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Humping Harmony

Harmony Korine is an amateur at best ("Trashville," May 27). Modern society has a hard time differentiating between artistic genius and downright hackery, hence the praise from the indie kids and the trendy American Apparel-wearing tools. Let's make no mistake, he's just an eccentric kid who was probably either praised or bullied as a teenager for being "the weird kid" and "crazy." And of course, the predictable "drug-addled" years that are supposed to give him some sort of street cred. And of course, the childish "shock factor" (shitting on graves, pissing on hobos, etc.).

I may sound like nothing more than a bitter asshole who knows nothing about true art. But he's an individual coddled by his peers for being a genius, when in truth the scenario plays closer to American Idol: kids that are horrible singers, but told they are fantastic by friends and family.

Pat Ronson

Tate's got his Irish up

What a damning indictment of the judicial process ("The War Between the Tates," May 27). Paying through the nose to get your life back under your own control, whilst at the same time paying someone else to take it away. Is this really justice? Is this really putting the individual's welfare at the heart of the system? I think not. If the bloodsucking lawyers had one modicum of decency, they would give Danny his money back and a huge apology for stealing it from him in the first place. The likelihood of that happening is as remote as finding a lawyer with a heart.

Donald Thompson
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Shame all around

What his brother did was impose his will over his brother Danny and Danny's finances ("The War Between the Tates," May 27). Drugs or no drugs, no one should be able to do this. Conservatorships are for people who cannot make decisions for themselves — for the handicapped, for schizophrenics, for Alzheimer's sufferers, for people who are mentally incapacitated. It's not for a guy who is suffering from an addiction. Danny may have had a problem with drugs when this all started but he also had a well-paying job, $700,000 in a 401k, college funds for his daughters, health insurance and flood damage insurance on his house, not to mention $75,000 dollars worth of high-end recording equipment. Now he has NOTHING. ...

Danny was never arrested for drugs, never committed a crime, and wasn't depleting his income with drug use — he was struggling through an addiction and showed a presence of mind by seeking help. Danny voluntarily went to rehab and that's when his brother stepped in with the conservatorship. Shame on his brother, shame on the court system!!!

Carla Lockhart
Los Angeles

Switzerland, 2012

"Fish — it's the new pork." It's good to see GOP Rep. Lundberg panders to the Catholics and the Jews with equal opportunity, but what should happen to Lundberg and the rest of them is that the state legislature should be declared a crime scene ("Bottom-Line Feeders," May 27). Legislators should be jailed in contempt of the public interest. Their per diem allocations should be cancelled and they should get a bill on behalf of the public for every dime they've stolen. Effective immediately: Cancel their insurance coverage. Cancel their pensions. Cancel their perks. Cut the fat. Cut the pork. Cut the shit. A coup is what we need: a civil revolution that scrapes up the decaying philosophy of 1950-style Southern right-wing fringe fanaticism that is the heart of the GOP the same way we pick up trash off the street from Tennessee flood victims. If not Tennessee, where? If not now, when?

Rhio Hirsch
Whites Creek

Don't compare oppressed legals to oppressed illegals

Last week's letter by Marc Perkel was off on a number of different fronts ("Love/Hate Mail," May 27). The comparison of Hispanics to blacks of 1960 is absurd in that the blacks he is referring to were legal citizens and should be treated as such — meaning equally under the law. The [argument] that it is a guise some Hispanics "might be illegal" and are being pushed down by those "evil white racists just looking for another race to oppress" even sounds ridiculous to anyone who can read statistics. The problem is there is a difference in immigration of the past and now in that this is a welfare society and wasn't in the time of large immigration flows in the beginning. There is a difference in illegal and legal, and this country can't afford the bills for health care, schools, etc., for all of Mexico.

I noticed Mr. Perkel comes from California, which has been such a success story they were paying their bills with IOUs. 

Greg Grafelman


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