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A Christmas goose for Martin

Really enjoyed and appreciated Martin Brady's review of Studio Tenn's production of A Christmas Carol ("God Bless Us Every One," Dec. 16) — except for Martin's little dig at Republicans' supposed lack of charitable generosity (likening them to stingy Ebenezer). The line would have been clever if it were even remotely factual. In truth, several studies have shown that conservatives and/or Republicans are quite charitable — and probably even MORE charitable as a group than their ideological counterparts on the Left. I would point to Nicholas Kristof's widely cited New York Times article on the subject as an example of a liberal writer conceding this point. 

Phil Newman


The white swan's got it tough

The thing is, the black swan is such a non-part ("Swan Ball," Dec. 16). It's easy to be the bad guy — the spanner in the cogs. Not a whole hell of a lot of meat there. It's like Prince getting hung up on who would play tambourine in The Revolution.

Aronofsky is kind of a shock master and I like his films, but they don't have the nuance and care like the great ones by John Sayles or Bogdanovich. Hell, even the Coen brothers really fucked up The South in O Brother!

Anyway, the article was one of those ideas that should've been done by every writer trying to tackle the film, but it wasn't, and that "apple bonking on the head" kind of logic is the kind of stuff that we miss too damn much. Thanks.

Seth Howell Riddle


Setting the record straight

I'd just like to clarify an assumption on your editor's part — I'm not Christian, I'm a Daoist ("Love/Hate Mail," Dec. 16). I just don't have much tolerance for intolerance from ANY community. Religious institutions should have the right to exclude those who don't adhere to their beliefs.

R.L. Taylor


Case closed

Homosexuality is wrong because it's ridiculous ("Goals and Penalties," Dec. 16). Why would any sane person throw away the great sensual delights and family creation wonders that come with married love? God invented it all and to throw it out is to spit in his face. The Bible makes this clear and experience confirms it.

Marcia Yiapan

Nampa, Idaho

Yer out, progressives

In regard to all of the reasons why Democrats lost the State ("Don't Fear the Reaper," Dec. 9), it seems that it has not yet occurred to any of them that maybe, just maybe, it is their ideas, and the fact that these ideas have driven Tennessee into the financial toilet over the past few decades and the conservative Democrats that exist in this State have had enough of their progressive ideology. That just might be the message, not that they are "too white" and we need more color. Your time is up.

Jory Hire


Republican: better with a 'k'

You laugh. You joke. You toss around the Republikan Party like it's a piece of meat at an outdoor barbecue ("The Scrape of Things to Come," Nov. 11). The fact is, the Republikan Party (code word: Mad as a Hatter Tea Party) is a dangerous group of hard-ass, mindless, unkind, mean-spirited ex-John Birchers and Robert Welch Jr. wannabes with a hatred for women, blacks, Mexicans, gays, liberals, youth, immigrants generally and anyone with a college degree, or anyone who can at least read, think, talk or anyone who can walk in a straight line. If you want to make jokes about the Republikan Party — these white-male-dominated-homophobic-war-hawk-Christian-fundamentalist-apocalyptic-conspiratorial-theorists — like they're going to go away any time soon, then do it at your own peril. Watch your back. These Republikans have knives in their hands.

Rhio Hirsch

Whites Creek

One bad meal

Congress' sticking thumbs in the eyes of WE THE PEOPLE by voting on this massive spending bill smells like a skunk and tastes like rotten pork, making voters gag and vomit with rage.

Buzzards are soaring over the careers of members of Congress who have the stomach to drink this putrid potion concocted by the crazed witches of Washington.  

Enough is enough.

Fay Forlines


Shame on Tennessee's GOP senators

Tennessee's two Republican senators have brought (additional) shame on the Volunteer State by voting against ending [Don't Ask Don't Tell], and, therefore, in effect, voting in favor of discrimination. Along with other senators, these two have once again helped entrench the South as the Land of Discrimination.  (Fortunately, there are a few exceptions: Arizona, Louisiana, Florida and Virginia.) Meanwhile, the majority of the U.S. has now chosen the progressive path of admitting our LGBT brothers and sisters to first-class citizenship, at least in the military. Why is it that the South, and Tennessee in particular, so often has to lag behind?

Lee Martin



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