Wednesday, February 20, 2008

5 Finger Discount: The Spinto Band

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You may perhaps remember Delaware's The Spinto Band best from their catchy 2005 single "Oh, Mandy" which found its way into a few films, advertisements, and many an evening during Left Can Dance's salad days at Ombi Bar. They'll be kicking off their latest tour this Saturday at Mercy Lounge with The Whigs and Umbrella Tree, and were kind enough to answer a certain 5 questions for the Cream this week

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What She Said

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When I lived in Seattle, I used to go to a little dive bar in Capitol Hill called Kincora (now closed), affectionately referred to by its regulars as the "King Cobra." It was there that one unfortunate afternoon I found myself at a table of people where an incredibly boring conversation eventually--as boring conversations often do--turned to music. A young woman who was an employee at an Anthropologie store near the UW campus rattled off a bunch of bands that she found worthy of her/our/everyone's attention. I don't remember any of the bands, partly because they were forgettable to begin with, but mostly because of what she said next: "I only listen to music that is in the upper echelon of its genre." This amazing utterance has stood the test of time as the single stupidest thing anyone has ever said about music to me, or that I overheard, or, maybe, on earth. Can you top it? Honorable mentions: "It's the same answer to the question 'Why do dogs lick their balls?' " (Simon Le Bon on why rock stars marry models.) "I appreciate your tenacity towards your ethos, but you just don't rock." (Said to Jeff Gramm of the band Aden.) "I was into that kind of shit when I lived in San Diego!" (Sorry, inside joke.)

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

DIY 'Til you Die?

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I came across a pretty handy site last night for anyone interested in booking a DIY tour, Do DIY USA. They also have a MySpace page. The Tennessee listings are pretty slim, just one for Chattanooga and a place called House Pride in Murfreesboro.

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¿Dónde Está Slack?

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Last week there was an extremely entertaining video of Slack backstage at the Exit/In posted on YouTube that I had planned to post. This week? Not so much. It seems that all evidence of the spunky grunge trio has been wiped off the Internet—no website, no Myspace, no nuthin'. It's like somebody waved a magic wand and erased the band's whole decade-long career. WTF?

UPDATE: The original comments for this post could not be recovered.

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The Magic Number: Three Reasons to See Down Tonight

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Playing tonight at the Cannery.

1. The power of the riff compels them.

2. You're not metal enough.

3. They're so proud to be from New Orleans, they wrote a whole record about it.


Friday, February 15, 2008

The Magic Number: 3 Reasons to Go to The End on Sunday Night

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1. Evangelicals are playing and their song "Skeleton Man" is pretty rad.

2. Headlights are also playing, and their song "TV" is also (see above).

3. Bruce.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love and Music: Some Valentine's Day Musings

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Ah, love and music—forever intertwined in our collective consciousness. There’s music you fall in love to, music you fall out of love to. There’s the inevitability of ruined music, and the ability of Music Row hit makers to manipulate your feelings till you don’t know what’s the what. But the interaction between love, relationships and music can be even more complicated.

It would be very difficult for me to date someone who didn’t care about music, who thought going to see some Rando-Cunningham local band that may or may not suck on a Saturday night was a total waste of time, who didn’t understand why I once drove eight hours to see a Drive-By Truckers show in Richmond, Va., or skipped out on the open bar festivities at the Best of Nashville party to catch LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire in Louisville, Ky.

But, even when I find someone with enough interest in the right sort of music, problems can still arise. Case in point:

I love Lucero. LOVE. I know they’re not the best band in the world, certainly not the most innovative and definitely not the cleverist. I fully acknowledge that they are easy to dislike, easy to not care about, easy to tear apart. But I love them.

My ex-boyfriend hated them. HATED. Not only that, he hated that I loved them. I was at peace with his hate—never played them when he was around, offered to roll to their shows solo—but he could not for the life of him come to grips with my unerring devotion. It made him angry.

“Ben Nichols sounds like he’s gargling nails!” he would say.

“That’s the whole point,” I would reply.

His irrational indignation probably said more about him than it did about Lucero. But either way, when we inevitably broke up, I knew exactly who was going to sing me through it.

Happy Valentine’s Day Cream Readers!

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Magic Number: 3 Reasons to go See Belphegor

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Playing tonight at the Muse with Rotting Christ, Immolation, Averse Sifira and Inferi

1. The tickets make for a great last minute St. Valentine's Day gift. There's no better way to say "I love you" than holding hands and singing Belphagor's "Impalement Without Mercy." Plus, Satan worship on a saint's day would be totally ironic.

2. This is the flyer. Just try reading one of these logos:


3. Inferi is opening, who I just wrote about in this thing.

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Inside This Week's Music Section

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The Accidental Tourist: Kinks’ frontman Ray Davies explores his American fascinations in his latest Nashville-recorded effort.

Tree Tops: Local trio Umbrella Tree’s sophomore album wows. (Playing Tuesday, 19th 6p.m. at Grimey's and Saturday, 23rd at Mercy Lounge.)

In The Spin: Hands Off Cuba, Ampline, The Ocelots, Danger Bear & more.

Our Critics' Picks: Beat, Meat Raffle, Belphegor, Amy LaVere, Jared Micah, Webb Wilder, Evangelicals, Tim Finn, Down & more.

The SceneCast Episode 119 is a big chocolate-covered heart full of Valentine ear candy with Davis Raines, Amy LaVere, Jared Micah & The Hats, The Mattoid, Webb Wilder, Jack Clement, Brian Ashley Jones, Evangelicals, Early Day Miners, Tim Finn, Down, The Belleville Outfit, Vast and sounds from the Beautiful Music That Surrounds You exhibit at Fisk.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Magic Number: 3 Reasons to Go See Chronics of the Nar

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Playing tonight at The End with Ishesafe, Gabe Vitek & The Ivory and Uncle Pervy.

1. Because they have a song called "Funky Dinosaur." (I'm guessing that this picture I pulled from their MySpace page is him—check the claws.)

2. The band's name appears to be a reference to C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series. One of the "freighties" on LOST—our favorite new polar bear hunting archeologist—is named Charlotte Staples Lewis: also a reference to C of N. Think about that.

3. Greasy funk is the perfect pre-Valentine's Day lube.

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