infos. We'll pick our winner tomorrow at 4 p.m. Get in there! You've only got 24 hours.


We swiftly realized after emailing our first choice that his name and email address were most likely fake. To the Ann go the spoils! Thanks for playing.

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Miley Cyrus Stole Some Chickens

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Because her dad told her to! And to save them from being eaten by snakes! Someone who's handy with the prison-justice system of the United States of America please tell me how many laws she and her anarcho-activist father break in this story so we can have them arrested.

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Road Trip to Louisville: Forecastle Fest 2010, July 9-11

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They've got some sort of treasure map/floating pirate ship theme this year. Cool, I guess.
  • They've got some sort of treasure map/floating pirate ship theme this year. Cool, I guess.

The folks at Forecastle have just announced this year's initial lineup, and it appears as though the Louisville-based festival is continuing its trend of being pretty OK! You know, pretty solid, relatively well-rounded, not too far from home, and consistently improving upon the previous year. This year, there's something for fans of badass neo-psychedelia (The Flaming Lips), something for regular festival attendees/irregular bathers (Widespread Panic), something for fans of debatably pretentious but undeniably reliable indie rock (Spoon), something for Dudes (Lucero and DBT), and something for fans of first-generation Midwestern emo (Cap'n Jazz, of course. Who were you expecting, The Promise Ring?).

Tickets went on sale today at noon. More info and a full lineup after the jump.

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De Novo Dahl Release Bobby Thompson Reels, Vol. 1

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Interesting project from local supertroupe De Novo Dahl: Bobby Thompson Reels, Vol. 1 is an EP of instrumental songs based on samples taken from a collection of reel-to-reel tapes left behind by Nashville session banjo player Bobby Thompson. Here's an excerpt from the notes penned by DND keyboardist Rob Rickman Jr., describing his uncle, who performed on Hee-Haw and played alongside Johnny Cash, Bill Monroe, Dolly Parton, Chet Atkins and countless others:

Bobby passed away in May of 2005 after living with multiple sclerosis for the better part of two decades, during which time he lost his ability to play music. Following his death, I visited my aunt and learned of these reels that are largely comprised of unreleased material. An amateur audio archivist, I undertook transferring them to digital format as a way of ensuring that his work would be preserved for generations to come, while also wanting to allow my aunt to hear any given piece without having to fire up the reel-to-reel player.

Being rather obsessed with finding samples at the time, Joel and I heard lots of potential in these reels that dated from the 1950's through the 80's. Several years had passed when Joel informed me this past fall that he intended to release a DND EP centered on samples from the reels that he had started to piece together four years ago.

Most of the tracks are quite a departure from what you'd expect to find on an old-school Nashville banjo player's incidental reels -- big beat drums, gurgling electronics, lack of recognizable banjo, etc. -- and I suppose some purists might get irritated by that, but it's a nifty listen for your Wednesday morn. Go grab it at the De Novo Dahl Bandcamp page.

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GZA Tonight at MTSU [The Genius]

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Remember when Old Man Maloney poked fun at his alma mater for their lackluster PR, especially where an upcoming appearance by GZA was concerned? Well, emails to music writers or no, the day of the big show has arrived, and here's what OMM had to say about it on the glossy tip:

Holy shit, can you believe that Liquid Swords, possibly the finest moment in the entire, expansive Wu Tang Clan catalog, is 15 years old this year? That means there will surely be a whole bunch of college freshmen at this show who were still shittin' their own drawers when the Clan's classic Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers) dropped -- and they're probably gonna shit their drawers again when The Genius takes the mic. Not to sound like a cranky old rap-fogey, but there was a time when cultural importance and chart success were achieved through ill skills on the microphone, rather than a cunning business sense and a cadre of corporations willing to "cross-brand" your album, and GZA represents the zenith of that heady, sorely missed moment in popular culture. Scene favorites DJ Kidsmeal and The Biscuits N Gravy Band open.

Show starts at 7 p.m. at the James Union Building. The "Liquid Swords" video's after the jump, just because.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Video Round-Up Fill-in-the-Blank: Those Darlins, Funstix, Paper Route & More

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Hey, we went and found some videos of local bands on the yonder Internets, and have rounded them up for y'all in one blog post! Now, normally we'd get deeply analytical about such things -- no video: didn't happen :: video: totally important -- but since our email was broken for half the day, and we're in the midst of putting together the ol' glossy edition that pays for our tight pants and trips to SXSW, we're going Mad Libs style on these using the magical syntax of press releases about important bands that pay people to talk about them. Have fun using grammar!

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Dave Haslam Presents Joy Division Lecture and Film Screening, March 31 at MTSU

Posted By on Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 2:12 PM

I didn't attend MTSU. There were, however, many times in my freshman and sophomore years of college when I felt like an honorary undergrad. You know, on account of the countless weekend and evening hours I spent in Murfreesboro with my MTSU-student buddies, geekin' out blunt-wise and playing Mario Kart. But what I want to know is this: Has MTSU always hosted such meaningful, insightful pop-culture-related events? A couple of weeks ago Chuck Klosterman hung out on campus for a hot minute, and now British journalist, DJ, author and all-around '70s and '80s know-it-all Dave Haslam's going to be down there talking about Joy Division. For free. What gives? Common activities when I hung out in the Boro just included going to The Red Rose, attending house parties where my friends got dosed and, again, geekin' out blunt-wise.

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Iggy Pop Falls Off Stage at Carnegie Hall, Rock 'n' Roll Dies [Oh the Humility]

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As you may recall, I have a sadistic appreciation for the greatest of all mid-performances failures: rockers falling off stage. So, I'm really quite miffed to have let aged punk Godfather Iggy Pop's latest entry into the pantheon of rocker vs. gravity failures slip past my radar until now. The incident occurred at last month's Tibet House benefit concert at Carnegie Hall. Pop pulled a Moses, parting the crowd as he heaved himself into an orchestra pit of journos and photographers who, despite lauding him for decades, failed to support him physically. That small collection of craven concert-goers have unwittingly fucked things up for those of us who would've caught the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, as Pop has just told Rolling Stone's Austin Scaggs:

When I landed, it hurt, and I made a mental note that Carnegie Hall would be a good place for my last stage dive.

So, in addition to The Stooges continuing to tour, in spite of guitarist Ron Asheton's death, audiences won't even get take part in Iggy's trademark in-your-arms disregard of the fourth wall? That's shitty.

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Joanna Newsom at Mercy Lounge, 3/28/10

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The last time we caught Joanna Newsom was 2006. Ys had just come out, and Newsom wooed a small crowd of above-the-curve hipsters with a handful of fresh harp jams. Now, with Newsom fresh off a gig at Big Ears Fest that had non-NCAA tourney followers blowing up the Twit-o-sphere and a mammoth third album, we were curious what her then-meager cult looked like now. Thanks to our over-eagerness about a new episode of The Pacific on HBO (we got all busted up over that last scene with Leckie and Stella, not gonna lie) we missed Fleet Foxes singer Robin Pecknold's assuredly wispy set of solo folk tunes. Instead, we straggled into Mercy Lounge just as Newsom was finishing her first song. There, we discovered a sea of bearded folkies sitting cross-legged on the floor, all the way from the foot of the stage to the bathrooms in back.

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