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Artist/band you're sick of seeing/hearing about?

No comment. –Almost everyone

I'd rather shove pencils in my ears than hear another insipid confabulation about Chris Brown and Rihanna's tortured relationship. –Tiffany Minton

My nephew Brandon Jazz of course! –Mike Grimes

Any EDM artist, take your pick. –Doyle Davis

Taylor Swift. –Marcus & Colvin

Taylor Swift. I'm deadly serious. All up in my Target experience. That is MY time. –Coco Hames

Tay Tay needs to get her brand marketing under control. Get outta my Walgreens, girl. Get offa my pizza box, baby. –Tristen

Snicklefritz. –Andrew Mischke

Snicklefritz ... they're so elitist! –Jason Huber

Kinda burning out on hearing about JEFF; despite their music not wearing thin. Can someone else ALSO pick up the Relentless Touring mantle? –Michael Eades

JEFF the Brotherhood, yikes. –Adam Moult

I'd like nominate my breasts — featured much to my surprise as the screen cap for the JEFF video "Sixpack." –Courtney Jaye

Any band with "Black" or "White" in their name. –Tony Youngblood

Ke$ha. –Todd Sherwood

Good vibes. –Ben Swank

Pure Prairie League. –Chris Crofton

Who deserves more coverage than they got in 2012?

Natalie Prass. –Jordan Kelley, Mike Grimes

Natalie Prass — she [opened for] Grace Potter in 2012; Quiet Entertainer — he toured with MuteMath in 2012. –Jason Huber

The scene around GED Soul. Those bands just keep getting better and better. The new DeRobert and the Half-Truths single is fantastic! –Doyle Davis

Cheap Time. –Ben Todd 

Quichenight and Denney and the Jets. –Daniel Pujol

Andrew Combs. –Andrew Mischke

Meadownoise. Matt Glassmeyer's songs are a unique provocation. For years I've been craving this sort of articulation in pop music, and I'm so glad I came across him this year. –Tiffany Minton

Sofa Brown ... dude legit is the best rapper in the city. –Ducko Mcfli

Promised Land and The Sufis. –Chris Davis

Natural Child. They soooooo gooooooooood. –Tristen

The Cadillac Black –Marcus & Colvin

The Lonely H. –Caitlin Rose

Shane Tutmarc, Little Bandit. –Todd Sherwood

Not that their actions weren't covered when warranted, but I'd love to hear more from Little Bandit, The Ettes, Ultras S/C and anything Lindsay Jamieson is doing. –Michael Eades

Tiger Blood. And Andrija and his Bomb Shelter. You like the Alabama Shakes? You like Andrija. –Coco Hames

Rachael Hester and the Tennessee Walkers. –Chris Scruggs

Foreign Fields. –Courtney Jaye

The Altered Statesman collab with Kurt Wagner. –William Tyler

No Regrets Coyote, Ranch Ghost, Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders. –Jesse Baker

CASHATT, Hanzelle, Korby Lenker, Grass Root Kids, The Gills, Five Knives, Brandon Jazz and His Armed Forces. –Brandon Jazz

Leather Nightmare. –Ben Swank.

Pineapple Explode, Robbie Hunsinger, Angel Snow. –Tony Youngblood

Majestico. I know he doesn't play live a ton, but the dude is a darn good songwriter. –Adam Moult

Razzy Bailey. –Chris Crofton

Best show of 2012?

Pond's in-store at Grimey's, and Little Barrie at The Basement. –Doyle Davis

The Hanzelle show I went to at High Watt. That was fucking awesome. –Jordan Kelley

U2 Tribute Night 8 off 8th simply because it was so much fun to see the smile on Andrew Mischke's face after we played "Where the Streets Have No Name"! Methdad performing in Mercy Lounge. –Jason Huber

Serpents & Snakes SXSW Showcase. –Marcus & Colvin

Radiohead at B'roo tied with Radiohead at Coachella. –Tristen

David Byrne and St. Vincent at the Ryman. –Mike Grimes

I can't decide between the Poly 7-inch release show at Zombie Shop, the Nashville's Dead Anniversary Party with Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees at Zombie Shop, or the 10th Anniversary Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp showcase at Tucker Theatre. –Tiffany Minton

Brandon Jazz and His Armed Forces at the Ryman. –Andrew Mischke

Nashville on ABC. –Caitlin Rose

Majid Bekkas Gnawa Ensemble with oudist Brahim Fribgane live at Father Ryan Auditorium is the best show I saw last year. ... Olivia Wyatt's two films at Third Man Records set my mind on fire. –Chris Davis

It hasn't happened yet, but I'm going with the Self reunion show on Dec. 29 at Exit/In. The stars couldn't align much better for that one. –Michael Eades

Kenny Vaughan at The Red Barn Roundup! –Chris Scruggs

A three-way tie: John Cage Centennial at Blair School of Music, Iris DeMent at The Belcourt, Trevor Watts and Veryan Weston at Downtown Presbyterian Church. –Tony Youngblood

Bombino at the VFW Hall. –William Tyler

Hot Death and FOOT at Donelson Bowl. –Chris Crofton

JEFF, Freakin' Weekend March 10 at Exit/In. –Jesse Baker

Grizzly Bear at the Ryman. –Jeremy Ferguson

It sounds like it was Kendrick Lamar at War Memorial — sadly, I wasn't there. –Seth Riddle

Most recently, Seasick Steve at Third Man Records. That was an earth-shattering experience. –Courtney Jaye

The Ultras S/C at Dino's. –Coco Hames

Every $2 Tuesday at The 5 Spot. –Todd Sherwood

It's a four-way tie: Thee Oh Sees at Zombie Shop, William Tyler with Seth Murray and Jamin Orrall at The End, White Fence at The End, and Asher Horton solo at Local Honey. –Ben Todd

Timmy's Organism and Useless Eaters at The Zombie Shop on New Year's. –Ben Swank

Tie between The B-52's at the Ryman and Diamond Rings, Stepdad, Gold Fields & Kyle Andrews at The High Watt. Both were so, so good. –Brandon Jazz

Surprisingly, for me the best show I've seen this year was the Volume Funk tour or the Lecrea tour. ... And maybe Juicy J Trippy Fest, just 'cause that was a for real party. –Ducko McFli

Jeremy and Candice [Ferguson]'s wedding. Wasn't technically a show, but it was a blast. –Adam Moult

Hardest-working local musician?

Jon Radford (Luella and the Sun, Justin Townes Earle, Drew Holcomb, half the bands playing in-stores at Grimey's, every band on Lower Broad). –Doyle Davis

Justin Townes Earle is constantly touring and the hardest-working musician I know. –Tristen

Elise Tyler (Tyler Family Band), easily one of the hardest-working people I know. –Ben Todd

Nathan Vasquez: a positive engine re-imagining Eno with Flippertronics and leaving blown minds in his wake. –Chris Davis 

Will Hoge, still, after all these years. Pick it up, young bands! –Chris Cobb

Dan Sommers. –Tiffany Minton, Michael Eades

Patrick Sweany — was he my choice last year? Three-way tie with Allen Thompson and Derek Hoke. –Mike Grimes

This might be the only question where I'm gonna go ahead and say ME. –Ducko McFli

Matt Hearn or Doni Shroader. –Daniel Pujol

Natalie Prass, Brandon Jazz, Jeremy Todd, Andrew "DiscoDad" Mischke. –Jason Huber

Keegan DeWitt/Wild Cub. –Marcus & Colvin

Beth Cameron. –Jesse Baker

Jonny Fritz. –Chris Scruggs

Chris Davis (The Cherry Blossoms). –Tony Youngblood

Jem Cohen. Boy don't QUIT. And Natural Child. –Coco Hames

William Tyler. –Courtney Jaye

Jordan Caress. –William Tyler

Sutler Rotiers. –Chris Crofton

Everyone touring is working hard, but Turbo Fruits are the only band that I have known that's ruined three vans in three consecutive tours. –Seth Riddle

Turbo Fruits always working very hard and touring a lot. JEFF always bust their asses. Tristen's been working hard. Adam [Moult] has been busy with his bands and Jeffery Drag. –Jeremy Ferguson

Kevin Kilpatrick (drummer of Bad Cop). This year he's remastered Useless Eaters records, worked on Cage the Elephant demos, and pretty much been involved in mixing or some part of production of every Jeffery Drag-affiliated project. –Adam Moult

Jerry Pentecost. –Todd Sherwood

Can I say me? I'm gonna say me. –Brandon Jazz

Ultras S/C. Straight up. We played over five shows this year. –Ben Swank

Favorite local blog and/or radio show/podcast?

Nashville Cream. –Mike Grimes, Todd Sherwood, Courtney Jaye

The only blog, the Nashville Cream, duh-ski. –Tristen

Cream 'n' Crofton. –Coco Hames

If I ever answered anything other than The Chris Crofton Show I would be lying/stupid. –Caitlin Rose

The Chris Crofton Show. –Chris Crofton

Love reading the Cream. Can I say the Indie Underground Hour on Lightning 100 for radio show? –Doyle Davis

Country Life. –Ben Swank

I read Nashville's Dead, but I wander to Sinizine often, too. –Tiffany Minton

the615. –Chris Cobb

Perfect 10 Podcast. –Andrew Mischke

We Own This Town, Lockeland Springsteen. –Marcus & Colvin

No Country for New Nashville has great content. All the Nashville Scene blogs are great. Radio shows ... do we still have those? –Brandon Jazz

BreakonaCloud! –Jordan Kelley

You can't not mention BreakonaCloud and 2Ls, 'cause they really represent Nashville from the ground level. –Ducko Mcfli

The Grand Ole Opry. –Chris Scruggs

Lockeland Springsteen. –Seth Riddle

Spoonful, Saturdays on WVOL. –William Tyler

Nashville's Dead, once again. –Jesse Baker

Stuff and Such, I dig his honesty. I also enjoy We Own This Town. –Adam Moult

What band have you seen a lot that you're still not tired of seeing?

Fox Fun and D. Watusi. –Jeremy Ferguson

JEFF, D. Watusi. –Doyle Davis

JEFF the Brotherhood — well into the double digits here and still not tired of three strings, drums and the two bogus brothers that play them. –Seth Riddle

Machines Are People Too, Brandon Jazz, This Is Art. –Jason Huber

The Kingston Springs ... gets better every time. –Marcus & Colvin

Wanda Jackson. Whatever "it" was back then and is now, she is and always will be. –Tiffany Minton

Poly. It's just so damn precious. –Michael Eades

Caitlin Rose. –Mike Grimes

Tristen. –Andrew Mischke

Natural Child. –William Tyler

William Tyler. ... In particular the recent performance with Michael Chapman at the Stone Fox was superb. –Chris Davis

William Tyler. It's the cheekbones. –Ben Swank

Anything with Asher Horton in it. He's the real deal. –Daniel Pujol

Promised Land. –Coco Hames

Tristen, Diarrhea Planet, Birdcloud. –Jesse Baker

Hanzelle, Diarrhea Planet, CASHATT. –Brandon Jazz

#STEELISM. –Caitlin Rose

Anything with Buddy Spicher! –Chris Scruggs

Derek Hoke. –Todd Sherwood

Ranch Ghost and Fly Golden Eagle. –Adam Moult

Cy Barkley, Rayland Baxter, Thad Cockrell, Birdcloud, Bryan Cates, Roman Candle and The Ultras S/C — always a treat. –Courtney Jaye

The Mangy Trail Sniffers. –Chris Crofton

What was your favorite local record of 2012?

Turbo Fruits, Butter. –Coco Hames, Jesse Baker, Marcus & Colvin

JEFF the Brotherhood, Hypnotic Nights. –Doyle Davis, Chris Cobb

PUJOL, United States of Being. –Tony Youngblood, Jeremy Ferguson

It's a tie between JEFF the Brotherhood's Hypnotic Nights and Ponychase's EP. –Tiffany Minton

Ponychase EP. –Chris Scruggs

Melontropics, Open Secrets. –Jason Huber

Derek Hoke's Waiting All Night. –Caitlin Rose

Either Majestico's Love Is God EP or Natural Child's "Mother Nature's Daughter" 7-inch. –Adam Moult

Diamond Rugs, Diamond Rugs. Just really, really good music. –Seth Riddle

Jessie Baylin's record Little Spark is the stunner of 2012, to me. –Courtney Jaye

Mom and Dad by Cherub. –Brandon Jazz

Worried Man by Andrew Combs. –William Tyler

I like that Leather Nightmare single a lot. –Ben Swank

Tick Tock Talker by Mandy Sands. –Chris Crofton

Todd Snider, Agnostic Hymns and Stoner Fables. –Mike Grimes

Wild Cub's Youth. –Andrew Mischke

The Ponychase demos or Quichenight II. –Daniel Pujol

Diana Darby iv (Intraveneous) is a remarkable record which often juxtaposes delicate song settings with lyric themes of intense personal struggle. –Chris Davis

Everybody has really stepped up and is trying to fill the void of Great Music coming out of the city, from Kaby, Petty, PA Lit, Isaiah Rashad. ... It's really hard to just pick one record and say its my favorite, because all of them have a certain place to me in the blueprint of Nashville hip-hop of 2012. –Ducko McFli

I'm biased toward Uncle Skeleton, Nahnee Bori and Roy Ira, but I loved the releases from Meadownoise, Poly, Ponychase, Forget Cassettes, Tropical Punk, All Them Witches, Turbo Fruits, Mystery Twins, Jota Ese, Get Better, Anchor Thieves, Reid Magette, Wild Cub, Denney and the Jets and the bits of that D. Watusi record I heard. –Michael Eades

This is probably the hardest question you guys ask — how are we supposed to choose between new records from JEFF, Cheap Time, PUJOL, Ri¢hie, Heavy Cream, The Sufis, Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders, Natural Child, Turbo Fruits, Bad Friend, Skyblazer, debut singles from Fox Fun, Leather Nightmare, Ranch Ghost and the tons of other releases we haven't mentioned? Too tough. And they used to say "Never in Nashville." –Ben Todd


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