Sunday, January 28, 2007

Yes! Grimey's Still Cool

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You already know Grimey's is the JEFF of local record shops, but did you know a big part of that is a result of the inventory discretion of co-owner Doyle Davis? So it's no surprise that the store racked up over $2,000 in one hour after holding a midnight sale to move copies of the latest release from "life-changing" pop band The Shins. Check out the Billboard story posted this weekend.

Friday, January 26, 2007

On These Dark Sets

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The article in the January 22 issue of The New Yorker by Raffi Khatchadourian entitled "Azzam the American" discusses Adam Gadahn, the 28-year-old American who now serves as a member of Al Qaeda's "media committee" and has threatened attacks on the United States.

The article, which is a fascinating read, delves into Gadahn's background, beginning with his father's roots in 1960s California counterculture, involvement in rock music and conversion to Christianity. Before he changed his surname to Gadahn, Adam's father, then named Phil Pearlman, wrote and recorded music, and organized "happenings" (that's groovy-talk for "jam sessions"). Khatchadourian writes that after finding God, "Some of his religious ideas were evident in an album he made in 1975 called 'Relatively Clean Rivers.' Pearlman's lyrics evoke a world that has strayed from divine truth into Babylon-like confusion."

Relatively Clean Rivers - "Babylon" [mp3]

"Babylon" starts off in a neo-classical mode, survives a short burst of chaotic electronics, settles for a bit into a dramatic chord progression (the same employed by The White Stripes on "I'm Bound to Pack It Up"), then goes looking for a heart of gold. There are some interesting changes—that psychedelic break is really unexpected—and some nifty guitar work to go with the Biblical theme. Listening to this song, it is exceedingly difficult to imagine this man's son saying, in dead seriousness thirty years later, "We love nothing better than the heat of battle, the echo of explosions, and slitting the throats of the infidels."

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"Though Nashville isn't lacking in rock or punk bands, it certainly doesn't achieve the density of the Murfreesboro scene."

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So says the author of an article on Turncoats in Southeastern Performer.

Murfreesboro: more bands per capita than Nashville?

Someone tell Pooh

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If you're looking for a fabulous precious dress for your next must-see indie rock show, you might be interested in this news from Local Honey (that sweet vintage place above Grimey's) owner Shea Steele:

Local Honey is a new and bigger location just off 12th Ave S. on Linden ave. I am partnering up with a stylist relocated from L.A. The grand opening party is Saturday Feb 3rd from 6-10 pm.
Congrats Shea! See you on the 3rd!

Friday Armchair A&R: Sick Puppies

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From Kings of A&R

Virgin has signed Australian alternative act Sick Puppies. The video 'All the Same' created a viral buzz that resulted in 9 Million+ views to date and a record deal. Is the concept of the video a smash? or is the song a smash? Check them out on myspace, the rest of the material is pretty good, especially My World. If you want to be rock band, you need to write songs like "My World."

Building Collapses on Franklin Pike

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A to Z Shop, an antique store on Franklin Pike just south of Bradford, collapsed late this morning and has been reduced to rubble. The site is just one block south of the construction site for Lofts on Eighth, where crews have been blasting periodically in recent weeks. According to The Tennessean, one person was killed and another critically injured, and it appears that some kind of construction or renovation was under way at the antique store at the time of the collapse.

Tonight's Club Spotlight: Temptation Club

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Tonight Apollo Up!, the Ocelots and Six Gun Lullaby all plan to rock some face at the Murfreesboro club once described as "having the same trashy, dick in your pants feel as Gentlemen Jim's." Should be a wild time!

9pm. $5. Temptation Club.

Welcome to the Interweb

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Grand Palace just launched a new website, and it's pretty swanky. There's already a load of stuff over there, so check it out.

Free Download: "Outbreak" From Plex Plex

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For the next few days, local glittery dark wavers Plex Plex are hosting a new song for download. According to a recent MySpace band bulletin, the song is one of two Plex Plex tracks chosen to appear in the upcoming indie film Doorman. Their sound seems kinda perfect for a movie about starcrossed love in a futuristic time with transfer agents and soul gatherers.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Correction: Stop BUGGING us about it!

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So, the Spin has been alerted to a mistake in this week's issue and they asked me to help remedy it. Here is the correction they asked me to pass along:

Hello Folks!
The Spin here. This week's wondrous column (Jeff Tweedy, The Chili Peppers, a mosh pit at RCKTWN—who could ask for more?) contained a moment of misinformation. While describing the opener for Tweedy's show at TPAC we said:

[Wilco drummer Glenn] Kotche's kit looked like some sort of failed da Vinci flying machine—there were ropes, metal spiral things and lots of unorthodox surfaces for him to bang on. His performance grew on us, though—still, our companion did remark, "I wish I still smoked pot"—and Kotche won us over when we realized the audible rhythmic purring of crickets was coming from actual crickets in small boxes behind him.
Well, we were right and wrong. The noise wasn't being made by an electronic sample but it wasn't being made by live crickets either:

From an interview with Craig Terlino at Great Evolving Sound:
I noticed your using live crickets as a backdrop to "Monkey Chant". That must be something, taking them on the road. You could of used a recorded track of crickets.
Kotche: Uhm...well...those crickets are fake but they're not recordings. They are like little sound boxes. They're from Chinatown. They have two fake crickets in there that are triggered by light and there's a little battery in there that gives them a chirping sound. It wouldn't be feasible for me to carry around all those crickets. I'd have PETA coming down on my ass. But yeah, I didn't want to play a recording because that piece particularly, is a solo drum piece. It's important for me to keep all that stuff real time and live.
Sorry bout that! It was still totally rad.

The Spin

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