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Battle Beyond the Stars: an Interview with How I Became The Bomb's Jon Burr

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How I Became The Bomb are releasing new songs on Nov. 5, and are celebrating said release with a rooftop party at Ariel this Thursday, Oct. 30. In honor of this momentous occasion, Bomb frontman Jon Burr and I sat down, in different locations, and had a little chat over these here intertubes. Occasionally, we even chatted about the band and their music, but mostly we talked about grilled meat, sports and John Saxon. Enjoy!

Jon: Apologies.

Sean: No biggie.

Jon: I was ordering hundreds of dollars worth of meat for the weekend. Heady stuff.

Sean: Like pork, or more "exotic” meat? I'm hoping for kangaroo…

Jon: Pork, ribs, and the elusive brisket

Sean: Mmm brisket...

Jon: I remember the days of meatless Maloney—good to have you back in the fold.

Sean: It's good to be back. Now that I think of it, I have a nice grain fed t-bone in my fridge.

Jon: Have mercy.

Sean: Ya, I found a local cattle farmer at the farmer's market and their steaks are mind blowing. But enough of that…

Jon: Right. Fire at will.

Sean: How's the record release coming along?

Jon: To use a suddenly-loaded adjective: dandy. Hopefully, we can offer it to our local fans at our Oct. 30 show via a secret password handed out at the door, and then the rest of the webbed world can download it on Nov. 5—Guy Fawkes Day. At the end of each year, starting next year, we'll release what we're calling an "annual," in the spirit of all your favourite comics, where we'll put all the year's volumes, music videos, and some extras into a package you can touch, feel, and hold, not to mention purchase.

Sean: Oooh, Guy Fawkes Day..that’s from Canaduh…or is that the day when girls ask for dates, I can't remember….

Jon: It's a day commemorating a moustachio'd rebel's attempt to blow up Parliament. "Remember, remember the fifth of november, the gunpowder treason and plot.”

Sean: So it's a political record, eh?

Jon: Hardly. We are just picking days that are resonant to us. Us being five fools with more than a little interest in blowing things up. Any historical treachery seems apt. We'll further commemorate the Ides of March and D-Day as well.

Sean: I fuckin' love the Ides of March.

Jon: We should watch Julius Caesar, with drunk Marlon Brando and drunk Richard Burton. At least I hope drunk Richard Burton plays Brutus. I know he plays Marc Antony in Cleopatra.

Sean: I hope it's drunk John Bruton, even though I see that kinda often. It would be awesome in a toga.

Jon: There's something vaguely Athenian about Tall John and his army of bartenders.

Sean: Who do you think would win in a fight Mercy Staff or The Cast of Julius Cesear?

Jon: Sexualities aside, the smart money is on Gumby's mercenaries.

Sean: Even though James Mason played Brutus? How bout Caligula vs The Exit/In?

Jon: Any Greek fire will be well met with an assortment of foul-tasting shots of flavoured liqueurs. Nothing can stop the cinematic beast that is Caligula. Not even Exit/In's resident champion, Jason. Caligula is amazing!

Helen Mirren! Nude!

Malcolm McDowell! Nude!

Brian Blessed! Nude!

At least I hope Brian Blessed is in Caligula. It's only fitting. He's in Flash, which is Caligula but with lasers and Timothy Dalton.

Sean: Have you heard about the Flash Gordon remake they're working on? It seems like a bad idea.

Jon: Why must they remake my childhood? Although, bassist Ricky Bizness and I are intrigued by Michael Bay's new Friday the 13th movie…

Sean: Srsly? The new Friday is gonna be total Bayhem? That kinda rules?

Jon: I know. It seems right up his alley. Although Transformers wasn't the best.

Sean: So I hear you guys are working on a video? What's the story? It seems like you've been absent from the internet since Chris Slack did that public domain video years ago.

Jon: We're almost finished. It's a concept we've been trying to execute for two years, but finally found the man for the job. His name's Robert Paynter, an old Murfreesboro misanthrope and he's a fan and an award-winning visual artist. It's, fittingly, a science fiction space journey. Jonny Kingsbury shot it and it looks great, although wearing a cosmonaut helmet for five to six hours while intoxicated was harrowing.

Sean: Like Battle Beyond The Stars?

Jon: I'm unfamiliar. Imagine the Starchild sequence from 2001 with a bit of the Death Star trench battle from Star Wars.

Sean: That sounds about the same, but Battle had John Boy from the Waltons.

Jon: Have mercy.


And it has John Saxon, which means it's awesome.

Jon: AND ROBERT VAUGHAN AND HANNIBAL FROM A TEAM. My lord! That movie looks merciless.

Sean: It rules in that way that only crappy sci-fi can.

Jon: Great Scot! It's Roger Corman's most expensive feature.

Sean: Which means they spent about 50 bucks on effects. Any tour plans coming up?

Jon: We plan on doing some touring after the New Year—the itinerary is as follows: Next week, we'll release the "Salvage Mission" video. November 5th, our new website, which is stunning, debuts, allowing fans to download three new songs. Then we'll release our "A Formal Occasion" video, which is our attempt at the giallo or horror genre. Then, on New Year's Eve, we play our "A Formal Occasion" Bash at Grimey's and release three new songs and a video.

Sean: Cool, for a while I thought those recordings would become Nashville's answer to Chinese Democracy.

Jon: After hearing Axl's latest opus, I'm not sure anyone can live up to that.

Sean: Let's hope nobody tries, we don't need another Axl...

Jon: I don't think I can pull off the bandanna… or the paranoia.

Sean: We do, on the other hand, need more Izzy Stradlin, but that's where the bandana really becomes a problem though I think you would look great in cornrows.

Jon: It can't get much worse than the Jon-El look I've got going on which, of course, will be my costume for your wedding gala. I know this is off topic, but.....Have you read Lil Wayne's blog? Exceptional!

Sean: Ya, he definitely brings a different perspective to sports writing. It's probably the drugs.

Jon: He's a genius. He gets my vote for "New Monday Night Football host." I can't take any of this Howard Cosell-lite guy any longer.

Sean: Oh, dude, that's the best idea I've heard in a while. We could get Young Jeezy to host College Game Day and it would be awesome.

Jon: Young Buck needs a local sports talk show.

Sean: Who's your pick for the World Series?

Jon: Satan's Rays will win every game Cole Hamels does not start. So, unless Hamels develops superpowers, I like the Rays.

Sean: I like anyone with superpowers, but I hate the NL—get a fucking DH for cryin out loud…

Jon: The DH is an abomination, you troglodyte! Orel Hershiser prays for your soul… Funny how Pedro Martinez stopped throwing at people's heads once he had to stand in the box himself.

Sean: Ya, the NL ruined Pedro.

Jon: Got any other band queries?

Sean: No, I think that should do it.

Jon: Take care, Sean. See you soon.

Sean: Have a good weekend!

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