Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pretty Lights at Exit/In, 10/28/09

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Check out the slideshow for more photos.

Last night was a Wednesday, right? You would have never known if you were at the Exit/In to see Pretty Lights' sold-out show, where the atmosphere was closer to a buck wild, absolutely ape-shit Saturday night than anything even remotely close to a work and/or school night. Elliston Place was mobbed with revelers kicking off their Hallo-weekend early and damn, were the kids ready to tie one on--motherfuckers were getting crunk, and there was absolutely no stopping them. For an act that's relatively new and hasn't stopped in Nashville before, Pretty Lights have a rabid, rabid following here--like, 100-bucks-for-a-scalped-ticket rabid.

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Rod Stewart Dead at 33 [Updated]

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Rod Stewart: 1945-1978
  • Rod Stewart: 1945-1978

Most of you don't know this, but former Faces singer Rod Stewart died mysteriously in 1978, his death initially made evident upon the release of the disco-infused Blondes Have More Fun LP--if you've ever wanted to hear what the soul being sucked out of a man sounds like, then I recommend giving it a spin. Since then, the devil himself has channeled his messages through the zombified golden pipes of the English rocker. The proof is in the pudding.The Anakin Skywalker of rock singers, Stewart was blessed with perhaps the finest voice ever bequeathed to a white man--some guys have all the luck--yet has spent the lion's share of his career using those God-given powers for evil instead of good, singing unspeakably sappy vapid crap. At "64" his voice is still pitch-perfect and the amount of great music he could've made, but didn't, is criminal. Consequently, he is one of the most critically maligned figures in rock history: the archetype of the commercial sellout. This point was best made by legendary rock critic Greil Marcus who once said: "Rarely has a singer had as full and unique a talent as Rod Stewart; rarely has anyone betrayed his talent so completely."

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KISS at the Sommet Center, 10/28/09

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Check out the slideshow for more photos. OK, we get it: We're Nashville and KISS loves us. Paul Stanley reminded us of that ad nauseam last night at the Sommet Center, where we de-virginized ourselves of the KISS concert experience. How was it? It was exactly what we expected: a totally awesome, face-melting onslaught of gargantuan camp, fire, galloping riffs and fist-pumping shout-alongs. We came to see all those things, and we got what we wanted: the best.

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Cheap Trick to Play The Ryman Dec. 3

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Four guys who are cooler than you.
  • Four guys who are cooler than you.

BOOM! I have great news for any of you Cream readers who are still beside yourself with disappointment over the cancellation of the Nov. 24 Def Leppard/Cheap Trick show that was slated for the Sommet Center: It has just come to my attention that Cheap Trick has scheduled a Nashville headlining show to take place Thursday Dec. 3 at The Ryman. Sorry, Def Lep fans, you're still S.O.L. If the rest of you don't think this announcement is totally fucking awesome, than you have no business reading a music blog. Click here for a redirect. According to the Ryman website tickets will go on sale Friday Nov. 6 at 10 a.m. via Ticketmaster, for the awesomely affordable price of $29.50-$49.50. Can you say "worth it?" Take a look after the jump for some incentive.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Track or Treat + Whatev-sy Bits: The Nobility, WOTT, De Novo Dahl's Back, Califone Canceled and Diarrhea Planet Exists

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* The Nobility's The Art of Building a Moat, originally released in 2005 while they were known as Jetpack, "was removed without warning" from iTunes earlier this year. No worries. Now you can get the whole thing on their Bandcamp. Name your price.

* Download The Rabbit Sampler, feat. six thoughtful indie-pop tunes by Evan P. Donahue. Or "literate hyper-pop anthems," as Adam Gold once put it. Oh, and there's a Buddy Holly cover in there. Nice.

* We Own This Town has yet another podcast, and this one features all sorts of demos and unreleased tunes from Glossary, Eureka Gold, Square People, Tristen, Caitlin Rose and more.

* De Novo Dahl are apparently back in action, and they'll be returning to the stage "with a nine-piece band and brand-new lineup." They're opening for Royal Bangs, who I really like, Nov. 4 at Mercy Lounge. The Non-Commissioned Officers and My Tyger share the bill. (Tickets)

* Califone dropped off tomorrow night's show at The Basement (Oct. 29). Experimental electronic mystifiers and men-about-town Hands Off Cuba are still playing, though. Thus, still worth your time and money.

* According to Bruce from The End's latest email, a band called Diarrhea Planet exists, and they're playing Nov. 11 with Spider Friends and Bad Cop. Diarrhea Planet. That's real. Wish they'd existed way back when.

* Also, JEFF (+ a game of "Spot the Beans")!

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Jonas Brother Side Project Already More Successful Than Your Actual Band

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No, not Jonas from Turbo Fruits. Different side project.
  • No, not Jonas from Turbo Fruits. Different side project.

Exciting news! Nick "Diabetes" Jonas is going to take away more of your little sister's money and release a side project that will make a rich teenager even richer:

Nick Jonas will release a new album with his side project the Administration in early 2010. According to Nick, the album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, during a two-week span during which brother Kevin spent time with his fiancé and Joe went on vacation to Australia.

Nick Jonas & the Administration are comprised of four musicians the Jonas Brothers had met and worked with before, Nick writes, describing the sound as " 'heart & soul,' because the music that I make is from my heart, and the lyrics I write are from my soul."

Ha ha, that is a stupid description, even for a Disney character. It's obvious this is totally the beginning of the end for the JoBros. We've pretty much covered all of the clichéd bases: the meddling woman (it's common knowledge Chicks Can't Rock), the long-distance solo journey (shorthand for "drug tourism") and the ego trip "I'm the talent!" side project.

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KISS Tonight at Sommet Center

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Don't forget, tonight is KISS night in Nashville. As I posted yesterday, the band will throw the Lick it Up on Lower Broad pre-party down on uh, Lower Broad, before taking the stage at Sommet Center. Unfortunately, Buckcherry will be there. Ace and Peter won't. But you can still count on seeing some pyro, hits, Paul, Gene and the floor as you topple towards it. Since I'm partyin' in my cubicle all day, I'm ready to rock 'n' roll all night. Consider me sold. Below is what I had to say about the band in this week's print edition of the Scene:

Do you really need a critic to tell you why you should go see KISS rock the Sommet Center? From hair-singeing pyro, a band name in blinding lights, gargantuan costumes and more makeup than Queen Elizabeth I, to the obligatory mention of the concert city's name in and in between each song, KISS practically wrote the book on arena rock clichés, and they're damn proud of it. The most market-savvy band in rock history, KISS applied the "New Coke approach" to their career when they shed their iconic makeup in 1983 and forced world to see their ugly mugs for 13 years before bringing back the greasepaint--and original lineup--in 1996. It was a genius move in that it allowed the band to re-enter the spotlight without showing a wrinkle. They have a new album out called Sonic Boom. It's their first in 11 years, and it's probably terrible, but so is the idea of being buried in a KISS coffin, and those have been a success. Luckily, the band is smart enough to know that their fans "want the best," and that's what they'll get--KISS has promised to play all the hits.

You can still get KISS tickets here for as little as $17.50. Festivities begin at 5 p.m. Don't drink and drive!

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MySpace Adds 'New Analytics Features' for Bands, Internet Quits MySpace

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So it all began in an unassuming manner. MySpace was a social networking platform like any other--it wasn't particularly innovative in its approach, but for whatever reason, it was promptly the most popular. In its infancy, the 'Space was merely yet another way to post about the banal events of your shitty life and virtually meet girls with septum piercings who, in real life, turned out to be gargantuan mouth-breathers. And drove Scions. And freaked me out. I digress.

Here's where MySpace garnered its most significant bit of cultural influence: It became the platform for independent musicians. Despite its doddering ineptitude when it comes to positive evolution, it was especially accessible, had a mechanism for streaming songs and was a way to reach thousands of people. But now, as legions of "users" free themselves from the clutches of MySpace Tom's clammy paws, the site's overlords are looking for more ways to keep people using their platform. And now that it's pretty apparent that we've all left for Facebook, MySpace is trying to keep the one thing they have that no one else does: "EVERY FRICKIN' BAND ON THE PLANET." See how after the jump.

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Video: HULL at Little Hamilton [Heavy Nights]

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Here's Brooklyn's HULL at Little Hamilton. You know a band's arrangements are smart when the people watching them aren't sure if the song is over. Do we clap? Is there even more rocking to come in this unpredictably rocking song? Of course, sometimes this means the band is completely incompetent. But surely you don't think the incredible HULL is incompetent. For some reason the band name HULL reminds me of another East Coast band, Hurl, but they played much, much faster than this.

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Lenny Kravitz Fan Sneaks Into The Ryman, Flies Away (to Jail)

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Let love fail.
  • Let love fail.

What would you do to get into a Lenny Kravitz show? More or less than what you'd do-ooh-ooh for a Klondike bar? One crazed L.K. fan tried to fake her way into The Ryman last night. Emphasis here on "tried." Brantley Hargrove reports over at Pith in the Wind:

Here's what the cops say happened:

Jessica Poe went to the Ryman Monday evening and claimed she was an employee slated to work that night, according to police affidavits. There was no record of this and a Ryman employee told her to get lost. So Poe lurked around the entrance, waiting for her opportunity -- a time-honored strategy slightly more original than Kravitz's songwriting. So when a stagehand opened a door, Poe allegedly sprinted past and disappeared into "the main office."

When she was spotted, she fled out back and was detained by security. Police arrested Poe and took her into booking, but there was a semantic problem. The sign at the entrance of the booking area read "Prisoners Only." No, Poe asserted, she is no prisoner. Then she fell to the ground, police say, forcing the officers to carry her. Add resisting arrest to that criminal trespass charge.

She should have been hanging out at Jack's!

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