Thursday, April 30, 2009

Middle Finger up Your Arse

Posted By on Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 2:00 PM

Just when I was getting sick of all the indie-pop bands in town and thought there was no hope for tr00 metal in Nashville, along comes this guy, renewing my faith with this Musician's Wanted ad on Craigslist:

I'm tired of getting responses from half-assed musicians who claim they are Metal musicians but act like 12-year old girls. If you are ready to get to work NOW and put a middle finger up Nashville's arse, then contact me. I am a METAL bassist into many genres (i.e. Dirge/Black/Pagan/Satanic/Shock/Thrash). There has GOT to be SOME disenfranchised yet extremely talented individuals out there who love extreme and violent music!

I have superior chops, amazing stage presence and formidable song-writing skills. If you think you able to keep up with me then let's challenge each other. Only strictly METAL musicians need respond. You must have the BEST chops and a highly intelligent mind. A great sense of humor is also a MUST! Alpha personalities encouraged. Please, no pussies.

That's right, Pagan and Satanic metal. He's the Bo Jackson of metal.

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Rockin' Pneumonia: The Swine Flu Cumbia

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It's got a good beat and you can dance to it! Well, that is if the swine flu doesn't turn you into a ravenous flesh eating zombie, which I think is what happens when the World Health Organization declares "Phase 6." Either that or all the mutant-pigs are going to rise up and destroy their human oppressors, like some Joe Dante-scripted version of Animal Farm. In six weeks, the whole world will be like The Road, only it's going to smell like bacon--get your shopping carts ready, kids.

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Out of Office Auto-Reply: Nashville Cream Is Watching Anvil! The Story of Anvil

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Anvil! The Story of Anvil tells the story of Anvil, the Canadian metal band that almost got real huge but never really did but then went out on tour again in Europe as fiftysomethings, which maybe didn't go so well.

I got a little choked up just watching the trailer--thinking about all the solid broskis and hosebags I've played with over the years, and how I probably would have stopped them if they had tried to jump off a cliff, especially if they had the van keys, but probably even if they didn't.

Anvil! The Story of Anvil opens May 22 at The Belcourt.

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet: A Moral Dilemma

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OK. So with the title of this post alone, I've already outed myself as being eons behind all the cutting-edge bloggers, hipsters and alt-bros that compose the ever-growing Twitter tapestry. I don't tweet. There's something about being privy to the eating habits, whereabouts and other various minutiae of my friends' and acquaintances' daily lives that sketches me out and makes me feel like we're about six months away from adopting Newspeak and burning all our books. (Yes, I know I'm mixing fictional dystopias there.)

I'm certainly not saying I'm too cool for it. Or not cool enough...or whatever. I've indulged in status updates and sundry other forms of "constant self-affirmation" as much as the next guy. I just want to know if there's enough to gain from following the Tweets of active and genuinely interesting musicians, filmmakers and writers to offset the mind-numbing, tedious spew I'll doubtlessly be forced to consume from my Internet "friends" due to social obligation. I've composed a list of pros and cons to help me come to a decision. If you know something about Tweeting that I don't, or if you want to tell me I'm a fool for letting the notion even cross my mind in the first place, please help a brother out.

Pro: Staying up-to-speed on the hip local haps and bro-ing down with my community

The Privates, Infinity Cat and Battletapes are on Twitter. Michael Eades of We Own This Town and Yewknee is on Twitter. Janet Timmons of Out the Other is on Twitter. Fellow Cream bloggers and my own damn band are on Twitter (though I have contributed nary a tweet). Shit, the Scene has a Twitter. If I "followed" all these folks, I'd constantly know exactly what awesome stuff they're up to and how I could join in.

Con: Constantly knowing what awesome stuff people are up to and how I can join in

It would be much harder to get away with skipping out on stuff, and social obligation can be exhausting. "Man, I saw you updating your feed. You said you were watching The Empire Strikes Back. Again. You knew about our CD release and you stayed home anyway. Ghey!" I don't need that kind of noise in my life.

The debate rages on after the jump.

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Golden Nugget: 1981 Footage of Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson

Posted By on Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 9:19 AM

This awesome 1981 video (via YouTube user jackogreene) titled "The Other Side of Nashville" features interviews with Johnny Cash's floating dome, Kris Kristofferson singing a fantastic living room rendition of "To Beat the Devil" and Willie Nelson musing on the genesis of the term "outlaw country." During Kristofferson's interview he talks about the anti-commercialism of himself and his peers, and about soul in country songwriting. These comments, despite having been made 28 years ago, lead me to call bullshit on his proclaimed "admiration and respect" for Toby Keith. Peep it!

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Death Cab for Cutie, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and More: Inside This Week's Music Section

Posted By on Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 6:06 AM


* Lesson Plans: Death Cab for Cutie ride out the recession. (Playing Sunday, 3rd and Monday, 4th at The Ryman.)

* More Than Not Wrong: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart on sincerity & 'sisterly' love. (Playing Saturday, 2nd at The End.)

* Practice Is Over: Junior Boys make electronic music intimate again. (Playing Friday, 1st at Mercy Lounge w/Max Tundra.)

* Cheap Laughs: Nobody beats Scott Miller at big, thrifty hooks. (Playing Saturday, 2nd at Mercy Lounge.)

* In The Spin: The War on Drugs, Barry & The Remains, Cursive and more.

* Plus Critics' Picks on Max Tundra, The (Rabbit), Lez Zeppelin, Dexter Romweber and more.

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Sara Beck CD Release Tonight at 12th & Porter

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On her new Music for Lovers and Fighters, Sara Beck conjures a dreamy pop-soul hybrid that's a refreshingly understated alternative to the hyper-emotive, melisma-happy dreck that dominates pop and R&B radio. (People do still listen to radio, right?) It helps that she has a lovely, airy voice that can seduce you without smacking you over the head with a sledgehammer. Hell, don't just take our word for it--Stevie Wonder was so taken with her rendition of "Amazing Grace" at a memorial service that he invited her onstage during his December 2007 Sommet Center show to perform one of her own songs, complete with a Stevie harmonica solo. That song, "To Love Somebody," is among the 13 mostly upbeat tracks Beck wrote or co-wrote for the album. Other highlights include the horn-punctuated "Pieces of Sunlight," "Where the Sidewalk Ends" (based on the Shel Silverstein poem of the same name) and "Get Out of My Head," featuring some trippy touches by her husband/co-producer, Park Chisolm. 7 p.m. Thursday, April 30, at 12th & Porter

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Paramore's Friend Opportunity on Its Way This September

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A Cream post about our Franklin-based musical ambassadors Paramore and their forthcoming follow-up to 2007's smash hit Riot! is a surefire sign of a slow news day. Here goes: According to Rolling Stone the band's label has confirmed a September release for the unnamed LP--recorded under the stewardship of producer Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Prince, Goo Goo Dolls, My Chemical Romance)--that is sure to be the RCKTWN generation's Rumours. According to the RS headline the record will "tackle friendships." I didn't bother reading the rest of the article but I'm willing to bet it was rife with yawn-worthy Hayley Williams quotes about how neat it is being famous, how much she's matured in her writing over the last few years and the various trials and tribulations that have come with being emo's answer to Gwen Stefani. Speaking of No Doubt, they're taking Paramore out as the support act on their reunionish tour that skips Nashville and kicks off May 19. I'm planning on being very unsurprised when the 29-second cell phone videos of Stefani and Williams dueting on "Just a Girl" start popping up on YouTube. In other "punk" news: Green Day's July 31 Nashville stop WILL be at the Sommet Center. Stay tuned for ticket info.

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Well, if Idolator Said It, It Must Be True: Cage the Elephant Are Harbingers of Doom

Posted By on Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 2:00 PM

Looks like somebody learned something at Grunge School!
  • Looks like somebody learned something at Grunge School!

As if the '90s revival wasn't bad enough, it looks like it will be ushered in by our very own locals-by-association Cage the Elephant. Gross. I've come to grips with some of the more bass-ackwards shit that Nashville produces, like, say, teacher-student sex and guns on playgrounds, but if some sort of major label feedin' frenzy happens and every asshole with a flannel and a copy of Ten gets a record deal, I'm throwing in the towel and moving to Paducah. Except that CTE are from Kentucky, so it'll probably be worse there. Fuck.

I think this quote from k-rex pretty much says it all: "Those weren't douchebags. Those were kids. Douchebags are bigger."

(Via Idolator.)

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Freeloadin': Download Streetlight Allstars' New Mixtape

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I think we can all agree that the Murfreesboro rock scene has been rather, er, quiet lately, but did you know that Bucket City hip-hop is gettin' real hot? It's not like the Boogie Down Bronx or nuthin' but there is a pretty sick clique trying to make things pop off. Most of the action revolves around WMTS' Blazin In the Boro radio show which, believe it or not, has been running for over a decade. BITB has birthed The Streetlight Allstars--a top notch party-rap crew--and their new mix Dope Shit Vol. 3 is hot like fire.

Streetlight Allstars' might be hip-hop's answer to Glossary--a band that sounds exactly like Murfreesboro, but in the best possible sense. The sound of being broke and not giving a fuck because you can always count on good parties and cheap rent--you know, the good stuff. "Free Drinks" has a classic Juice Crew vibe as MCs Don Camoflage, Nyrron and Trama T are takin' it sleazy chanting "Fuck buyin' at the bar, cuz we're drinkin' for free" which might be the official hook for Summer '09. (Sorry, Drew!) "Sweet Home Grown Chiba" is really, really guilty pleasure with its ducks-in-a-barrel Skynyrd sample, but they do manage to capture some of the more, uh, magical details of the topic matter. Plus Big Fella's on "Chiba" and you can't deny Big Fella--that dude rules. "Trickins Still Trickin," and "Big Drama" belie the Allstars' Southern roots while tracks like "She Kicks It" and "The Antidote" make sure we know they own backpacks. Overall, a tight tape that benefits from a bigger cast of producers and MCs and a solid soundtrack for Cruel Summer '09.

You can download Dope Shit Vol. 3 and last summer's Flowers and Jello Shots at 4shared and catch them live at Club 527 in Murfreesboro tonight.

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